May 17, 2009

"Group keeps weeds, snakes away from 9th U.S. president."


What we read when we scavenge reading material.


David said...

It's the snakes surrounding the 44th President that worry me.

rhhardin said...

If you have a dog, there's always something to do on Sunday.

ricpic said...

William Henry Harrison was a son of Ohio I presume?

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

Nominally; a link to the article:

His roots were actually in Virginia, but he came to Cincinnati at an early age and made Hamilton County his home. He actually only held 2 elected offices, IIRC- Clerk of Courts for Hamilton County Ohio, and President of the United States.

There is an old tradition, started in the 1840's, that steamboats will blow their whistles when going past his tomb, as it can be seen from, and overlooks,the river just west of Cincinnati.

There is also a statue of the General downtown in Garfield Park, named for another Ohio son who died as President. McKinley was also an Ohio native, Army veteran of the Civil War, like Garfield, and also, like Garfield, was assasinated while President.

Ohio is only second to Virgina in President production.

Bart Hall (Kansas, USA) said...

William Harrison was the little brother of my 5th great grandmother. I always give him credit for doing less damage to our nation than any president in our history -- because he died after a month in office.

Uncle William was succeed in office by John Tyler. Amazingly, two of Tyler's grandsons -- not great-grandsons -- are still alive. Tyler had eight children with his second wife, and the last of them died in 1947. Tyler was born in 1790.>Harrison Tyler and Lyon Tyler, born in 1925 IIRC