May 18, 2009

"Let me ask you a question, Geneva Convention. What's your problem?"


Bissage said...

Funny stuff.

The Drill SGT said...

A bit more overdone than usual IMHO.

Lem said...

He may have to, if he goes ahead and prosecutes the lawyers that wrote the memos.

Ultimately, you can’t believe anything Obama says.

goesh said...

- lol

TRO said...

Not as funny as their usual stuff, but good just the same. "Let me outta here . . . gurgle, gurgle" was a killer. (pun intended)

From Inwood said...


This kind of derision with regard to such a serious issue will not be tolerated while I do my moral preening about Torture.

Next you'll be telling me that some Senator said something like "Do what you have to do!"

What, Chuckie S (D NY)? Nevermind.

Not only is he principled, he is large; he contains multitudes & he is nuanced, so he might even contradict himself on torture when it comes to self preservation! After all, his kid was a Stuyvesant HS student, in the shadow of the WTC, for goodness sake.

BTW, you, Prof A, are now on the list for not only the Chuckie "do-what-you-have-to-Torture" but also the "no-doubt-about-it-Torture" (my new definition) when the Islamofascists take over.

No "alternative method" for you.

Big Mike said...

Them thar gennelmen got a pint (as in the sharp thingy at the end of a pencil, not a half a quart of moonshine). Ah mean, gettin' a cool show lack "House" preemte, pre, gotten rid of fur an Obama speech?

Now that's torture.