May 19, 2009

"He was such a lovely doggy/And to me he was such fun..."

"... But today as we played by the way/A drunken man got mad at him/ Because he barked in joy/ He beat him and he's dying here today."



Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

This is so weird. I just got back from the park with the rare clumbers and this queen who was drunk at 6:00 in the evening accosted my rare clumbers and myself.

He was weaving all over the place as he was trying to stand up.

First of all she said oh look at your black beamer. Than she said love the dogs. I kind of ignored her and than she said, "you are obviously gay". I was like bitch you are obviously drunk. And he said what are you doing tonight. I said I have plans and than he started screaming saying I was a bitch and that I need to get over myself. It was so offensive. I think the biggest reason it was offensive though is because he wasn't hot and the comment about me being obviously gay. I had a baseball cap and sunglasses on, shit I can't even hide it with a hat a sunglasses on...from a drunk guy. I thought I was butch.

And this is a true story that just happened to me 1 hour ago. I am still kind of in a state of shock.

I have to get to the gym soon.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

By the way Althouse where are you going to be June 8-11?

Get your ass to Madison and bring Meade. Dindin at L'Etoile on me.

Is that still the most fabulous restaurant in Madison?

I want food that is organically grown from local farms. I am talking arugula, spinach, radiches, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, all in a non fat strawberry organge vinagrette. Crate free fowl, grass fed meat (kidding I don't eat red meat). Fish that was caught on Lake Mendota that day. Organic and non fat dairy from some rare farm near Madison. Cranberries from some bog in Gays Mills. And a bunch of other shit like that.

Penny said...

"He was different," she said.

Halleluja and Amen!

Do you hear that, Titus? Dylan was also different. You walk in EXCELLENT company.

The interesting thing is why some differences are valued, and other differences are not? Maybe it says more about the evaluators, than those being evaluated.

Food for thought, anyway.

Ann Althouse said...

Need a raincheck on that dinner. Or should I say a snowcheck?

Jen said...

They should take the money from this auction and give it to the SPCA or another non-profit that steps up to help injured animals.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

Bitch, why? Are you not around or are you just blowing me off? I haven't booked my ticky wicky. What weekend in June are you going to be in Madison?

I can do it Father's Day weekend because my sister is coming out her for some meeting. She works at CUNA so I am going to take her around the city.

I will find you and take you to a fabulous dindin and you will like it, you will be enthralled by the conversation and get a couple of drinky winkys in me and it could be your lucky night.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

I will show you my abs?

I would of done that anyway.

Instead of shaking people's hands I just lift up my shirt.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

By lifting up my shirt I think it is important that people understand what they are dealing with.

ricpic said...

A Sensitive Shit

Dylan's poem about his dog is maudlin,
With a touch of self-pity thrown in.
In fact it's a poem about Dylan, not his dog.
Me me me me me.
I'll bet his dog had worms.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

OK, I am heading to the gym.

Can I be honest with you?

This is my second time going to the gym today.

This Friday is my premiere in Ptown and anyone who is anyone will be there. Michael Cunningham, John Waters, Andrew Sullivan-sometimes he comes later, Hedda Lettuce, Scabola Feces, Evian Waters, Sharon Needles, Ryan Landry, Kevin Aviance, Junior, Richie Rich, Lypsinka, Amanda Lepore, Peter Gatien, Lady Bunny and other assorted characters.

I will be attending a dance at The A House. A famous gay bar that has been around since the 1940's. Tennessee and Tru hung out there.

T Dance at The Boatslip on Saturday. After T Dance at The Pied, dindin at Cafe Heaven, beach premiere, biking through the dunes, first workout at Muscle Beach, Yoga Class, Art Openings, Dick Dock.

It is all so overwhelming.

Wish me luck.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

And let's not even forget the first stroll down Commercial Street with the rare clumbers.

It can be a make a break moment.

And the first night the clubs closed and we are all at the Sidewalk Sale outside Spiritis Pizza. You can cut the tension with a knife. It's thick I am telling you thick.

Thursday is my back sack and crack waxing so I should look fierce.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

My first outfit is an old Joy Division t, exposing biceps and a pair of penquin pants-light blue kind of baggy, button up with draw strings.

traditionalguy said...

The communicator in Dylan had to express himself from childhood. If he had had a great voice too, it may have been a distraction from his poetry.

EnigmatiCore said...

Speaking of dogs...

Adam doing the 'made for Idol' new song is just horrible. Sounds like (as my wife pointed out) Ethel Merman on testosterone treatments (but not too much testosterone) singing a B-movie out-take.

Ann Althouse said...

Titus, the only nights I'll be there are June 5th and 6th. Seriously. Already planned. Otherwise, wait until July.

Ann Althouse said...

Meade will be there too and he'll lift up his shirt.

rhhardin said...

There's a lot of poems he could have used, eg. here.

My own favorite is Gorey

Little Zooks of whom no one was fond
Was launched towards the roof and beyond
The infant's trajectory
Took him over the rectory
And into a lily-choked pond.

Ann Althouse said...

In the poem, who's dying, the drunk or the dog?

Jen said...

They are both dying. One of a sclerotic liver and one because a bastard beat him to death.

"But his little dog was dead

Just a shiver and he slowly passed away"

There's a theme recently, dogs and heaven.

"Your too late sir my doggy's dead

And no one can save him now

But I'll meet my precious buddy up in the sky"

It's a lovely poem.

Maybe my sweet pup is there too, but it's all just opinion and speculation.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

OK, I just got back from the gym and I literally received 10 calls from my girlfriends saying the tv show Glee is amazing.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

Meade looks like he has an impressive mid section.

Maybe a sandwich will be in order?

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

Let me see what I can come up with for days.

Hugs and Cuddles.

My mother is driving me crazy to get my ass back there. Everyday I get a call, have you booked a flight? God I love her.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

You are a busy gal. It's all Meade all the time isn't it?

That's ok. I am very happy you are in love and your time is taken.

We all wish to be so busy. Meade seems like a really nice guy. You know I am happy for you. I hope you never thought I wasn't.

And my sense is he is ok with the gays. That is very important to me as I know deep down it is imporant to you.

We will meet, and we will have a wonderful time and we will be appreciative of the experience.

I really am quite fun and a good converationalist and love to LISTEN.

Special Hugs and Kisses to The Divine Miss A.

Titusiseatingfageyogurtthankyou said...

And you know I love you Miss Althouse.

I come to you everyday. Because I am interested and want to know what is going on in your life.

Ann Althouse said...

I love you too, Titus. Now, come to Madison for the 5th or the 6th. That's the window of opportunity. Otherwise, we've got work to do in Ohio. The 6th is the Wright & Like architectural tour, so that's when we're in town (until July).

chickenlittle said...

Need a raincheck on that dinner. Or should I say a snowcheck?

That's a very "insider" thing to say but I think I get it.