May 9, 2009

I'm out here on the front porch.


Were you wondering where I was?

Yeah, I'll do some blogging. Just hang on a sec.


Ron said...

Hey, breakfast first! Bacon, eggs...maybe a waffle...but let's start with coffee, of course!

traditionalguy said...

I thought it was a Farrah Fawcett poster until I noticed the hair was normal size. Nice smile, Professor.

The Drill SGT said...

She does look happy :)

chickelit said...

Love reins o'er you!

Big Mike said...

Barefoot on the front porch, no less. Must be in Cincinnati (67 and partly cloudy) and not in Madison (51 and overcast).

KCFleming said...

Whoa; for a minute I thought you were out on my porch.

The coffee was ready.
No dog, though, just an indifferent cat.

On iTunes: Adele - Hometown GloryThe ToDo list:
1. Mow the lawn. No scything, though. I'm too self-injurious.
2. Hang up my son's new painting.
3. Get my presentation ready for Monday. Shoot video on Captivate.
4. Call Mom.

Meade said...

Wow! Cute!

Can you believe it -- that's exactly the mental image I took with me to work this morning.

"Call mom"
I will follow doctor's orders.

Dale said...

Ooo la LA!

Wince said...

I'm jealous.

No matter how much I try that come-hither, off-the-shoulder look never works for me.

knox said...

So cute! And I want a shirt that color.

Cedarford said...

Looks like the Prof did find some time to be out in the sun somewhere and get a distinct 1-piece bathing suit tan line.

Good pic. Middle-aged hotness!

Joan said...


Thank you for sharing your happiness with us.

Knox -- that color is really lovely!

Palladian said...

Goodbye, city life!

Anonymous said...

Well now we know what made your camera vibrate into self-destruct mode.

Ralph L said...

When I was scrolling down on my clunky computer, this appeared under the top half of the photo for a second:

Labels: crime, domestic violence,

and I wondered WTF?