April 25, 2009

"On the side streets, I come across the occasional small hut selling the basics that I knew from childhood: sorrel for soup, flowers, pickles..."

"... and sauerkraut with grated carrot. And young beet leaves for spring borstch."

Nina travels 20 hours to weekend in Warsaw — attending a wedding — and has lots of pictures and inside insights.


former law student said...

I see her dad made her Polish menudo: mmm mmm good.

LOT flies from Chicago to Poland -- I wonder how much more expensive that would be.

traditionalguy said...

Seeing living Polish men and women is the greatest miracle. The Germans and the Communist Russians both killed off immediately as many of the Polish leaders and intelligentsia as they could find 70 to 65 years ago.They worked the rest to death in war production slave labor camps. It seems that the Poles were a great inconvenience to both of the two great Personality Cult Men in power in those days.

Wince said...

Not to go all Peggy Noonan, but it does seem there is a greater ability to enjoy the simpler pleasures in the "old country".

Penny said...

Lovely story and a nice little reminder to leave cash tips for your waitstaff.