June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson "wasn’t eating, he wasn’t sleeping and, when he did sleep, he had nightmares that he was going to be murdered."

"He was deeply worried that he was going to disappoint his fans. He even said something that made me briefly think he was suicidal. He said he thought he’d die before doing the London concerts. He said he was worried that he was going to end up like Elvis. He was always comparing himself to Elvis, but there was something in his tone that made me think that he wanted to die, he was tired of life. He gave up. His voice and dance moves weren’t there any more. I think maybe he wanted to die rather than embarrass himself on stage."

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Chris Althouse Cohen said...

I'm not giving that article any credibility whatsoever because of the following line: "When Jackson lived in Las Vegas, one of his closest aides told how he would sneak off to a ‘grungy, rat-infested’ motel – often dressed as a woman to disguise his identity – to meet a male construction worker he had fallen in love with."

Why would Michael Jackson go to a "grungy, rat-infested motel"? He would at least be like, "Hey, come over here to my big mansion," or get a decent hotel room. Even hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, he still paid $100,000 a month to rent a big mansion. No way am I taking an article seriously that says that without any form of skepticism.

bearbee said...

Why would Michael Jackson go to a "grungy, rat-infested motel"?

I guess we don't know that he would have. He is quoting an aid who perhaps fond of hyperbole views all motels as "grungy, ..etc". On the other hand....descent into the underworld?

Was MJ estranged from his family? I don't understand why family members were not in the picture assisting, supporting or cautioning him.

jag said...

what i find odd about the jackson story is that everyone saw this untimely death coming except, apparently, the live-in cardiologist.

elizabeth said...

WHAT does it all matter now, except journalists (cough cough) lining their pockets with blood money. Where was anyone with any of this *inside* knowledge before his death. All his hollywood buddies? I just don't know how such a man, with so many people surrounding him did nothing more than suck the life out of him.

Rest in peace - you're in a better place, Michael. May God have mercy on your soul (and mine!)

Joe said...

Why would Michael Jackson go to a "grungy, rat-infested motel"?

Why would a state governor use a prostitute?

Why would a well known preacher use a seedy motel to visit a prostitute?

Why would a governor fly to Argentina to break up with his mistress?

People do very weird shit to support their obsessions.

srfwotb said...

It does sound questionable, but you might do it because you don't trust a questionable person with access to your palace (even if you are "in love") or because it would upset politics amongst your 7 zillion staffers/courtiers.

Pure lies can make it to the media, and yet weirder stuff still can be true.

traditionalguy said...

Best headline I saw was, "Death by Hollywood". The chance of an accommodater like Jackson waking up with any property left unstolen or any true safe people remaining in his life was slim and none. But a sober Jackson could have wised up anytime in the past 20 years and gotten rid of everyone who was taking from him. So I blame the narcotics and the dealers of the narcotics for killing him.

kentuckyliz said...

his symptoms + lifestyle hint at aids