April 27, 2009

"Take your hand off my hand."

"Take your hand off my hand."

Thanks to Palladian for syncing the audio and video on this clip I wanted to post yesterday — over here.

I'm will bet this is the funniest 3 minutes of comic acting that you've never seen by an actress you've never heard of or seen before:

The movie is "Husbands," and the actress — assuming the role is "The Countess" — is Dolores Delmar. This Wikipedia entry makes me suspect that "Dolores Delmar" is a pseudonym. So who is that lady, about whom Palladian wrote:
What a face that actress has, like it's made of latex, and that gaping mouth. Watch her lip movements. Very, very odd, and compelling.
Anyway, I haven't watched this movie in years, but I loved it when it came out in 1970 and enjoyed parts of it, despite the rambling length, when I watched it a couple decades later. If I was putting together a film series called "Studies of the Male Human Animal," I'd include "Husbands." (And what else?)

Look at the very cool poster:


traditionalguy said...

Their encounter reminded me of a small sea fish darting around near the bottom of a big acquarium looking for food to eat when it is suddenly pounced upon by the Bigger Fish which had been hiding disguised as a rock. The law of the jungle at work at the bottom of an ocean. Lesson to men: If you hit upon a woman with a stronger mind and a plan than your mind and plan, your life will never be the same again. But what a way to go.

rhhardin said...

Take your hand off my knee is the traditional line.

The guy is caught between first and second base.

EDH said...

She's not interested in him until he pays interest in her. Before that she seems engrossed in gambling with her fortune, which at this point in her life may be all she has left.

What this says is that a feeling of desirability is more rare and precious than any amount of money.

And when she felt that desire slipping away, she tried to buy it back with her money, her vestigial sex appeal and her willingness to do anything. Her facial expressions were old Hollywood sexy, like Ginger when she was trying to seduce Gilligan or one of the other men on Gilligan's Island, but more demented.

Then again, maybe the take away is simply that it should be illegal to take nude pictures of people over 60?

The Crack Emcee said...

I'm with EDH on this one: LOTS of good stuff in there - but where's the "comic acting", Ann? That's serious real-life stuff there.

former law student said...

IMDB spells it "Delores." She's also listed in Samuel Z. Arkoff's "The Final Programme."

SMGalbraith said...

Comedy? If so, it went right over my head.

Kind of creepy to me. Very creepy.

Male/female thing?

muddimo said...

That was totally creepy. I had to avert my eyes. If there is comedy here, I don't get it.

rhhardin said...

Cleanup in the discount pastry aisle.

Speaking of comedy.