April 25, 2009

Life in southern Ohio.

The cherry trees are blooming:


The robin eggs are cracking:


And the blogger finds a place beside a window overlooking the meadow:



hdhouse said...

I just talked to my sister who lives up the road a couple of miles and she reports that life in S. Ohio is always above average. Enjoy the day.

David said...

Hey I had a table exactly like that one and painted it exactly the same color. I gave it to my daughter and it sits on their deck at their farm in Brussels, Wi.

Cedarford said...

I always loved the color of robin's eggs. It is one of those pure, uncompromising colors you find exploring nature as a child or as a still-wondrous adult. There is nothing else I've seen with the hue of a robin's egg..

When Japan was friends with us prior to WWII, they wanted to give something that spoke deep to the Nipponese spirit of Yamoto - of their art and culture. They chose the renewal of live, the Asian primavera - heralded by the cherry blossoms coming out.
Their gift endures in DC. Good thing the "freedom-lovers" did not chop the trees down in a display of stupid symbolism when we were fighting (see 'freedom fries' for another spat of stupidity).

Now we have Japanese coming here and marvelling at our tulip, orange blossom, peach blossom wonders and festivals. (A friend who has a big orange grove north of Orlando said he gets requests from Japanese tourists now and then to walk the groves. Especially when the blossoms are out and the scent literally bathes you. They never take anything - save photos - so they are generally welcome to visit, even picnic there...)

rhhardin said...

Another thing Ohio has is a clear view of the rising sun, so you get enormous dog shadows.

Backyard not yet quite ready for the first scything.

Penny said...

Meade is mowing that lawn with a mighty big tractor given the wide swath he gave those trees. He'll be exhausted by the time he gets done with the trim work.

In any case, I would much prefer being Ann who gazes out over the meadow. Meadow is such a beautiful word... as beautiful as the scene it describes.