May 17, 2009

Give me some kind of sign.



Musical accompaniment actually playing on the radio when I was photographing signs yesterday. It proves God is watching over me, right? The sign I really wanted though was for this guy...


... this very fish to poke his smiling face up out of O'Bannon Creek.


But life is not so magical, and it should be enough that there are creeks and, presumably, somewhere in them, fish.


Bushman of the Kohlrabi said...

The signs of spring are almost over. What a bummer.

SJL said...

If you like Ohio, you should check out Pennsylvania

Bissage said...

You know, it’s probably just as well that little guy didn’t poke his head up out of the water.

You would have been hearing this angelic choir . . . and then there would have been this Divine Providence thing going on . . . and then you’d get assigned to rule over all of blogdom . . . and then you’d have to lead some sort of Holy quest or something . . . and then God knows what else comes after that.

That would require some big adjustments.

And we like you just the way you are.

Bill White said...

House shopping? There's a rustic-looking place at 7005 Cozaddale Road:

rhhardin said...

That's high quality topsoil in that creek.

Ohio practices gradient farming.

The other school being contour farming.

bearbee said...

Stumpy Lane and Cozaddale Road?

No fair photo-shopping.

Jen said...

SJL said. . .
"If you like Ohio, you should check out Pennsylvania."

When I saw the sign for Milford I thought for a second that that was where she was.

Milford is a great place in PA. That part of the country is beautiful as well.

ricpic said...

At the corner of Stumpy Lane and Cozadalle Road Stands a telephone pole like the Tower of Pisa --
Or maybe the photographer's a diagonal teaser.

madfolly said...

I miss the Midwest!

Greg Hlatky said...

I started on a journey, about a year ago
To a little town called Morrow in the state of Ohio
I've never been much of a traveller, so I really didn't know
That Morrow was the hardest place I'd ever try to go
I went down to the station for my ticket and applied
For tips regarding Morrow, not expecting to be guyed
Said he to me, Now let me see if I have heard you right
You'd like to go to Morrow and return tomorrow night
You should have gone to Morrow yesterday and back today
For the train today to Morrow is a mile upon its way....
If you had gone to Morrow yesterday now don't you see
You could have gone to Morrow and returned today at three
For the train today to Morrow if the schedule is right
Today it goes to Morrow and returns tomorrow night
I was so disappointed I was mad enough to swear
The train had gone to Morrow and it left me standing there
The man was right in tellin' me that I was howlin' jay
I could not go to Morrow, so I guess in town I'll stay

XWL said...

With a few minor edits, that 'keep it clean' fish is down right dirty.

Lem said...

According to this advisory you can find Common Carp, Freshwater Drum, Sauger, Silver Redhorse and Smallmouth Bass.

But dont eat more than "one meal" a month.

traditionalguy said...

Now lets examine the signs leading up to your demanded smiley fish sign: Meade swims by on your Blog and smiles until you use your special lure and catch him, and then you tour together to Loveland where you two finish a perfect day of passing thru Bridges of Madison County country. Sounds as if Providence has guarded you along the way for 58 interesting years until it is again the chronos of your life to be more fully blessed by God.

TitusIwasworkinginacoffeeshop said...

What kind of food do you get in those places?

What's on the menu?

Are there quaint out of the way cafes with cute salads with cut fruit and goat cheese?

TitusIwasworkinginacoffeeshop said...

Have you guys done it while driving yet?

At least some oral...while driving?

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rhhardin said...

Privately funded water sign (May 10), not there last year.

RLB_IV said...

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chuck b. said...

It's weird for me when RLB_IV comments, because those are my dad's initials and it's, like, he's following me. Creepy!

(I just want to say that "give me some kind of sign" is asking for someone to flip you the bird.)

Anyhow, you're making Ohio look very romantic. Who would think.

Chip Ahoy said...

I do not understand the meaning of the term watershed.

I've looked it up more than a few times, and I have several definitions but they do not agree. It is not an intuitive term. 'Shed' implies a place where water is stored. One definition has it as a bend in a river where flow is slowed. The best definition I've read refers to the entire land area that contributes to a particular drain-off.

But my own experience suggest what it could be. Once, while staying in Aspen, on a hike in Summit County, a small group of friends and I walked up to the top of the continental divide. Theoretically, the water flows eastward on one side of the divide and flows westward on the other side of the divide. In actuality it's more complicated than that. Our hike was up the westward side and as we neared the top we crossed a snow field. It was a slog through the field. The top surface of the snow field continually melted and re-froze while the water released continued to flow underneath it. You could hear the water flowing underfoot but not see it. In the morning, the snow field had crusted surface which each footstep broke through to the flowing water underneath. So good hiking boots were essential. The water collected into rivulets along the folds of land that increased in volume with decreasing altitude. The hike back down followed the beginning of what would become a river. The whole thing was enlightening as, say, a fourth-grade geology lesson. I understood the water to be 'stored' on the slopes and released by flowing strangely beneath the snow field. That portion of the experience was quite odd actually. I'll take that for a watershed.

In other news unrelated to watersheds, would you like to hear something totally steeeeew-pud?

OK, here goes:

I stepped out of my apartment today and saw flavored Dorito™ chips dropped onto the hallway carpet as if a child left a trail of chips to find their way back to the elevators. Then, presented with an irresistible target, a following hallway passer stomped each Dorito to smithereens, grinding them to powder into the carpet. It bugged me so much, that orange grease in the carpet, that I took my own vacuum out there and cleaned up someone else's mess, since it was Sunday and I couldn't just complain about it. It also required a bucket, a brush and rag and some scrubbing. While out there carrying on like a charwoman, two separate people passed by me and remarked in such a way as to indicate they were already aware of the mess.

I also noticed a whole bunch of cigarette butts in the courtyard that is encircled on three sides by balconies. I could see clusters of branded butts, Marlboros, and some kind of menthol cigarette. I believe I know which balconies they originate, the ones where guests go out to smoke. I got the idea, and still have the impulse, to sweep up the butts myself and return them by slingshot from my own balcony. Wouldn't that be fun?

Mark Daniels said...

All these sites are a few miles from where I lived for seventeen years. It's funny to see your pics of an area I just left a year-and-a-half ago. I read Althouse there; now I'm not there, experiencing it, but I can see it through the eyes of Althouse. Cosmic!

Mark Daniels said...

In fact, five years ago, I ran for the Ohio House of Representatives and had I been elected, would now be representing Meade (and his dog) in Columbus.

goesh said...

- who couldn't resist driving down Stumpy Ln ....?

bearbee said...

'Shed' implies a place where water is stored.

Isn't 'shed' also a losing or getting rid of, like a raincoat sheds water?

Lem said...

Here is a sign of the times.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently announced the issuance of the Secure Flight Final Rule. This ruling will require airline passengers to provide government issued ID (drivers license, passport, etc.) where their name exactly matches the name on their airline ticket. This includes first name, middle names, first or middle initials, hyphenated names, etc.

The ruling takes effect Friday, May 15. However, TSA is being flexible initially, stating "small differences between the passenger's ID and the passenger's reservation, such as the use of a middle initial versus the use of a full middle name, or no middle initial or middle name at all, or prefixes and suffixes, should not cause a problem for the passenger in the near term. As of August 15, 2009, presenting an ID that doesn’t exactly match the name on your airline ticket, for domestic travel, may result your being subject to additional screening – and/or being denied boarding the plane. The rules apply for international travel as of October 15, 2009.

Travelers will also be required to provide their date of birth and gender for watch list comparison

They want to know gender to find out how much a fee on transfat would be generated from transgenders ;)

Transit - fat
Transit – gender .. get it?

Tough crowd.

Lem said...

BTW - October 15 is my birthday..

I cant wait to get out of here ;)

Nasty, Brutish & Short said...

Fie. Had we known you'd be in Loveland, we'd have been on the lookout.

PatCA said...

I once went to a seminar at Miami of Ohio and always wondered how the name Miami came to be applied there and in Florida. This seems to be the place to ask such a question. :)

bearbee said...

According to Wiki named for the Mayaimis , a tribe of Native Americans who lived around Lake Okeechobee (the Belle Glade culture area) in Florida.