June 23, 2009

How cold is it? Death? It's very cold.

RIP, Ed McMahon.


anti-de Sitter space said...

Seems like I could use this end-of-life post as a lame way to justify wedging in Sully's pithy quote.

"So the 37th president would have aborted the 44th"

bagoh20 said...

Ed McMahon - Now that's a job:
Short hours, high pay, no work, no responsibility, meet many interesting people, work guaranteed for as long as Carson is working.

Also, apparently sexual harassment was encouraged. Damn, I was born too late.

john said...

"Here's ............. Jesus!"

RIP Ed, and good luck with your new gig.

Anton said...

Can you imagine a skit like that nowadays? The host would be out of a job by the end of the next business day.

Lem said...

I remember my parents letting me stay over at the home of a girl i had a crush on. And her parents letting us watch her favorite Jhonny at the (for me) unheard of 11:30 time slot.
I learned very quickly how important it was that i learned English. Because i picked up that whenever I heard Ed's pronounced laughter she would be laughing too, in short order.
I can almost say that Ed may have promoted, urged, pushed a few (like myself)to pick up the English language.

Drew W said...

As we note the passing of the great "Tonight Show" second banana, Ed McMahon, my thoughts turn to Conan O'Brien's Andy Richter.

When O'Brien started his show, the idea of having a sidekick in the first place had become a kind of retro joke. Who still needed a sidekick in the age of Leno and Letterman? But Richter was a wonderful sidekick, and a funny guy in his own right. Not to slight McMahon's extracurricular work -- Star Search and some vaguely-remembered infomercials -- but Richter was responsible for two hilarious, if poorly rated, comedy series, "Andy Richter Controls The Universe" and the even more wonderful "Andy Barker, P.I."

So when Conan assumed the 11:35 spot, I was happy to see that Andy Richter was back on the show. But they need to put him on the couch next to Conan, McMahon-style, where he belongs. The offstage lectern, where Richter is currently exiled, was appropriate perhaps for the minimally-talented Howard Stern alumnus John Melendez, but not for Andy Richter.

Honor Ed McMahon -- Bring Andy Richter Back To The Tonight Show Couch!

Lem said...

My initial impression of Andy Richter was that he was Conan O'Brien's brain.

Fred4Pres said...

Semper fi Ed, Semper fi.

Anonymous said...

wow, johnny's waist was sure tiny.

i know this is supposed to be about ed, and he was chubbier but he outlived johnny age wise. must have been the wives not the liquor.

Larry J said...

Ed McMahon - Marine Aviator

Semper Fi

Sixty Grit said...

As I listen to that clip all I can hear is how cigarettes affected Johnny's voice.

He stayed slim by smoking a lot of cigarettes. He continued to smoke even after he was diagnosed with lung disease. He seriously didn't want to live a long life.

I think that clip was nothing but a beer promo - that didn't look like a regular show.

Anonymous said...

it was a year ago that the comedian george carlin died. It was pretty well known that he didn't have stellar health habits.

i think it depends if you are in self controlled chamber of life or controlled by outside forces chamber of life how long it goes on.

course you are really in one bubble inside another inside another. but that bubble theory is what they use to explain or help people visualize higher dimensions. so, it's pretty hard to talk to people who just view life in the dark side and light side. They might not understands the sides in between that you can't see or feel.