May 3, 2009

Happiness. Joy.

Flowers and sky

It's a bright morning in May.



ElcubanitoKC said...

Flowers, breeze, sun, pollen and allergies.

See you after Mass.

rhhardin said...

Early morning tennis ball action

Ball dropped! A Robert Capa moment.

Bissage said...

(1) It has been grey and drizzling off and on for the last three days here in USDA zone 6b. Early this morning, I went to a garden center and one of the workers was unloading bedding plants.

Being in a jovial mood, I called out to her, “Looks like you have to work in between the rain!”

She called back with a slightly crabby “And through it!”

What else could I say except, “Oops! Sorry about that.”

Then she smiled a big smile so I guess my faux pas wasn’t so terrible. Still, I wish I had thought that one through and been a little more considerate.

(2) So, what else did I do this morning? I came home from the garden center and I tied up eight bundles worth of the branches from last night’s slightly inebriated pruning session; Prairie Fire crabapple, Mohawk viburnum, Arrowwood viburnum, River birch and Manhattan euonymous.

I made it a special point to do the bundling and tying while it was actively raining. And I got absolutely soaked to the skin and chilled to the bone.

That all seemed perfectly appropriate, somehow.

Beth said...

I'm such a mush.

We just watched the video of the Derby and I got all teared up listening to Calvin Borel, in the aftermath interview, sobbing and wishing his momma and daddy were there to see what he's accomplished with his life. What a sweet Cajun guy.

traditionalguy said...

I take it that the Professor is on a golf course this perfect day to be alive. What else could elicit such a mood.

k said...

Pieces of April

Laura(southernxyl) said...

Darling buds of May. Do rough winds shake them? Not today.

goesh said...

- the fluff of clouds, the delicacy of the blossoms, nothing is forced on the viewer

blogging cockroach said...

there was a big may festival thing
in harvard square this morning
mom here at the house is french
so she says why don t we
have may 1 off in this country
and make a proper 3 day weekend
or maybe go on strike like in france
she was unhappy because they had
the shindig on sunday when anyone can park
in our permit space and when she came
back anyone had so when they left
she moved the honda back to her space
and said that s the last time she s driving
anywhere on sunday such is the no 1
problem of life in cambridge
dad s czech friend came over and was
happy to have a beer but less happy
being reminded of may day having had to show
up in parades and rallies to listen to boring
commies drone on for hours when he was
a teenager and could be bleeping his girlfriend
instead as he says but he really didn t say bleeping
mom had the option in france of basically
playing at may day and letting them eat cake too
which reminds me i think i'll go and check
out that brioche mom stashed in the bread drawer

kentuckyliz said...

Morning wood.