June 7, 2009

Hello, all you optimists and pessimists!


What were you drinking last night? Did you buy 2 bottles, like we did, and pour half of each into a separate glass?



Quayle said...


Mmmmmmmmm - can I have some?

AllenS said...

That glass is only half full!

Paddy O. said...

The bottle is unpoured!

chuck b. said...

Last night I had several small glasses of wine, then I had a mojito, then I had several more small glasses of wine.

chuck b. said...

(I feel fine, but I woke up with crazy hair this morning.)

EDH said...

I drink way too much fruit juice and probably should "cut" it with a sparkling or carbonated water to reduce my calorie intake.

But would that increase my carbon burp-print?

Alas, always the pessimist.

Skeptical said...

Orangina, I see.

Is that a successful naming? On the pro side, it has that 'vagina' association going for it. On the con side, 'angina.'

Theo Boehm said...

Our priest made lemonade for his homily this morning.

Had the kids gather around.
Took a half-full pitcher of water.
Squeezed lemons into water.
Added sugar, dumping entire bowl in at end.

It's Trinity Sunday.

Go figure.

EDH said...

Took a half-full pitcher of water.
Squeezed lemons into water.
Added sugar, dumping entire bowl in at end.

Sounds like a perfect metaphor for the Obama economic plan.

rhhardin said...

I drink right from the bottle.

It starts full, and in a positive note ends up a dog toy.

If life hands you melons, make melonade.

Theo Boehm said...

EDH: O magnum mysterium.

Theo Boehm said...

I notice only TWO ingredients chez Althouse, altho' Orangina is no doubt a complex concoction.

Here's the beginning of a question: "How many unique...?"

Mark Daniels said...

I had water last night. I'm working on losing weight. I have fourteen pounds to go to reach 148, my target. Most drinks, soft and alcoholic, seem to go right to my belly. (This is hard because I enjoy an occasional glass of wine and even less frequently, a beer.)

So, right now, a glass (or bottle that's full) makes me optimistic that I'm going to lose my middle age spread.

Michael Hasenstab said...

My glass is always full. Even when it looks empty, it's full.

From a physics point of view, this is entirely correct. My glass may be partly filled with water and partly filled with air, but it is nevertheless full.

From a philosophical point of view, I always view my glass as being full, no matter what. It might be too small some days to hold everything I'd like it to hold, but it is nevertheless full.

howzerdo said...

I think it might be Limonada, not Orangina? Whichever, that stuff is awesome.

I had water. No Limonada or Orangina (or even plain Pellegrino) on hand! My husband has been pretty ill for the past month so imbibing anything stronger on Friday nights is not possible :-(.

traditionalguy said...

Bought some fresh limes for adding to evian water and ice. They are now called "persian limes" but look the same as always. See, you learn something new every day.

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Some see the glass as half empty.

Others see the glass as half full.

I see the glass and wonder who in the Hell has been drinking my beer.

I guess that makes me a Realist?

KLDAVIS said...

A shandy with Orangina and weiss beer is wonderful on a summer afternoon.

former law student said...

We go right for the Pellegrino Aranciata.

Shannon said...
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KLDAVIS said...

The glass is looking more than half-full. Enjoying a cocktail:

2 oz Junipero gin
1 oz Fresh squeezed lemon juice
3/4 oz Marie Brizard Apry
1/2 oz lemon-simple syrup

Combine and shake with ice, pour into a chilled cocktail glass that has been rinsed with 1/8 oz of Aperol and had the excess poured out.

Middling sweet at first, but then a decent sour punch...the Junipero gin adds depth and interplay with the Aperol. Apry dominates the middle. Delicious. Not sure of the name, but hat tip to Robbie at The Violet Hour.

Issob Morocco said...

Too bad they didn't have the San Pellegrino Limonata or Arancita soda's instead of Orangina, which is a bit lame on taste.