April 12, 2009

Lent over, blogging cockroach reemerges.

With Easter greetings:
happy easter
i love easter it s so hopeful
and the food isn t bad
mom and dad here at the house
are having some friends over
for easter dinner yay crumbs
and maybe lots of other goodies if mom
is sloppy as usual i adore hollandaise sauce
one of mom s good friends who s coming
is jewish and her husband is oirish
from the old sod plus there are the
mexican chinese jewish polish couple
and remember mom is french so
welcome to cambridge
which is identity enough for all the kids
who happily say grace over dinner
and love to hunt easter eggs
while i m under the fridge waiting
for hollandaise sauce from heaven
hoping they don t decide to look
too carefully for those eggs


Beth said...

dear cockroach,

I've had to store the Easter chocolate in Tupperware. Sorry, man, but the dachschund ruined it for everyone. We noticed an empty bit of colorful foil on the couch, and a bit of that green stringy plastic that lines Easter baskets. Oh, nightmare.

Fortunately, we learned a trick way back when he grabbed and ate the string off a pork roast. For a little dog, take 1 teaspoon of Peroxide and pour it down his pointy little snout. Voila. Less than five minutes later, 1 egg, 1 chocolate bunny and something marshmallowey was returned, on the floor. No little green string so it looks like he didn't eat that, thank goodness.

Got an SMS that his cousin was found face first in the carrot cake, at another Easter feast.

cockroach, I hope you enjoy a nice little feast. Keep away from dogs; they're bad news.

Meade said...

Hi Cockroach. Beth, glad to hear your little dachsie threw it up. Peroxide did the trick for Holly too the day she snuck into the neighbor's housekeeper's van and ate twenty-four count them (24) chocolate buckeye candies. And when I say "count them," I mean I counted them. All 24 of them.

Beth said...
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Beth said...

Jeez, Meade. I looked up those candies and 24 would be about 11 ounces! Holy cow. I'm putting a bottle of Peroxide in our pet evacuation kit right now.

Happy Easter, all. Between Trooper lighting a candle for me, and the liberal, cloistered Poor Clares down the street saying a novena for us (buy a Christmas ornament, and you're on the novena list for life), we're having a blessed day in this house.

JAL said...

Oh Meade! Friends from Columbus brought us some chocolate buckeyes when they came to visit.

Yum yum yum.

But must't let Althouse have too many. Not that she's a dog, I mean. I ... oh nevermind.

Extracting foot.

Penny said...

Nice to see your face here again, blogging cockroach. Happy Easter.

Wondering...Is it appropriate to welcome a cockroach to someone else's house?

RLB_IV said...

Easter must be a great time for roaches. All that food and a messy kitchen, Nirvana. Hope you get a peep and maybe some egg splatter to munch on. Hope you like Easter ham or is it goose in your house?
All creatures great and small...enjoy

blake said...

bc is a most welcome sign of spring and renewal!

I never get the better class of insect at my house. They never blog.

They only tweet.

Trooper York said...

Hey Beth I am glad you are having a blessed Easter. That might have something to do with the fact that you were able to save your doggie.

Now that the blogging cockroach is back can Theo be far behind. I mean Lent is over and Theo can start posting again. Right Mort. Heh.

Trooper York said...

If Mort was awake he would say making her only throw up the chocolate is racist.

Beth said...

Oh yes, Trooper, that was among the blessings. The dog feels differently - he really wanted that chocolate.

Having dinner with our elderly relatives who have each survived major surgeries in the past year was another.

Beth said...

Trooper, according to my mayor, I'm living in Chocolate City. But he swears HE's not racist.

blake said...

Now, now, Beth.

There is such a thing as white chocolate after all.

Trooper York said...

You know Beth when I lit the candle for you and said a prayer everything was cool. But when I lit the candle for Rev the statue actually moved and turned away. Now it might have just been a really big truck passing by outside or maybe not. Do you think it means anything?

kentuckyliz said...

Hi cockroach...if you didn't get your Easter feast, come over to my house. I've got some cupcakes sitting out on the counter.

They are strawberry with strawberry frosting and easter themed sprinkles--pastel colored little eggs, chicks, ducks, and bunnies. Very cute, but sorta resemble Homer Simpson donuts in cupcake form.

blogging cockroach said...

hey kentuckyliz
sounds fun but i m a little suspicious
i mean i ve heard of goodies like that left out as

oh the horror

squirted with the

i word

oh the evil chemical weapons industry
but i hope you re not a person who would
do such a thing are you...
well tommy who s the boy whose computer i use
helped me open your old blogs
which haven t been updated in a year
too bad
and they re really interesting
first off i hope you re doing ok
speaking of chemical weapons ouch
and you re still rowing etc
you know sometimes i see the havahad girls
rowing up the charles but my eyes
aren't too good so they may be from
b c that s boston college not little me
maybe tufts too
but my eyes are good enough to see your
profile pic which if it s really you
all i can say is hubba hubba i ll be right over
you know that one of the reasons i m a cockroach this time around is that
i was a real lech in my last life for which i am
paying the price so maybe i shouldn t think
those thoughts when i see the babe in the pic
and i ll be reincarnated as a cow next time.