May 9, 2009

The beautiful, horrible press conference.

Jose Canseco has something to say about Manny Ramirez.

(Via The Sporting Blog.)


traditionalguy said...

It would be special if no one commented on this story, but I cannot help myself. Roll on baseball, roll on. How much longer until college football and the NFL rescues us ?

rhhardin said...

That's the pool reporter.

themightypuck said...

Because the NFL isn't full of performance enhancing drugs.

Bissage said...

(1) Professional sports would not exist were it not for beer and guys who can’t find someone to love.

(2) We’ve got light blue wallpaper in the dining room with hand painted birds. It’s supposed to be a reproduction of some famous colonial wallpaper, or something like that.

That’s what Mrs. Bissage tells me, anyway.

We’ve been looking for curtains and I think those gold ones in the photo might be just right.


Wince said...

I'm not one who usually notices decor.

But the way that those chairs meld with the color of the curtains into a monochromatic sea of puked-out Pepto Bismol makes me nauseous, and totally emphasizes the desolation of the event.

Lem said...

Sometimes pleasure is a little thing like this.

It's a web gem.

John Stodder said...

PR guy's nightmare. Because Canseco won't blame himself for this turnout. He'll say the PR guy let him down and that if the PR had been done right, the room would've been full of cameras and reporters recording his every word.

jeff said...

I always wondered why they go thru with those things. It would seem better if you have 100 chairs and 1 guy, to walk over to that one guy and talk to him, rather than stand behind a stand and microphones just begging for a picture be taken for lots of mockery.

LoafingOaf said...

I think Joe Torre needs to be investigated. What manager has had more roided-up players than Torre? And I know for a facthe looks the other way on roids, because everyone who followed baseball knew Giambi was a roided-up sweaty greaseball in the second half of the 2005 season, and that got the Yankees to the playoffs (my Indians would've been in the playoffs had Giambi not been on roids).

I also don't get why we don't hear more about Manny's doctor in this. What doctor prescribed this drug and why? Manny is a naive man-child cand could've been manipulated into it.

But, again, I wanna know why Joe Torre always acts surprised when he has so many players on roids. He certainly knew Giambi was roided up in 2005, so Torre is NOT innocent.

kentuckyliz said...

He wasn't abusing steroids, he was pregnant! hCG is a pregnancy hormone.

Actually, it's used with anabolic steroids to keep the balls from shrinking. And I'm not talking about baseballs.