May 10, 2009

3 Beautiful Things.

RLC — my ex-husband — cribbed the idea 3 Beautiful Things from a blog called 3 Beautiful Things. So far he's got:
Research Headache, Cancelled Meeting, Double Saber

William Blake’s neighborhood, Texas radio, Indian blanket, spilled tea

Clumsy Billboard, Porkpie Hat, Heroic Twig
I wonder if the original 3 Beautiful Things is doing 3 (or 4) Beautiful Things as well as RLC. I've only glanced at 3 Beautiful Things, but I have to say I doubt it. If it is, though... astounding.


Lem said...

Happy mothers day btw.

Paddy O. said...

A great idea.

I'm going to start doing this.

In theological/religious terms this is the ideal of thanksgiving, which is more than seeing the happy bits of life. It's a spiritual discipline that as we engage in it, looking for the good and acknowledging it as good for us, opens us up to the world.

This openness to the world, a reformation of our world-isolating ego, transforms our attitude to all of life, people, places, events. The negatives of life don't burden us, the weight of our issues don't plague us, because we become trained to see the good that is really good. The reality of the world as it is.

Thanksgiving is a way to overcome the darkness of acedia and, indeed, all kinds of other sins. Because as we become open to the world, seeing the beautiful, we are significantly less likely to drown or distract ourselves in whatever distorts or alienates us from others.

Beauty is a bond, a bond with others in openness and joy.

Indeed, I've argued elsewhere God is beautiful and God creates beauty. Our participation with this God of Beauty is one of passionate love, eros, in which we are caught up with each other in both constant desire and constant freedom.

Our experience of beauty is that moment in which the Spirit who is raising us up recognizes with us, and within us, the glory of God’s work, wherein we experience a moment of shared life, and hope, and liberation that not only excites us with the fullness but pulls us into its creativity and enlivens our lives with a profound peace and delight.

This experience of beauty is an experience we share with God, an experience that endears us to him even in moments of struggle or darkness or frustration. We are given insight into his being, even as it is not always directly him we are seeing.

He created what is good and continues to create, inspiring us in creativity, to take joy in what is beautiful in him, in this world, in music, in art, in relationships, and in all kinds of expressions.

Beauty is an experience of God, a sharing with God of a moment that reflects the eternal moment of his eternal invitation.

He calls us to share with him beauty of all kinds in our present experiences and in our future participation. Beauty is a gift from God, shared with God. And it is very good.

Pointing out this beauty isn't about talking about God, though. It's about noticing, and acknowledging, and truly seeing what is in this world that is wonder filled.

Paddy O. said...

And yes...

Happy Mother's Day!

A day to celebrate a profoundly beautiful thing.

William said...

If you can put "research headache" into a list of three beautiful things, you have truly mastered the art of positive thinking.

rhhardin said...

``Some people even think I make jokes about dogs. For God's sake anybody who looks at my drawings with enough observation should be able to see that dogs play the part of intelligence and repose...''

Thurber, cited by Vicki Hearne.

Hence, for my 3 beautiful things, always daily , dogs.

traditionalguy said...


Ignorance is Bliss said...

I see that RLC banned Maxine from his comments. Now that is a beautiful thing.

Penny said...

Ann, I am pleased you linked to Richard again because he is working HARD on his SOFT side.

Perfectionists are like that, you know? ;)

Like poker players, they love to stone face or go "all in".

Richard...I know you are out there reading this. You write beautifully. Now loosen up! Stop it with the numbers thing or you will look like all the rest of the new ballroom, one-two-three, dancers.

Having a bad day is NOT a disease. It's your friggin' RIGHT!

amba said...

THank you for the reminder to be reading him again. The concept "research headache" alone is worth the trip. Somehow he makes it as sweet as "ice-cream headache."