April 3, 2009

It's too early for any color on the redbuds of Madison, Wisconsin.




Ernesto Ariel Suárez said...

Ours might have died during these last two nights' frosts.

Unknown said...

I have the perfect picture to share(later).

I'm Full of Soup said...

Looks like Meade will be doing some housepainting in Madison.

Bissage said...

It's too early for any color on the redbuds of Madison, Wisconsin.

Similarly, it’s too early in USDA zone 6b, although the forsythia and saucer magnolia have started and the daffodils are in full swing.

I recall well that Meade was especially fond of your redbuds.

Good for him.

Ann Althouse said...

AJ, reread the clues.

kjbe said...

...but not too early for Ohio.

David said...

Althouse is back in O-hi-o.

MadisonMan said...

Good luck finding the train station and the downtown.

MadisonMan said...

(In case that was too obscure)

rhhardin said...

I've done the every-other-weekend long distance travel thing; I always looked forward to it.

It was back when air travel was civilized.

I'd buy interlocking (reversed) 2-week-stay fare tickets, to produce an affordable pair of weekend round-trips every other weekend, which went on several years.

I'm Full of Soup said...

Come on Althouse. By now, you must know I mostly do drive-by commenting. I hardly ever read the post topic. Heh.

Bissage said...

[phone rings]


BISSAGE: Pookums . . . I find myself deeply suspicious. You’re up to something. I can tell.

MRS. BISSAGE: I just got done vacuuming.

BISSAGE: I thought you might say something like that which is why I had the hidden cameras installed. No, seriously, is there any color on the redbuds?

MRS. BISSAGE: It’s too early.

BISSAGE: Yeah, I know. But could you take a look? I know it sounds weird.

MRS. BISSAGE: It’s thunder storming out.

BISSAGE: Can you see with the binoculars?

MRS. BISSAGE: Hold on.

BISSAGE: Try to understand I’m going nowhere.

MRS. BISSAGE: I get it. Chris Issak. Hold on. No color.

BISSAGE: Nothing? No bud break at all?


BISSAGE: No color at all?

MRS. BISSAGE: None. But there are really weird things on the sweet gum.

BISSAGE: Gumballs on the hoof, so to speak.

MRS. BISSAGE. Anything else?

BISSAGE: No, except I love you madly, passionately, daringly.

MRS. BISSAGE: Does this have something to do with that alehouse blog thing?

BISSAGE: Yeah, sort of. It’s complicated.

MRS. BISSAGE: You should spend more time making money so I can drive a Mercedes.

BISSAGE: I gotta go. I’ll be home usual time.

MRS. BISSAGE: You’re a worthless piece of shit and I’m sorry I ever married you and I hope you burn in hell.

BISSAGE: Gotta go.

MRS. BISSAGE: Love you.

[hangs up phone]

Bissage said...

P.S. Some of that might have been fictitious.

MadisonMan said...

And the snow that's gonna fall this weekend won't help speed redbudding along.

traditionalguy said...

Fresh flowers are the best part of a home. Have fun this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I don't want to use my bewitched powers too much.

but Ann posts too much blatant sex, gender, and celebrity stuff to see through the obvious here of what her psyche is thinking in freundian terms.

First the magenta and blond orchid. Superimpose that.

Now the magenta lined Y. And what is that metal taste.

I'd say she is doing advertising for French Lick, Indiana where the red buds are in bloom but the state route is too off of what she posted here.


daryll should have never gone into advertising,

Samantha Stevens

Richard Dolan said...

Ann is once again highlighting a downside of life in flyover country. It's always too early for everything, and the right time never arrives. Back to Brooklyn is the only solution. No problem with redbuds here, and the magnolias at the BBG are magnificent.

rhhardin said...

Tiffany Eckhardt, her first album Girl Guitar in 1996, Boyfriend.

Recorded in a laundromat for the acoustics.

She's the poet on the matter at hand.

rhhardin said...

The Tiffany Eckhardt love cycle, over albums from boyfriend to marriage to child.

Boyfriend 1996
Talk About Love 1997 (a barcarolle, musically speaking)
Love 1997 (great line, ``You will be my only one and I will be your queen'')
Think About You 1999
He's Coming Home 2003
Love You So 2003 (to infant)

She's the best lyricist I know of on the matter.