June 12, 2009

"Is your baby comfortable with bees, wasps and hornets?"

"George is comfortable with everything."


Fred4Pres said...

Why do I feel Titus' shtick is a lot of Bruno?

Titus is occasionally funny. I suspect Bruno will be very funny.

ricpic said...

Having my "homophobia validated" would be a bad thing?

EDH said...

George is comfortable with everything.

For Seinfeld fans out there, how many of you read that line and thought of "The Jimmy" episode, where George Costanza picks up talking about himself in the third person from egomaniac "Jimmy" at the gym?

Jerry: I don't know how you can eat that spicy chicken.

George: George likes spicy chicken.

Jerry: What's that?

George: I like spicy chicken.

Jerry: No, no you said "GEORGE likes spicy chicken".

George: No I didn't!

Elaine: Yes you did. You said "George likes spicy chicken".

Jerry: You're turning into Jimmy!

George: (irritated) George is getting upset!

I don't think I'd have instinctively recall that line if Paul Shaffer had delivered it.

Lem said...

Cathy Renna formerly of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance... said “Of all minority groups I think gay people are the most likely to be able to laugh at themselves".

Gays have a better sense of humor?

Jason (the commenter) said...

How do you manage to write an entire article about a comedy without once using the words fun, humorous, or entertaining? The NYT makes everything sounds so boring, no wonder less and less people are reading it.

I also have to wonder about all the analysis of the movie before anyone has had a chance to see it. Who wants to know what a movie is about ahead of time, or what to think when they do see it? Are the readers of this newspaper such weak-kneed liberals that they need permission before they can go see this movie?

I can only imagine the sense of liberation someone must feel when they decide to drop their NYT subscription.

Lem said...

Cathy Renna must have been channeling Sotomayor.

I would hope that a wise lesbian with the richness of her experiences would more often than not have a better sense of humor than a straight male who has not lived that life.

MadisonMan said...

Gays have a better sense of humor?

Only the fabulous ones.

downtownlad said...

Of course gays have a better sense of humor. We can laugh at David Letterman jokes. We can also laugh at Wanda Sykes jokes. Straight people get offended at comedians very easily - it is quite strange.

I can't wait for this movie. It will be very funny. I expect wingnuts to be outraged by this movie as well.

Daryl said...

I'm going to make a movie about all of the hatred that feminists have for straight men.

I'm going to get half-naked and invade their personal space, and be all like "hey I'm a clueless straight guy"

And then they will be all like "aaaauuughh, a straight man, I'm a hate-filled feminst"

I am on a brave crusade to expose "heterophobia," you see.

Lem said...

Actually it doesn’t sound too phobic.

In my unscientific, albeit sensitive, phobic meter that registers abut a 2.

Lem said...

Btw - can someone be just a little homophobic?

How does that work?

mcg said...

Of course gays have a better sense of humor.

Perhaps so in general, but the exceptions apparently work for the Human Rights Campaign.

Jeremy said...

I saw a screening of this last week and everybody in the audience was laughing so hard we kept missing lines. He makes the homophobes, various bigots and those who are so intent on being included in anything relating to entertainment (the mothers) look so foolish it's impossible to not understand the real premise of the film.

*And Ron Paul makes himself look like a complete homophobic ass.