June 26, 2009

"I do believe he loved me as much as he could love anyone and I loved him very much."

"I wanted to 'save him'... from certain self-destructive behavior and from the awful vampires and leeches."

Said Lisa Marie Presley.


Fred4Pres said...

I laughed at and repeated some pretty crass MJ jokes today.

But Michael Jackson was a real person. I am very sorry for Lisa Marie's loss. And there are a lot of parallels to her late father. That is a lot for anyone to deal with.

American Liberal Elite said...

Enough already about Michael Jackson.

William said...

They say you marry the person who is as much like your parent of the opposing sex as you can stand. Lisa married the man who most closely resembled her father: Michael was the number one singer; he had an enthusiasm for sex partners of an inappropriate age; his self indulgence was of staggering dimensions. There were many points of congruence between Elvis and Michael....We sometimes look forward to our own marriage as a way of making our parents' marriage work out happily. Lisa had no better luck than Priscilla.

traditionalguy said...

Poor Lisa Marie. She tried her best but she still could not save either her father or her husband from their addictions to the drugs of being an acclaimed musical genius and ever present medically prescribed pain killers.It seems that the genius living in his own world has very little respect for a family member who loves him only for weak human reasons.

T said...

Please, yes, enough already. Never would I have thought that Althouse would remind me of TMZ.

Lem said...

Impounded cars?

Somebody is talking.

Lem said...

Can a DA start an investigation absent a criminal complaint?

Maybe that's it.

Patrick said...

The biggest self of self is, indeed, self

somefeller said...

Michael Jackson's doctor is apparently from here in Houston. The local Fox affiliate paid a visit to the (ramshackle-looking) clinic that he worked at, when he wasn't working as Jackson's personal physician. (I wonder who hooked him up with that job?) They reported that the car the LAPD found was registered in his sister's name, and she wasn't answering phone calls or the front door, but they also reported that the doctor has gotten in touch with the LAPD. This is going to get even more interesting, I suspect. Stay tuned.

m00se said...

He's still dead, innit he?


AllenS said...

The only thing that I would like to know, is how Jackson turned himself white. I can understand the plastic surgery, giving him the wierd nose, but how about the skin color whitener.

Jeff said...

I would be far more worried about leeches than vampires, which do not even exist. Just sayin'.

rhhardin said...

There's 24,000,000 google hits today on "twelve year old nuts."

NKVD said...

The doc gave MJ a hot shot (allegedly). Imagine if you will, being in his position. What defense might he employ to weasel out of any serious consequences? Incompetence? Standard of care? Bush made him do it?

It will get interesting. The lawsuits that will flow from that one injection will produce millions of dollars worth of billable hours.

The buzzards are circling.

Sweet Lou said...

I wonder if that marriage was consummated.

Penny said...

Only if they got past the "dear, dear friend" phase.

knox said...

Here, I'll change the subject: Bruno got its first US review and it's bad (via drudge):

The calculations behind Baron Cohen's ambushes too often are mean-spirited. We sense, as we never did with Borat, the comic behind the character.

Yay. That guy's entire routine is humiliating other people. Hope this is the beginning of the end of his fame.

Lem said...

What did Michael Jackson have in common with Walmart?

Boys pants half off.

MadisonMan said...

What will the vampires and leeches do now, I wonder? I read that the Hospital was chaos because people were shouting that the doctors had to save Michael -- there goes the meal ticket!

I know, I'm crass. Maybe they loved him.

Fred4Pres said...

The words of Jello Biafra seem to work for this thread:

In lonely gas stations with mini-marts
You'll find rows of them for sale
Liquor-filled statues of Elvis Presley
Drink like a vampire
His disciples flock to such a fitting shrine
Sprawled across from his graceless mansion
A shopping mall
Filled with prayer rugs and Elvis dolls

And I wonder
Yeah I wonder
Will Elvis take the place of Jesus in a thousand years

Religious wars
Barbaric laws
Bloodshed worldwide
Over what's left of his myth

A growing boy needs his lunch

When pesticides get banned we're safe up north
We just sell them to those other countries
Soon there's lots of exotic deformed babies
Somehow that's not our fault

Just dip 'em in glaze paint 'em orange and green
For the Arizona roadside stands
To sell alongside plaster burros and birthbaths

And I wonder
Yeah I wonder
Why so many insects around us feed off the dead

Death squads
Foreign aid?
Just leave it to the magic of the marketplace

A growing boy needs his lunch

Everyone should just love each other
Dip your toe into the fire
Drop your guns and lawsuits and love each other
Life begins beyond the bunker
And while you're busy hugging in the streets
Outgrowing your hatred for all to feel
Jiminy Cricket's found a game to play
Stick your neck out and trust-It'll be chopped away
Jimmy through your locked front doors
Rifle through your sacred drawers
Line my pockets
Deface your dreams
Til the cows come home to me

Nibbling like an earwig winding through your brain
Bound like Lawrence Harvey spreadeagle to a bed
The migraine gets worse when we find out we lay eggs
And no one in all of Borneo can hear you scream

Turn on
Tune in
Cop out

Drop kick Turn in Tune out

Chip Ahoy said...

Seen on B3ta, Happy Toast visualizes M.J. funeral.

LoafingOaf said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LoafingOaf said...

MJ was a great dancer and had a few decent songs, some really annoying ones, and the rest were pretty mediocre to me. That's about all I felt about his art. But he made an awful lot of people happy around the world and that deserves respect even if you weren't "down". He also seemed like a gentle man who meant well. Even though I wasn't "down" with most of his music, I acknowledge he brought smiles to many millions more faces than most of us ever will, and I hope people are inspired by his kind-heartedness.

It's pretty funny, though, that a rich and famous person can be a hardcore drug fiend, even having real doctors as their personal drug dealers, and everyone looks the other way. But God forbid you're a poor person with an even more fucked up childhood than MJ ever had. If you get sucked into drugs or drug dealing, our criminal justice system will hit you with felonies, jail, prison, and an end to almost all career possibilities. And few people will have even a touch of empathy towards you about that.

In my city, you get a felony for possessing a crack pipe that is openly and legally sold at the local gas stations. In Hollywood, you get legal prescriptions for opiates from doctors, and in fact the licesned physician will even inject the hardcore drugs into your body for you.

America is fucked up.

rightwingprof said...

The Canadians get it: "Sorry Neda, We Have a Pedophile to Worship."


traditionalguy said...

I never knew a pop star that acted like the human he really was while he could get away with the false persona that generated his wealth. The fame of being a pop icon instead of a human is a job they take very seriously. But why every one else still gets off on identifying with that false image, even 25 years after its long gone, is a religious event in its own way. This week really nice men loved by everyone who has ever known them are giving their lives in Afghanistan. The muslim terrorist armies are going all out right now to defeat the USA in Afghanistan. The deaths of 5 men from the 48th Brigade Combat Team of the Ga National Guard serving in Task Force Phoenix this week are of immense interest to me. The fact that an over the hill Michael Jackson's lifetime of drug habits has finally stopped his heart beat is of very little interest to me. And I believe that I am more rational to feel this way than are all of the song and dance man worshippers grieving at Jackson's miserable end as if it is a loss of anything of value.

W.C. Varones said...

Ha! When I saw "vampires and leeches," I thought this post was going to be about the Rolling Stone article on Goldman Sachs.

jim oglethorpe said...

Loafing: america is f'd'up? Dude, I can't even bring myself to re-type that as a quote. America is the big time, America is graduate-level human life. You are the problem.

Traditional: same response but with a repectful tone- you're not the problem, you're just sad. Me too. Are you with the "Macon Volunteers"? I'm with JFHQ -currently. For your Faciedum Est, I add my Nescit Cedere. Great motto, by the way...that goes for all of you here. You need to live Nescit Cedere.

Although your own 32d brigade is pretty kick-ass too, Althouse.

onparkstreet said...

@ Fred4pres

I like reading those lyrics. I love reading lyrics, I think I'd rather read a book of lyrics from my favorite singer-songwriter than much of contemporary poetry I've seen around. Unfair, perhaps, but, there it is. Also, this is not the first time I've made that point around here....I am repeating myself!

@ LoafingOaf: it's a disgrace, isn't it? In my town, there are pols and local swells who seem to get away with ANYTHING. But the kid from a poor neighborhood who messes up? Out of Luck. (Well, actually, it's complicated. Some of those young people become frequent flyers through our criminal justice system and end up doing some really awful, violent things. Messed up isn't good enough to describe the horror of it....)

onparkstreet said...

Oh, and in my neighborhood, which has a significant young hipster population, and a significant African-American population, the day of Michael Jackson's death, a car ran up and down one of the man street absolutely BLASTING his music, and, on hearing this, a woman turned to me and said, in hushed tones, "Did you hear?" She wanted to talk about it, so we talked a little. Struck a chord.

Reminds a bit of Princess Diana's death, the media attention, I mean.


And, what a sad, horrible, defeating, and defeated, mess life can be.

paul a'barge said...

When is that Titus cretin going to weigh in on this?

AllenS said...

Titus will comment after he analyzes his shit floating in the toilet. Kinda like reading tea leaves.

Brian Macker said...

Presley was in no condition to save him being a member of a cult herself, scientology.

traditionalguy said...

Jim Oglethorpe...Thanks. I notice your name is from the necit cedere tradition. Yes, the Macon unit of the 48th Brigade is very close to me because of my great respect for its Commanding Officer, Larry Dudney. In their entire 15 months in Iraq they only lost 35 KIA. Now in their first week in Afghanistan they have had 5 KIA. Local families are losing husbands and fathers, and no one writes about their war or mentions their sacrifices with the exception of a few military bloggers. Our support for you and them is nescit cedere.