May 11, 2009

Who was on Air Force 1?

Digital magnification looks into the windows.


The Drill SGT said...

If the MSM wasn't in the tank, somebody would FOIA the flight manifest.

and bring it up regularly at every WH Press Brief till it was produced.

as well as ask the questions:

1. Who decided that the flight had to happen? (hint: based on the released investigation, it wasn't Caldera, the guy who had to resign.)

2. In previous adminstrations, the Director of the WH Military Office was a serving officer. Why did Obama replace a system that worked with a Political appointee?

Chip Ahoy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Cor! Every now and then I see a Photoshop I wish I had done. I bow to the satirist.

*salaams elaborately*

Meade said...

Actually, if you take an even closer look, you can see Hillary in her "Good Night" jammies.

(Just don't look any closer than that.)

garage mahal said...

Something doesn't add up about this whole deal. Who would fly Air Force One around New York City escorted by F-16 fighters in broad daylight if they weren't up to something?

Who was on that plane and when did they know it?!

AllenS said...

Off topic, but not by much:

Joe Biden was at an elementary school, and said... “The new dog I have is only five months old and his name is Champ,” Biden told the schoolkids.

“My dog is smarter than Bo, his [Obama] dog,” he jabbed.

“I think so,” he taunted. Yeah, I do.”

We're like totally screwed.

J. Cricket said...

How long before this idiotic crowd of commenters adds Vince Foster to this thread of pure kook-o-babble?

You (rightly) mock the "9/11 truthers," Althouse, but you are almost as loony a tune on this one.

Get a grip!

AllenS said...

Juris, you are the first person to bring up Vince Foster's name. That makes you the idiot.

jeff said...

The only one to bring up Fosters name, not just the first. Otherwise he is dead on. Obviously the flight was for the sole purpose was to take that one crappy picture. Crazy talk to think the flight was for rewarding contributors. Next thing you will claim he is renting out the Lincoln bedroom. No one would do something that crazy.

Trochilus said...

jeff, at 6:58 PM . . .


Juris Dentist, at 6:45 PM . . . if you are sure you are correct, then you should file a FOIA for all the photos, and share them with us.

Prove us all wrong, JD!

I'm Full of Soup said...

Let's see. First there was the Lincoln bedroom. Then trips on Air Force One. I wonder who got to ride on the latest Space Shuttle? Heh.

Michael Haz said...

Okay, okay. I was on the plane. So sue me. I don't care.

I am the only voter on my block who didn't vote for Obama, and one of his staffers called me and asked what they could do to get my vote the next time around.

I wasn't really interested - the guy offered a signed photo, a tour of the White House, lunch with the Obama kids and Grandma, some pretty prosaic stuff.

I told him that I'd like a ride on the Space Shuttle, just a few laps around earth, nothing special. I'm thinkin' that the Space Shuttle program ends in 2010, so I'd probably be the only guy to get this offer.

Anyhow, the White House bot guy says no, they can't do that, but offers a ride on a submarine. A submarine? Pffft! That's no kind of fun. It doesn't even have windows so I couldn't actually see if I'm underwater. It could be a big fakeout, like a Disney ride.

So I say, okay, my last offer. I want to fly a lap around NYC on AF1. The guy called me back later and said "Deal", and set it up.

I took a few friends along, and a couple of guys from work, and my wife.

The guys on the plane were all paranoid that we'd do something weird, so there was a Secret Service guy assigned to each passenger.

I did get to go into the cockpit and take the controls few a few minutes, and that was cool.

The White House guy who set it up got fired. Too bad, I guess. He seemed to be a hop head.

Anyhow, so blame me.

PS - I tried to reach Althouse so she could come along, but she was in Cincinnati and I don't have Meade's phone number.

Unknown said...

Why are we calling it Air Force One? I thought when the President is on it it is called AF1, but he wasn't on it.

Unknown said...

Because we're not interesting in picking silly nits, that's why.

blogging cockroach said...

dad here at the house has a friend who s in the
a f reserve and he came over and was drinking beer
with dad and they fell to talking
if not talking while falling over
well the a f guy thinks it was a training mission to
see if they could land obama at ft monmouth
so he could make reassuring noises
from the scene when n y
gets nuked and still get out a s a p
so as not to glow too much in the dark afterwards
i know i know
we re getting into trufer territory not to mention
greys and nordics but maybe just maybe the
government really knows something this time

blogging cockroach said...

ha ha

blogging cockroach said...

i tweeted something abt growing green gauzy wings
and flying to the moon which seems like a good idea
right now unless of course i get caught
in a bug zapper

ha ha

Cedarford said...

The people onboard are likely the same people who would have gone on the scheduled training mission before the "NYC photo op!!" was added to the flightplan.

My guess it would be the regular crew - select creme` de la creme` of the AF with much experience flying - and a supplemental crew of AF personnel and civilian tech reps (technical representatives) testing new equipment over the most challenging terrain (a urban city with intense broad spectrum RF firing off everywhere and enormous radar clutter).
The greatest vulnerability for insurgency and terrorist attack on large planes is when they are approaching landing or taking off in an urban area.

If that hypothesis is true, then there were no true civilian passengers onboard at all. All were participating or monitoring the 'training'.

Ann Althouse said...

@ garage @ juris Your nonlinkclickage is making you say tedious things. Thought you should know.

Chip Ahoy said...

* smack *

Lem said...

That must the whip the NYT was talking about ;)

Lem said...

Whip It

DaLawGiver said...

Rush Limbaugh found the real Vince Foster, kidnapped him and attempted to escape on the hijacked Air Force One. But Limbaugh is so fat and drugged out he could only fly in circles over the Statue of Liberty. Eventually he headed out to sea where the F-16 shot him down. His body was recovered and reanimated using a secret potion Al Gore discovered in the Amazon rain forest. Limbaugh is now a zombie controlled by the democrats. Vince Foster survived the crash, had a face transplant and will replace Louis Caldera on the white house staff.

Wince said...

If that hypothesis is true, then there were no true civilian passengers onboard at all. All were participating or monitoring the 'training'.
Turns out we do have the instuctional video that was produced.

goesh said...

- got that right, Drill SGT