April 16, 2009

"William T. Georgis's panic room anticipated impending global catastrophe with a twirling disco ball..."

"... automatic weapons (reproductions, of course) and a Russ Meyer movie."


What's in your panic room?

AND: If you think you need to "'be your truest self' in bed," what's in your bedroom? Bales of hay?


Bissage said...

At the House of Bissage, the panic room and the bedroom are one and the same.

And the answer is Xanax.

Lots and lots of Xanax.

Smadraji said...

Nice Posting

Ann Althouse said...

Sometimes I just can't delete the spam.

Christy said...

And you, a law professor, unwilling to follow your own policies. Thus we know you to be a liberal.

john said...

1. Extra rolls of toilet paper.

2. Reading glasses.

3. Air spray (wife's idea.)

john said...

4. Plunger

Graham Powell said...

"...and a Russ Meyer movie." All panic rooms should be outfitted with one of these.

My panic room would contain books, more books, a few more books, a case of Dr Pepper, and a box of Nilla wafers.

kentuckyliz said...

I personally wouldn't care to try and survive when the SHTF. I am medication dependent and if distribution breaks down, I'm dead within 6 months, max (assuming I just had a refill of my 3 month prescrition). I'd probably do whatever I could to travel 800 miles to my sister's farm. She's a great, gentle spirit and a wonderful caretaker, and the person I'd want holding my hand while I die.