June 4, 2009

"Stupid chair. Emo kid is throwing slo-mo dove at my face."

Replacing song lyrics with a literal description of what's happening in the video. "Staring at the swim team gets you killed by a gang of dancing ninja men who know how to twirl..." If you know the song, before you click the link, I salute you! (Via Metafilter.)

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Palladian said...

I'm guessing Bonnie Tyler, "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

Palladian said...

Haha, just clicked and of course I was correct!

I knew because this is one of my favorite music videos. For sheer audacious, overdone, senseless and meaningless randomness, it's hard to beat this video. Plus it's kind if hot in a weird way.

traditionalguy said...

I loved it. The subconscious symbolism of bad dreams meets MTV.

Jennifer said...

I knew but only because I'd already seen the literal video. I suppose I don't get a salute?

The literal videos of White Wedding, Journey's Separate Ways and Take On Me are also hilarious.

jayne_cobb said...

I actually knew the answer, but then again I had already seen that video via Hotair.

While still good, I personally prefer the Meat Loaf version if only for the line:

"But I'm the Koolaid Man"

jayne_cobb said...

Oh, and:

"My mattress is made of gypsy sluts. Craftmatic charged me extra for that."

Darcy said...

This cracked me up when I picked it up from Ruth Anne's Twitter feed last weekend. I think she got it from allahpundit.

Very well done - my son loved it too!

Aaron said...

they have done this for a tears for fears song, and the red hot chilli peppers, too.

But the A-ha song is the winner for the funniest.

But wow, what a terrible video for "total eclipse." The humor in the literal version is harmed by the fact that i am so stunned at how utterly awful this video is.

And the tragic thing is a simpler, rawer version might actually brought the song to life, but this stupid video distracts from the fact it is a pretty good song. i mean, imagine the same song as just a performance video, in a small coffee shop, close up shots and her letting you see the emotion behind the song all over the face. that would be 100% better.

Mimi said...

That is hilarious, and no salute for me as I had no idea who to guess, oh well