May 23, 2009

"When a [bridge] partner starts to slip, you can’t trust them. That’s what it comes down to."

"It’s terrible to say it that way, and worse to watch it happen. But other players get very annoyed. You can’t help yourself."

Very old people play bridge and stave off dementia.


downtownlad said...

Play Bridge all day? Sorry - I'd rather have dementia. . .

Ralph said...

I know this is troll-bait, but I wasn't surprised that Bill Clinton is a Hearts player/addict. Bridge requires a lot more concentration and attention to the cards and the other players, but without the drama of the Queen.

What does Obama play?

rhhardin said...

It would have been nice performance art to just end the story at the bottom of page 1.

How old is the NYT.

EDH said...
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EDH said...

When a partner starts to slip, you can’t trust them. That’s what it comes down to. It’s terrible to say it that way, and worse to watch it happen. But other players get very annoyed. You can’t help yourself.

Dr. Millard Rausch, Scientist:

Dummies! Dummies! Dummies!

This isn't the Republicans versus the Democrats, where we're in a hole economically or... or we're in another war. This is more crucial than that. This is down to the line, folks, this is down to the line. There can be no more divisions among the living!

These creatures are nothing but pure, motorized instinct. We must not be lulled by the concept that these are our family members or our friends. They are not. They will not respond to such emotions.

They must be destroyed on sight!

- George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, 1978

kentuckyliz said...

As these old people watch the dismantling of this great country and everything they've worked hard for, you think they'd be praying for the sweet release of death, or dementia. Ignorance is bliss.

NKVD said...

Obama plays liberals.

traditionalguy said...

What's this article about? I am confused...anyway I bid seven no trumps.

John Lynch said...

I'd like to make it to that age but the odds are against me.

Good for them.

Obama plays poker. He's got a poker face, and he doesn't get distracted.

Eli Blake said...

When you are a kid and grow up,

You learn to play slap jack.

Then you learn to play, Go Fish.

Then you learn to play Old Maid.

Then you learn to play Crazy Eights.

Then you learn to play Rummy.

Then you learn to play Poker.

Then you learn to play Cribbage.

Then you learn to play Canasta.

And at the pinnacle of knowledge, you learn to play Bridge.

What you are suggesting here is that when people get old,

First they play Bridge.

Then they slow down a little and play Canasta.

Then they slow down a little more and play Cribbage.

Then they slow down some more and play Poker.

Then they slow down a bit more and play Rummy.

Then Crazy Eights, then Old Maid, then Go Fish.

And finally all they can play anymore is Slap Jack.

MadisonMan said...

My Mom became a life master at age 82. Still, I don't think she's as sharp as she used to be. But I don't know how sharp she'd be if she didn't still play (3x a week).

Growing old sucks.

John Lynch said...

Growing old is betteer than the alternative.

rhhardin said...

When you get old, they take your dog away.

Too much bother for the staff.

Ralph said...

For decades, my grandmother told us, "As long as I have as much mind as I have now, I want to stay in my own home." She told her man of business that she didn't care how much mind she had, as long as she had the money, she wanted to live at home, which she did. Unfortunately, the last couple of years, when she perked up in the afternoon, she was convinced she wasn't at home. She also kept "forgetting" my step-mother's existence.

Jennifer said...

This is why my mom plays bridge. I always wonder why don't you spend time doing something you really enjoy instead of something solely meant to stave off some future condition, but I suppose staving off the future condition is what she really enjoys...

John Lynch said...

I just got off my elliptical. I hate it. I hate exercise. But I have to do it if I want to be old enough to worry about playing bridge.

Same thing.

JAL said...

My family genes mean I will live into my nineties with a clear mind.

I will not be playing bridge.

I couldn't even play bridge when I was in my twenties and learned. (Err.. was trying to learn...) I just can't waste time trying to remember what everyone played. Too ADD. Or something.

I'll be on the internet making stupid trollish remarks on Althouse (she's younger). Probably as one of Maxine's "friends."

Revenant said...

I used to play bridge a lot, back in the day. I have never seen people get as angry with their friends as bridge players do. :)

reader_iam said...

With the amount of bridge I played in early college (record was 13 hours in one day), I ought to be able to have banked it.

Alas, I ditched all that and proceeded to sprinkle my life with far worse vices.

So it goes.

Methadras said...

"downtownlad said...

Play Bridge all day? Sorry - I'd rather have dementia. . ."

Your time here proves you have dementia.

bearbee said...

Very old people play bridge and stave off dementia..

Play bridge, write a blog,... whatever keeps those brain and neurological circuits moving.

traditionalguy said...

The baby born of a woman on this earth starts its life long struggle with the force of gravity. When we are young we conquer it in many ways as Athletes. Did you ever do Rope climbs in the gymn? we use it and we are formed by our ways of interracting with the Force. Astronauts in no gravity too long are totally changed physically when the are "re-entered" to earth. Best advice to keep the equiptment working past 45 is walking and free weights. Free weights is extrmely important as regular exercise for a human's health and life span. See you in the next world.

JAL said...

I kinda like Wii Fit.