April 21, 2009

Susan Boyle needs a makeover, not "an 'Extreme Makeover,' but rather the Tim Gunn or What Not to Wear' version."

Says Robin Givhan:
Those are the kind of transformations in which the recipients spend a little time figuring out precisely why they've been squeamish about trying to achieve their personal best. Just before her triumphant performance on "Britain's Got Talent," Boyle said she wanted to be a professional singer, but no one had ever given her the chance. It was a reasonable comment, but it also had the ring of passivity to it. What held Boyle back for so long?...

The tale of Susan Boyle will not be complete until the shy spinster blossoms. Those who have been entranced by her story so far should let Boyle's fairy godmother finish her work.
Yeah. The idea of keeping her in her original state is sentimental and selfish. Is she supposed to bolster your self esteem? One of her attributes is that she's never been kissed. (She's 47.) Should she retain her virginity along with her bushy eyebrows so that TV viewers can feel warm and squishy?


Here's an article about Stacy London of "What Not to Wear." She's Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar with degrees in 20th-century philosophy and German literature, and she's been skinny (90 pounds) and fat (180) — so presumably she's knows what she's talking about when she tells less-than-perfect women to cast aside their slovenly comfy clothes and show off their curves.
The point of the show, she says, is to help people "find perfection in their imperfection." That means helping them really see the image they're projecting to the world -- which can be painful. "You have to see it clearly," London argues, "so you know what you're working with, what to emphasize, what to camouflage." Helping makeover subjects see themselves that clearly sometimes requires tough talk. "People think we're being mean," she says. "But we're helping take down barriers."


Jennifer said...

Stacy is exactly right. Most women who have completely let themselves go have been hiding from themselves for ages. Refusing to allow pictures, barely perusing a mirror and never never being caught on video. Amazing what the harsh light of reality can do to motivate.

That said, some people really just don't care. Does Susan Boyle want a makeover? And will it do for her as much as her ugly duckling gimmick does for her?

On a separate note, how does one go 47 years without so much as a kiss? That has to be by choice.

Hoosier Daddy said...

(On a separate note, how does one go 47 years without so much as a kiss? )

You've obviously ever been to a Star Trek convention ;-)

Hoosier Daddy said...

I know there is a special level of hell being carved out for me but honestly when I first saw her was on some news program where she was being interviewed and honestly I thought it was a man in drag.

Joan said...

I'll repost a comment I posted on A List of Things Thrown Five Minutes Ago last night:

The Catholic News Service ran this story on Boyle, who is a devout Catholic.

Part of her demeanor is from the brain damage she suffered as an infant. None of what happened on BGT was a put-on.

There's a good reason Boyle is a 47-year-old virgin. I hope Boyle's brothers and sisters are looking out for her.

Finally, I love Stacy and Clinton. I noticed long ago that they criticize the clothing, not the person, that the whole point of the show is getting people to see how terrific they can look now. That said, I haven't watched in months (years?) -- there's only so many times I can sit through the same process.

Joseph said...

Phi beta kappa? Thats a random fact to include. Isn't pbk pretty meaningless? It's like the "who's who" for people with decent grades and nothing else interesting to say about themselves.

Christy said...

Amazing to me is the woman who has a makeover of sorts - a cute new hair cut to replace her former beehive, or whatever - who then says, "It isn't me." She inevitably returns to her awful old style. Self image is too powerful to be revamped in an afternoon.

Joseph, don't you think it is included because we (society we, not you or I) tend to think of fashionistas as brainless?

Bob said...

Well, Boyle made a demo tape with her own money about ten years ago, and has entered into her local talent competition for a half dozen years, losing every time. It's not as if she hasn't tried to find a way to sing professionally. You have to remember, also, that she served as her mother's caretaker for approximately the last 10 years, or so reports have it.

As for her looks: yah, she could lose some weight, reduce the size of her eyebrows, get a more flattering hair style and wear some makeup, but she's always going to be rather plain.

I think that she falls into the mass of people who are talented but lack the driving ambition to work toward success in a profession. How many of us think we can write a best-selling novel, or sing a hit song, or be a bitchin' rock guitarist? We fail because we never really try.

Jennifer said...

Joan, well that explains the - as Althouse put it - religion sized hole in the story. Thanks.

And I know what you mean. If I watch Stacy and Clinton at all these days, it's trigger happy on the skip forward button. See the hideous before...catch a few wisecracks...voila! behold the after...

Darcy said...

Yeah. She must want/need a makeover because some don't find her attractive.

Anonymous said...

I sort of think that the whole Susan Boyle thing is a gimmick- I mean, take away the ugly, and what do you have? Good singer, but not one to write home about.

If she gets rid of the whole "can you believe that this ugly woman can actually sing?" thing, she's just another face in the crowd. I don't know for sure that she's letting that face be that way on purpose, or if she's telling the truth about the never been kissed, but I'm sure she's going to hold onto those things as long as they get her the attention she needs.

Unknown said...

Hoosier Daddy said: "I know there is a special level of hell being carved out for me but honestly when I first saw her was on some news program where she was being interviewed and honestly I thought it was a man in drag"

Jay LENO must have thought the same thing===he dressed up as Susan Boyle on his show. Leno and Boyle goth have Scottish roots and Leno in drag looked remarkably like Boyle ........

J said...

"She's Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar with degrees in 20th-century philosophy and German literature"

Like Joseph, I was puzzled by the inclusion of this detail. I think Ms London is very good at what she does, so I suppose it's possible you indirectly meant to suggest that despite these credentials she's quite good at what she does.

On a semi-related note, it was a little depressing to read this morning that Miss California contestants will henceforth be subject to a political test that will likely limit the field to GLBT studies grad students. It was nice while it lasted.

Joseph said...

Christy, I'm sure that's why the pbk reference was included. I just don't see why anyone would consider it persuasive evidence of intelligence. I also don't think fashion critics tend to be dumb at all. And to the extent they are dumb it's not for lack of a grade-inflated humanities degree from a private school for rich kids (of which I have one myself). I could be wrong but I thought pbk was considered meaningless resume padding.

William said...

What is attractive about Susan Boyle is the equanamity with which she has accepted a difficult life. I suppose women like Paula Abdul and Madonna have a better sex life. Given the effort they put into it, they certainly deserve to have more and better orgasms than Susan Boyle. Still glamour is not the only metric of a successful life......Thanks to Joan for posting the news story. For all the damages and taunts she has absorbed, Susan has survived with her decency intact. That's her big achievement.....If she had a makeover, she could possibly move from homely to plain. Some soap opera star could attempt to puff his celebrity by dating her a few times. Maybe the beautiful people will adopt her as the anti-Madonna and make her their mascot. And then the moment will pass and she will go back to status quo ante. She'll have more money and memories, but the sense of balance will be gone. Some kind of fairy tale is being enacted here, but, for all anyone knows, it may be closer to Humpty Dumpty than Cinderella......My greatest hope is that at her moment of greatest triumph, she pulls off her fat suit and latex mask. Paris Hilton, at long last, reveals herself to the world. "See! See! I told you I could act and sing, suckers!" That is the only happy ending I can envision.

Anonymous said...

Let's forget about persoanlities for asecond, Ann. Isn't this blog more about you or us? so why did you have your hair redone months ago? Why do you bleach your hair? Why are you suddenly picturing yourself in colorful clothes and scarves in front of your mac instead of the black clothing you usually wear in front of the camera out in natural scenes in public.

Is it about self esteem? From your own personal view point. Do not just solicit publicity from the crowd.

If you were shabby or flabby would you exercise? Would you try at all costs, or at little costs as much as a pair of running shoes, to physically work out and keep you youthful shape after age 50? Because you are vain or because you just don't like going to the doctor or hospitals and you think exercise is healthy? What about your face? Would you do 30 minutes of facial exercise everyday to keep your contour lines to a minimum? What part of you is important to work on so as to attract a little love in this world? or do you believe their is a hand guiding us to make things possible to our next forage into the time forest.

Because face it, that's what women and men all want, and men and women are the same in that respect. Just to feel loved for their fifteen minutes or thirty depending on your need and ability.

then they need to get some sleep.

Joseph said...

J, I just dissed pbk but I'd probably still consider pbk better evidence of achievement than becoming or competing for the title of miss California. How random that we still have such a thing. And the fact that perez Hilton is one of the judges tells me all Ireally need to know. But judging contestants on their knowledge and insight on social issues if the day is pretty standard in these contests, even if it's usually pretty banal stuff so I don't see the big deal.

MadisonMan said...

I think Susan Boyle should go to LeeLee's Valise and have the proprietress dress her up proper. Well-tailored clothes are really all she needs.

KCFleming said...

She seems very sweet.

Please don't crush her.

Michael Haz said...

Interesting how women are saying that Susan Boyle needs a makeover. I thought the big seal was to not judge a woman by how she looks, or was I doodling during sensitivity class? Objectification and all that.

Michael Haz said...

/big deal, not big seal/

John Kindley said...

Note that she said she has never been kissed. She didn't say that she is a virgin.

Freeman Hunt said...

I think Susan Boyle should go to LeeLee's Valise and have the proprietress dress her up proper.Yes! She would look perfectly put together after that.

Darcy said...

*hugs Michael H and Pogo*

(and we're missing your tweets, Michael!)

Hoosier Daddy said...

(Jay LENO must have thought the same thing===he dressed up as Susan Boyle on his show. Leno and Boyle goth have Scottish roots and Leno in drag looked remarkably like Boyle ........)

I would also like to say my observation was before I knew who she was (I don't follow the celeb circuit). Knowing what I know now, I feel bad about it but it was a natural reaction; she's not easy on the eyes. That being said, I also don't go out of my way to mock those who didn't benefit from Angelena Joliesque genetics.

Bissage said...

Ms. Givhan argues that Ms. Boyle owes the public a duty to improve her appearance, against her will, to preserve “the centuries-long tradition of fairy tales.”

And, apparently, she is serious.

This is what an intelligent woman does for a living?

I’d rather put a bullet in my skull.

Jennifer said...

Are the people who are saying she could look better with a makeover objectifying her more than the people fawning over her because of her homely appearance? Seems like a wash.

Bissage said...

Maybe I was a little too tart back there.

After all, I guess Ms. Givhan works for money the same as the rest of us.

It’s just that her job is to assure advertisers that the Washington Post is soft-selling their beauty products and services.

Still, I’d rather put a bullet in my skull.

traditionalguy said...

The first impression we give new people comes from our body/face map which their mind instantly processes. The ethnic angle here is obvious. But the lesson that this Susan needs is how to undisguise her attractive traits. The shape/color of her face and hair can be redecorated and highlighted or covered up according to a good plan that differs for each person's shape and colors. Clothes around the face are like a Frame that highlights or washes out their smiling face. Too many people are merely dressed like someone else they once thought looked good, but those clothes/colors are wrong for themselves, even though they see themselves as that other person in their mind's eye. Of course we then open our mouth and change everything. But many will not listen, if we have already been judged socially unacceptable on appearance.

kjbe said...

I’ve heard that she said that the ‘never been kissed’ story was a joke.

And Pogo, thanks, I agree. That was sweet of you to say.

srfwotb said...

I honestly think she'd be happier if she found a male counterpart rather than attempting to fundamentally change her image.

I see Givhan's point, but my gut instinct has always been that Givhan is a bitch in a bitch's industry and therefore her advice should not be trusted in a case like Susan Boyle. She lacks understanding of what a devout Catholic even is.

Bissage said...

BTW, it was just this Saturday I was at a restaurant and there was this lesbian couple (pretty obvious) (nttawwt) at the next table.

One was really, really cute (imagine a slightly huskier version of Debra Winger in “Urban Cowboy”) and she kept catching me stealing glances at her. She started flirting back and I’m pretty sure she could tell I had a giant boner going on.

Anyway, the other one was hideously ugly; doughy-fat with scraggly red hair and blotchy skin that made her look like a cartoon version of a post-modern leper. Buddy Holly glasses.

So being the altruistic sort, I go over to their table. I tell the beastly one it is her duty to fulfill my Walt Disney fantasies which means she must get a make-over. Not an “'Extreme Makeover,” mind you, but rather the Tim Gunn or “What Not to Wear” version.

She was genuinely appreciative and she thanked me profusely for my unsolicited advice, which she described as both kind and sage.

She showed her appreciation by letting me have the cute one for five minutes out in the parking lot, which was more time than I needed, I’m embarrassed to say.

The moral of the story is . . . looking your best is best for all.

** smiles a trite smile **

(This comment brought to you by Revlon®.)

Smilin' Jack said...

The important lesson to learn here is that you shouldn't judge people by how they look. You should judge them by how they sound.

Anonymous said...

this is the old celebrity radio adage. Where's waldo? c'mon, wheres imus?

Cedarford said...

People speculating should read Joan's link.

Boyle was brain-damaged as an infant by lack of oxygen. She has a modest learning disability and some behavioral eccentricities. Which commonly is manifested in such people by not working on their looks and appearance. She lost in other local talent competitions because she lost focus or the words - but all the locals agree she has an absolutely amazing voice when she is "on". And they are very proud of her and that she finally had her time to really shine.

She has 8 older brothers and sisters. Is devoutly Catholic. Her mental disabilities made it hard for her to hold a job, and she spent the last 15 years helping care for her aged parents. Her mother just died 2 years ago at age 91.

The nice thing now with her fame is that she really can showcase her voice and make a lot of money for herself and perhaps her 2nd half of life (if she lives as long as her Mom) will be far more comfortable and fulfilling. Because she doesn't have to be held back by her disabled memory and emotional state - recording a few albums will set her up with wealth and if she loses words or focus, they do another take until she gets it done, commensurate with her singing talent.

Tarzan said...

The 'fairy tale' is already complete. The glorious peak was the reaction of the judges on the show, and the innocence and sincerity of Susan's reaction. You couldn't have scripted it more perfectly, although Hollywood will surely try (and fail).

If and when she goes on to further wins, success and stardom, that will all be extra. She's already won.

KCFleming said...

Very very rarely, nice guys finish first.

bearbee said...

2 makeovers suggested by a so-called makeover expert.

I could do better with my eyes close.

The Crack Emcee said...


"Very very rarely, nice guys finish first."Yea, that's because there's so many vipers laying in wait for anyone who shows signs of being nice. Look at Susan Boyle: these fools can't leave her be - Ann's already suspecting something's wrong with her success (Jennifer calls it a "ugly duckling gimmick") and now revealing a willingness to influence what we like about her:

She is what she is.

Personally, I think Susan Boyle is more beautiful than, either, Ann or Jennifer. She's a better person. She showed the shallow image-worrying fashionistas what that's really worth against their snake-eyed smiles. "Some people really just don't care." Why should they?

Developing a talent is more fulfilling than the admiration of cynics.

Jennifer said...

Bullshit, Crack Emcee. "She is what she is." Everybody is what they are. That's a meaningless slogan.

I call it an ugly duckling gimmick because if she didn't look the way she does, she would not have gotten anywhere near the attention or adoration she has received no matter how much better a person she is than anybody.

Those people fetishizing her based on her homeliness are no different than anyone who wants to whip her up and transform her into a little entertainment doll.

Don't forget, the audience that flipped out about her performance in the first place had no backstory on her. They had no idea if she was a better person. All they knew was what they saw, and they judged her on her appearance.

And, lastly, I think you misread me. "Some people really just don't care" is not a judgment.

Jennifer said...

I should clarify that from what I've read and heard, she seems like a lovely person. I don't want to take that away from her. And it's wonderful that she's achieving something she's dreamed of.

I just think the whole thing is condescending. If someone who looked like Stacy London, for example, had the exact same voice and probably even the exact same backstory, no one would be bursting into tears, videos wouldn't be going viral, etc... Why is that? I don't know. But, it feels very condescending.

Anonymous said...

I love the whole susan boyle story. people are drawn in because of the whole "cinderella" aspect of it. She has a phenomenal voice. It's always cute to see a kid sing, but what we saw on Britain's Got Talent was surprising and definitely something different. Anyway, i found this video today that shows how different news outlets are reporting the story. Definitely take a look!


Jennifer said...

It's always cute to see a kid sing?

See what I mean? She's a grown woman. Why is she being compared to a child? Condescending.

Darcy said...

Jennifer, are you really comparing people's positive reactions to Boyle's voice and refreshing, non-model superstar look to those who are disparaging her looks and calling for makeovers?

Anonymous said...

"She seems very sweet.

Please don't crush her." - Pogo

I love your comment, Pogo.

I think Susan Boyle looks fine, she looks like a nice person, I mean, in her demeanor and behaviour when she was answering Simon's question. She just seemed like a nice person, which of course, you can't really tell from a short clip, but people tend to create their own narratives out of things. It's part of what people are responding to, I think, they are creating a narrative of the underdog overcoming obstacles to win.

I don't think empathy is condescending.

I don't think empathy is condescending.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I was thinking all about british things and spelled it behaviour.

Also, sorry about the double posting of the last line.

Anonymous said...

"I just think the whole thing is condescending. If someone who looked like Stacy London, for example, had the exact same voice and probably even the exact same backstory, no one would be bursting into tears, videos wouldn't be going viral, etc... Why is that? I don't know. But, it feels very condescending."

Wow. I don't know how to respond to that. I get the point you are making, but it comes across as so cold to me.

Michael Haz said...

@Bissage - Pass me the doob, man.


How come it's women, usually multi-degreed types who are first to suggest another woman need a makeover? I thought it'd be women who'd say "she is who she is, let her be." Apparently not.

Last year, or maybe two years back, I don't remember, Paul Potts appeared on BGT. Lumpy, overweight, bad teeth, rumpled clothes, a car phone salesman. He sang Nessun Doorma and astounded the judges and audience much the way Susan Boyle did.

One didn't read or hear men calling for Potts to have a makeover, not in the least. He was who he was, and that was enough. He didn't have to look "hot", whatever that means, for his talent to earn him the respect of others.

It's telling to look at the covers of magazines. The covers of magazines aimed a women readers are graced with borderline anorexics, overly thin, scary looking. The women on the covers of male-oriented magazines have some muscles, some meat on their bones.

Trooper York said...

I want to thank Madison Man and Freeman for the kind words.

Susan Boyle is typical of a lot of woman who come into our store. In fact we had a woman who looked almost exactly like her came into the store on Sunday. She had no real concept of what would work with her shape and my wife worked with her to find three outfits that really accentuated the positives and took away the negatives as much as was humanly possible.

Everybody can always look better. You can find something that will work for you without going to extremes. Susan Boyle is basically an apple and the clothes she wore made he look like a box. A rectangle. The thing they have to do is give her a waist and put her in some a-line dresses that will flow away from her body. Plus the dress she was wearing was much too long for her. My wife put our Sunday customer in a dress with a belt strategically placed to give her a waist and with the curve of the leg slightly visible without being out of her comfort zone.

I do want to say that “What Not to Wear” has filmed in our store several times including once when the professor visited the store. Stacy and Clinton are both great people and totally different from your usual celebrity asshole types. They truly help the people they are dealing with and show them how to present themselves in a positive way without being nasty or judgmental. They are snarky on the show because that is what the producers want because they think that conflict is what sells. But you would have to go a long way to find better people.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else find it ironic the nutrionist's last name is Bacon?

Jennifer said...

Yes, Darcy, I guess I am. The overwhelming reaction is reminiscent of the way people react to someone with a handicap in a physical challenge. And it skeeves me out when the "handicap" is nothing more than homeliness and a lack of style.

Look at Brooke White (Wilson?) on American Idol last year. Devoutly religious, caretaker of small children, by all accounts a wonderful person and a nice voice but also young and beautiful - no viral videos or bouts of tears. Look at Danny Gokey. Young recent widower, nice voice and a good looking guy - people ascribe ugly motives and express annoyance when he dare mention his recently dead wife or appear to grieve.

So, yes - cold or not, it strikes me as condescending that we fawn over Susan Boyles when it seems to be simply because she happens to be unattractive.

Darcy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darcy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freeman Hunt said...

I would point out that there's nothing wrong with talking about a Susan Boyle makeover. I don't see anyone writing that she has to look "hot." As it is, she just doesn't look professional, and if she's going to try at being a professional, it would be a good idea for her to have a makeover.

There's nothing shallow about that. She's not some piece of land labeled federal wildlife preserve that no outside influence may infringe upon lest it be despoiled. She's a person. She'd probably love to know how to look her best. Most all people would. Looking professional generally brings more opportunities one's way, not just in the field of singing.

She seems very nice. I bet she'd think a nice makeover was a real treat. I hope someone provides it.

Darcy said...

Forgive me, but you don't know anyone else's motives or feelings besides your own, do you, Jennifer? So if it skeeves you out...well, I'm puzzled at that. You are judging a whole lot of people there. And just as harshly as the ones who are calling for a makeover?

(Sorry about the deletions...typos...grr)

Darcy said...

Freeman, I agree there is nothing wrong with people having a desire to help someone improve their appearance.

I think unsolicited public calls for this is rude, is all. Probably hurtful to most people reading it about themselves.

Freeman Hunt said...

I think unsolicited public calls for this is rude, is all. Probably hurtful to most people reading it about themselves.

Well, that's true. Price of fame, I guess.

Jennifer said...

No, I suppose you're right, Darcy. I can't say that I do know anyone else's motives. And, the underdog angle onparkstreet mentioned makes sense.

I'm not articulating what is bothering me very well. Freeman's line (which is awesome by the way) - She's not some piece of land labeled federal wildlife preserve that no outside influence may infringe upon lest it be despoiled. - gets very close.

Anonymous said...

"..Susan Boyles when it seems to be simply because she happens to be unattractive."

But, what if people aren't into her 'simply' because she is unattractive (I actually think she looks fine, I don't much care for contemporary standards of beauty. The young women of today look too cookie-cutter, but I'm probably just a cranky 40ish woman), but because the entire package, the voice, the looks, the demeanor, the audience reaction, all add up to that incalculable whole that moves an audience? I'm a theater-goer, are you? Sometimes it just works and it's not really logical.

We'll just have to agree to disagree about this. Where you see condescension, I see empathy. Perhaps it is a reaction to our harsh and ugly pop-culture, I don't know. I've never watched American Idol, so I don't know the people you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I would like to officially retract my cookie cutter comment - it was mean.

I guess I'm not articulating very well either. What I mean is: I like to see an occasional crooked nose, or a unique facial characteristic. All the plucked eyebrows, straightened hair, whitened teeth - it looks good, but I'm bored with it. Next thing, please, fashionistas.

Darcy said...

Actually, Jennifer, you made me think too. I'm not always so clear on my own motivations either. I'm sorry if it seemed like I was being harsh. These threads about people's appearances tend to annoy me.

KCFleming said...

Poets and Scientists Find Boxelder Bugs Useful for Both Metaphor and Experiment
Crush a boxelder bug.
After the little snap
a tiny liquid drop
the color of honey comes
out on your thumb.
The boxelder bug does not
hear this sound.
The red racing stripes on
his black back, like decorated
running shoes, finally don't
run anywhere, anymore.
You, on the other hand, had done
what your life prepared you for:
kill something useless and innocent,
and try to find some beauty in it.

Bill Holm

Jennifer said...

Darcy, I didn't think you were being harsh. I thought you were just appalled by my comments. Which, you know...whatever, fair enough.

Onparkstreet, I hear what you're saying. I guess the bottom line is...whatever the motivation, the end result is a hell of an opportunity for what seems like a sweet lady.

KCFleming said...

Susan Boyle's situation made me think of that old poem, for some reason.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure Susan Boyle is someone I'd enjoy having a cup of tea with (or a pint in a pub). She struck me as having a kind of geeky social immaturity. When Simon Cowell asked her age, she said she was 47 and then put her hand on her hip and did some kind of bump and grind move that struck me as vulgar. Also her response was slightly salacious too--"And that's just on this side."

Is it unfair to say she also came across as slightly dim-witted? On the other hand, I was impressed by her singing (though when she sang acappella in an interview at her house the following morning her voice sounded much more ordinary).

I think she's being used and she doesn't quite see it and I feel sorry for her. I hope she makes a few bucks, has a good time and gets herself kissed in the meantime.

The Crack Emcee said...

"yes - cold or not,..."That's all I'm saying: you're cold, cruel - whatever - and you don't care. I quoted a Supertramp song here ("Goodbye Stranger") not long ago to make the same point:

"Now I believe that what you say/is the undisputed truth/but I have to do things my own way/to keep me in my youth."It's immaturity that does this; that says you don't have to give a damn when you're wrong. Like onparkstreet, many people are desperate to see "an occasional crooked nose, or a unique facial characteristic. All the plucked eyebrows, straightened hair, whitened teeth - it looks good, but I'm bored with it". I'll add in all the "boys" posing as men - and urging the rest of us to go along with whatever the so-called "pretty", but (always) exceptionally silly (and mean-spirited) women want. It's embarrassing to watch a Humphrey Bogart movie, now, and then look at at the wimps we parade around as masculine today.

Really: I'd take 10 Susan Boyles for every Angelina Jolie/Madonna/Alicia Keys (I've never found any of those loons visually arresting - and I dare you to visit my blog, find their tags, and see a bit of what they've said and done - away from the cameras - and tell me they're nice or even attractive people):

The world would be a better place with a more realistic image of talent - and/or what makes someone truly beautiful. As Judge Judy says:

"Beauty fades but stupid is forever."

JAL said...

Errr, duscany -- it has been noteed above that Suan has a degree of brain damage. So yes, um, in spite of it being politically incorrect, it Is... unfair to say she also came across as slightly dim-witted?

JAL said...

Why not introduce her to Paul Potts (assuming he is single)?

And actually he did get a 'makeover' in the clothing department. He appeared in suits that fit him better. Don't know if he's had dental work since then...

I don't think they taught him hoe to apply his makeup better.

When I heard him perform on GMA (or one of those shows) he was still on leave from his cell phone job.

JAL said...

Sorry for not catching or correcting all the typos.

Need to hit the sack.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I've been thinking about it some more and I think you've got a point. Sorry, think I was a little hard on you.