June 29, 2009

It's an exciting day at the Supreme Court.

I'll comment on the new cases as soon as I can, but here's where I'm going — starting at 10 ET — to get the fastest report: SCOTUSblog.


Eli Blake said...

Souter's retirement party. Which, knowing Souter, he will be the first one to leave.

A sidenote to the New Haven firefighters case. If, as expected, the court overturns the Sotomayor decision the right will use it to claim that she is to the left of the consensus of the court. But, it will be interesting to see how Souter sees it, because if he dissents then the left will just as quickly point out that she will only keep the court more or less where it is now.

Henry Buck said...
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bearbee said...

Basic question:

How do the nine arrived at a decision? Do they round table and kick around their thoughts? Independently write their considerations? Do they gather and poll? How are opnion writers selected? Darts, hat draw, some circular order scheduling, best opinion contest?