April 22, 2009

"Is there any thought that doesn’t need to be published?"/"The one I’m thinking right now."

Maureen Dowd interviews the Twitter founders, Biz Stone and Evan Williams.
ME: I heard about a woman who tweeted her father’s funeral. Whatever happened to private pain?

EVAN: I have private pain every day.
And he's thinking what a private pain Dowd is and not publishing that thought.
ME: If you were out with a girl and she started twittering about it in the middle, would that be a deal-breaker or a turn-on?

BIZ (dryly): In the middle of what?

ME: Do you ever think “I don’t care that my friend is having a hamburger?”

BIZ: If I said I was eating a hamburger, Evan would be surprised because I’m a vegan.
See how good he is at keeping it short?


AllenS said...

It's best to keep responses short and stweet.

Mr. Forward said...

Twitter Tycoon Twits Times Twat.

Michael Haz said...


MadisonMan said...

The most interesting thing in that article is the information on how twitter was chosen as a name. I have to say that it beats jitter.

Jennifer said...

ME: I would rather be tied up to stakes in the Kalahari Desert, have honey poured over me and red ants eat out my eyes than open a Twitter account. Is there anything you can say to change my mind?

BIZ: Well, when you do find yourself in that position, you’re gonna want Twitter. You might want to type out the message “Help.”

Lol. Great interviewee.

If one does like Twitter, I highly recommend following Bizarrobama. With tweets like Yesterday I told Pelosi that 'Indecent Proposal' was my favorite movie. Today there was a red rose & a million dollar check on my desk. OMG.


Finally got registered on Friendster! Where is everybody? Rahm? Nancy? My only friend is a teenage Malaysian girl named Boosbong Hountrocle.

The dude cracks me up.

TJ said...

Mr. Forward, FTW.

Thx for the tip, Jennifer. "O. My. G. Biden stumbled in this morning, whispered 'I've seen horrible things' and threw up a starfish, a AA battery and a Monchichi."

Most definitely FOLLOW.

TJ said...

OK. One more. Too funny:

"Sneaked a look at Scalia's iPod playlist when he wasn't looking. O my G you guys, It's just Meredith Brook's 'I'm a Bitch' on full repeat!"

TosaGuy said...

Hilarious video on Twitter and shameless blog plug.

halojones-fan said...

This article is great. It's like an Abbot and Costello routine. I can't believe that Dowd never caught on.