June 27, 2009

At the Lily Pad Café...


... tread lightly!


peter hoh said...

Nary a ripple.

Big Mike said...

It reminds me of the lily pond I dug for my wife back when we lived in the Maryland suburbs. Lots of work, and needed annual maintenance, but very restful to watch the goldfish and the lovely blooms on a lazy summer afternoon.

rhhardin said...

Clover plays the lily role on land.

Fred4Pres said...

A fine day for fishing!

jdeeripper said...

For just a sec I thought I saw Larry King.

rhhardin said...

Resident woodchuck scented somewhere back there.

bearbee said...

... tread lightly.


Rob said...

I saw the mind of God expressing It's
creativity in the physical world. I love water, H20, brilliant yet so simply designed.

rhhardin said...

Know your Ohio crops.

1. Maize.

2. Maze.

rhhardin said...


Deborah said...

I have missed ya'll. I've been very sick with a sinus infection.

john said...

Water is H2O
Hydrogen two parts
Oxygen one
But there is also a third thing
that makes it water.
And nobody knows what that is.

john said...

Pardon: from DH Lawrence (Pansies). This is also kind of fun:

No, Mr. Lawrence, it's not like that!
I don't mind telling you
I know a thing or two about love,
perhaps more than you do.

And what I know is that you make it
too nice, too beautiful.
It's not like that, you know; you fake it.
It's really rather dull

Beth said...

As we all know, celebrity deaths come in threes:

Farrah, Michael and our little Elmo.

Things are sad around my house today.

rhhardin said...


Try Vicki Hearn'e Oyez a Beaumont seek out table of contents and chapter.

Occasionally the essay is online in one form or another.

Beth said...


Thank you for that reference; it was comforting, and uplifting. Elmo "died while there [was] still something more to him than his wounds."