June 29, 2009

Bob Wright's fascination with Farrah Fawcett's nipple.

[Link, replacing embedded video.]


ddh said...

The excerpt sounds more like "Ann Althouse's exegesis of Farrah Fawcett's nipple," except "exegesis" is too academic for this conversation. Bob asks a question, and Ann answers it for him.

oldirishpig said...

She was smiling?

Jason (the commenter) said...

He said he needed more than a nipple, it's Althouse who's fascinated with the nipple!

traditionalguy said...

With all due respect for stirrings of lust in men's loins, I see The Poster" to be a perfect mixture of the charms of a woman which can all be seen in Farrah. She is vulnerable. She is nourishing. And she is happy to be vulnerable and nourishing to you.The hard nipple is the point of contact with man's Mother on earth and represents to a man the possibility of returning to Eden and re-capturing this final masterpiece of beauty made for man by his loving Creater. Farrah's poster had all these qualities in one. Upon seeing Brittany Spears in the same pose my reaction would just be animal lust.

AllenS said...

Who mentioned nipple first? If you hadn't mentioned nipple, Bob probably would have said it was her hair. Or, maybe not.

Anonymous said...

no time to mind my nipples at the pool. too busy working and going to school so some of us had dorothy hamill hair.

farrahs hair was for people with thick hair and let jane fondas style outgrow.

Ken Pidcock said...

Way to keep at him, Althouse. Wright's chapter on "higher purpose" is painfully muddled. He didn't seem to like that good cop - bad cop call, but I though it was just right.

Anonymous said...

other hair styles of the seventies:

helen reddy hair, tenille of captain and tenile hair,

actually i dont think that many girls had FF hair.

and put the nipple in context. going braless was bigger back then, nipples were showing sometimes, our breast weren't filled with years of four glasses of cow hormones a day. the average cup size was lots smaller. today where foam molds make round mounds to perfection even for old chicks.

TWM said...

Condensing Farrah's poster down to her nipple is like condensing Moby Dick down to its opening line, "Call me Ishmael."

Yeah, it's memorable, even iconic, but there is so much more to that book than that one sentence.

Thus it was with Farrah.

Joe said...

I'll condense it down to the nipple since I didn't otherwise like Farrah.

And Bob was correct, a guy "needed a little more... but it was a step".

One reason for the poster's popularity is that it was still tame enough that teenage boys' moms wouldn't take the poster down and boys' girlfriends wouldn't complain (especially if they had Farrah hair.)

Anonymous said...

i missed all those tiger beat posters.

i was silly as a very young girl in 1972/3.

it was even spitz' speedo. i know now cause it is still what i notice, it's a man's forearms.

Unknown said...

haha. odd.

RIP Farrah. Never overshadowed in our hearts: http://tinyurl.com/FarrahFawcettGallery

John henry said...

Yeah, I always thought of Farah and her nipples. I was not particularly a fan but it seemed like every time I saw her, her nipples were prominent. Two eps I remember praticularly were the film with Robert Duvall "The Apostle" and her guest appearance on the Larry Sanders Show. Her nipples also are prominent on the People Mag cover someone linked to.

They were fine nipples and she had reason to be pround and show them off.


Anonymous said...

it's best if you understand coloquial german for this but 1980 hitparade and mike Kr├╝ger.

makes me laugh

man muss den nippel durch die lasche ziehen

Methadras said...

My wife for the longest time had FF type locks. She eventually cut them back because she said they were a pain to maintain and I agreed, reluctantly so. I'm a firm admirer of the Samson principal. Hair, if done correct is quite powerful. Even the lack of it can have a power effect. Either way, the nipple is hawt. Love the nipple. Love, love, love, love. Mwa, smooches, kisses.

Ann Althouse said...

TRO said..."Condensing Farrah's poster down to her nipple is like condensing Moby Dick down to its opening line, 'Call me Ishmael.'"

Now, now. Dick jokes?

Anonymous said...

so it's a competion of dick jokes and looli jokes?

Lollies - Wenn Du denkst Du denkst, dann denkst Du nur...


kentuckyliz said...

somebody on slate posted a series of links to scholarly articles about the causes of anal cancer, which could open the door to speculation that FF
1. was promiscuous and caught HPV
2. liked back door action
3. smoked

and there's realy amazing silence on people talking about what a buttfucking whore FF was. Amazing.

TWM said...

"Now, now. Dick jokes?"

None that came to mind, Professor, but I see your point. LOL