May 18, 2009

Welcome to the working week.

Coffee in the skillet:


Rainbow in the glass:



Pogo said...

I know it won't thrill me,
I hope it don't kill me.

Bissage said...

That's a nicely scrubbed stove top you've got going there.

Mrs. Bissage (a/k/a the Queen of Ammonia) would approve.

Ann Althouse said...

"Now that your picture's in the paper being rhythmically admired and you can have anyone that you have ever desired..."

That's what I've been saying ever since that NYT article came out.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade just gave the perfect answer to my last comment.

Jennifer said...

Well, now that's smart. I spent 6 months dirtying a saucepan every time I wanted to warm up my cup of coffee. Frowny face.

On the plus side, we got to use the microwave as extra cabinet space that whole time.

Pogo said...

Actually, you don't gotta tell me now just why, why, why, why.

I hear you sayin', Hey, Cincinnati's alright,
'cause you've done more than read about it in books.

Bissage said...

Meade just gave the perfect answer to my last comment.

It had nothing to do with masturbation. Right?

Just checking.

traditionalguy said...

A good morning of rainbows and coffee to you Professor.

Pogo said...

Saturday on our evening walk, my wife and I saw a young Amish couple out together on the riverwalk, but the young woman kept furtively glancing behind her, towards the downtown area.

The pair took a sudden right onto an underpass and, now out of sight, they began holding hands. Then the young man stole a kiss.


MadisonMan said...

I can brew up the coffee
Warm it up on a pan
And never let you forget you're a man

'Cause I'm a woman,

Link, just because.

Ann Althouse said...

@MadisonMan This woman would have had a microwave and used it. That's not my skillet.

Dr. Alice said...

I like the idea of using the skillet as a coffee warmer. Will have to remember that.

ricpic said...

I predict a guess what this is blowup of a tiny bit of the reflection in the glass (not the rainbow bit) this afternoon.

former law student said...

That must be a strong beer if the normal serving is a quarter-liter.

Chip Ahoy said...

The top photograph is a Ven diagram that describes the relationship of black to sweetened creamed within the world of coffee within the square white universe of beverages.

Beth said...

I've never done that with cups, but we used to keep a French drip-style coffee maker warm on the stove for hours, in a pot of hot water. It makes for a nice smell all day.