April 6, 2009

"Those are winter harem pants. Do you hear me? HAREM PANTS. For WINTER."

"It's ridiculous. If Jeannie dreamed of becoming a lawyer in, like, Milwaukee or something, she'd have ten pairs of those made. But you do not live in an oil lamp."
AMBER: Are they that bad?

ALEXIS: Honey, they give you Grandpa Crotch.

AMBER: ... Okay, let's get out of here.

ALEXIS: Finally.
Girlfriends don't let girlfriends wear horrible pants.


ricpic said...

The speed with which women take to dhimmitude!

EDH said...

What pray tell is "Grandpa Crotch"?

David said...

If you ever get it, you will know.

rhhardin said...

Tight fitting but no female contours, would be my guess.

David said...

The pants are terrible, it's true.

Katherine said...

YES. I love when my favorite blogs collide. SWINTON would wear winter harem pants.

commenter said...


i used the wrong comment thread:

those are not harem pants. Those are trousers with gathering at the hem.

Harem pants are loosely fitted in the crotch. Now why would westeners even assign the word harem to these pants, even the ones that are really that style and not trousers with gathered legs? I own two pairs, one in gold and one in black.

In Turkey i think they might be called salvar and are worn by men and women.

The last thing you want in the very hot climates is seams and chafing in that area. Also, fabric around sweaty parts of the body where the sweat with all its toxins will just accumulate should be aired and not aggravated.

I have seen very sexy older men in Turkey with such pants, but then maybe it was their skin, hair skin and eyes which were fooling me.

11:01 AM

and to correct myself they are called salwar:


The word comes from the Persian: شلوار, meaning pants, ultimately from Arabic sarwal : سروال , note the inversion of the letters ل and ر which has happened in the adaptation process.

They originated with steppe people turkish iranian descent who road horses.

knox said...

Amber Tamblyn almost always wears unflattering or silly stuff. She's also dating David Cross who is way old for her.

former law student said...

You mock them now, but what will you do in three years, when they're the only things available in stores?

Fashion = Tyranny

Jennifer said...

To think I thought the revival of parachute pants was bad. At least some of the silhouettes I've seen on those aren't terrible. I don't see how one updates harem pants, except for what they've tried to do here - shrink the whole thing down.

And those are harem pants. Trousers wouldn't have a crotch that low.

Jennifer said...

Now, they may not be harem pants as defined by Middle Easterners. But according to Western fashion vocabulary, those are harem pants.

commenter said...

well maybe i am mistaken, but I don't even think Paul Poiret would think so:


Though perhaps best known for freeing women from corsets and for his startling inventions including hobble skirts, "harem" pantaloons, and "lampshade" tunics, Poiret's major contribution to fashion was his development of an approach to dressmaking centered on draping, a radical departure from the tailoring and pattern-making of the past.[4] Poiret was influenced by antique and regional dress, and favored clothing cut along straight lines and constructed of rectangles.[4] The structural simplicity of his clothing represented a "pivotal moment in the emergence of modernism" generally, and "effectively established the paradigm of modern fashion, irrevocably changing the direction of costume history.[4]

class-factotum said...

I live in Milwaukee. It's not exactly a fashion mecca -- I go to the grocery store and the library in my gym clothes, but that's because I am lazy, not because I have no fashion sense.

That said, I haven't seen any professional women wearing winter harem pants. You can't tuck them into your snow boots.

joewxman said...

A zepplin in a condum!

chard said...

Researching Paul Poiret and his revelence to today's winter harem pants discussion led to my googling "men's harem shorts". Yes, they do exist.

Kirk Parker said...

harem == haram???

BJM said...

In a Marrakesh market a vendor held up a pair of sirwal as we passed:

"Monsieur, les pantalons climatiques!" then in English: "Very good for the sex!!"

commenter said...

Did you ask the vendor why they were good for sex?

I challenged the vendor who told me that all american women like me have credit cards and like to buy something from his shop.

He didn't get my money or card. The other guy couldn't believe i would go on holiday and not have sex. Isn't that what holiday is for? He actually asked f I was Muslim.

it is so great to see that we westerners thrive on sex and converstions about sex, isn't it?

It's a penny for your thoughts,
It's a dollar for your kisses,
Keep a running tab on the time,

David Rodriguez/ ballad of the snow leopard

Donna B. said...

Those are gardening pants in the south. They must be tucked into garish socks that come up at least halfway to your knees.

This helps prevent chiggers from crawling up under clothing. Tight cuffs and a tucked in shirt help also.

A comfy and stylish outfit, especially when the massive sweat from 95 degree temps in 95% humidity soak through.

BJM said...

Commenter, yes, apparently airier and cooler junk = better orgasms and more male children, was the short of it.

commenter said...

easy on, easy off,

no zippers or button flies.

Jennifer said...

I could be wrong. Perhaps they are more aptly described as pretend pantaloons. The bottom line is they are ugly and unflattering. That's probably description enough.

Freeman Hunt said...

Chard is right.

This guy is excited about men's harem shorts.

George said...

what the fug!?!-

commenter said...

I am not here for judgement, just a bit of sharing and spreading what I do know that I know.

It's kinds funny that I did put up a photo of myself in harem pants about a year ago on my. Gallery.

Would you like judge mine ? I can provide a link .