June 10, 2009

The most pirated movie of the week is... what?!

"He's Just Not That Into You."

What sort of people pirate?

My theory: It's just a great, great title.


Paul Zrimsek said...

Perhaps he'd be more into ye if ye'd lose the eye patch, matey.

EDH said...

The most pirated movie of the week...

Which begs a few questions:

Is it even possible for a pirate movie to be pirated?

Plus, if we are now going to start giving movies pi ratings, at how many decimal places do we round it off?

(NC-π: Children under age 3.14159265 are not allowed to attend unless unaccompanied by a parent or adult guardian.)

PatCA said...

Pirated? I got it from Netflix...maybe there's an x-rated version I'm missing?

It was good, surprisingly. They rushed it out when the book was such a hit.

He's Just Not...

Tibore said...

Maybe it's the most pirated because people don't think of it as good enough to actually pay for?



Ok, all jokes aside: I've always thought that someone should do a study to investigate the amount a given non-porn movie was pirated vs. what good looking actresses were in it. Yes, I'm serious about this musing. My rationale for saying this is that I secretly suspect that movies with "babes" get pirated more because the average downloading torrent or other P2P system user (I'm distinguishing that from an "aggregating" pirate i.e. someone who gathers a lot of stuff to pirate elsewhere, not for actual personal viewing) would be a younger college male with little money to rent or even use Netflix. Take this movie as an example: Both Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Connelly are in it.

This is just a suspicion, but I'll bet there's a long-term correlation above and beyond the incidence of hot actresses vs. "non-babe" actresses and decent looking actors in the movies. Sure, there are short-term fluctuations - from the linked story, Coraline throws this thesis off - but I'll bet it holds over the long term.

I'd also guess that there's a high correlation between the movie being an "action" film and getting pirated. As opposed to, say, a movie like Steel Magnolias.

Then again, I could be wrong. My presumptions are based on the demonstrated tastes of the young American male, but piracy on the internet is worldwide, and some of those trends would be outside my experience.

William said...

I rented it mostly for the cast. It's pretty bad. Just like that, Jennifer Connelly has lost her fast ball. Jennifer Aniston and Dru Barrymore are still fun to look at but not so much in this movie. Scarlett Johansen has the most exuberant, bursting at the seams body in the world. Youth can only cantilever gravity for a brief moment, and this is her brief moment. She is really gorgeous....The movie is based on the unbelievable premise that there are men in the world who are not that into women who look like Jennifer Aniston or Jennifer Connelly-- even after she's lost her fastball. Yeah, yeah I know, but most women who break up with their husbands don't move on to find solace in the arms of some rock star or male model like Jennifer Aniston did. Beautiful women steal diamonds or investigate murders. They don't deal with men who have commitment problems.

rcocean said...


I think your right. I doubt if many "pirates" are downloading "Pride and "Prejudice" or "Gandhi"