June 9, 2009

"Francis wants her own hotel room."

"Who can blame her?"

ADDED: I cut and pasted a misspelling. The girl's name is Frances.


Tibore said...

"Frances miraculously appears to be a well-adjusted 16-year-old despite a mother who threw her a suicide-themed birthday party and called her a "gay man trapped in a woman's body.""

Da f***??

Synova said...

Wow... a 16 year old wants her own hotel room.

What is *wrong* with that family?

All the 16 year olds I know just *beg* to be in the same room with their folks.

(eye roll)

EDH said...

It seems like only yesterday that Hole did their first tour with baby in tow, shortly after Kurt Cobain's suicide and the the drug overdose of their bass player. I opened a van door for Courtney Love and she thrust Frances Bean's Barney doll at me as if to say "take this, I got the kid."

Sob, they grow-up so fast.

Maguro said...

Frances Bean had a Barney doll?

No wonder she's so screwed up.

Ophir said...

Smells like teen spirit.

chuck b. said...
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Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

When the Frances is a girl, it is spelled with a "ces" not a "cis," Ann. Francis with a "cis" means it is a boy.

I point this out only because when I blogged and you linked me (which I really appreciated, by the way), you also criticized my spelling of Dolly (or is it Dolley, I still forget) Madison. This was in the Dolly Madison had a nice rack post.

Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Nasty, but it's a cut and pasted quote, so the mistake is in the original. I could put "sic."

Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

I think a "sic" is what you did to me. I was all "I GOT LINKED BY ANN ALTHOUSE...oh, and then she corrected my spelling." Kind of nice, and then slightly humiliating. Anyway, I don't much care, now. I don't think bloggers should be required to spell anything perfectly anyway. Raises the bar outside of the fun realm.