April 12, 2009

Easter sunrise — Ohio.



Lem said...

I hate to be first.. since I have nothing to say.

zedzded said...

Well there you go.

chickenlittle said...

Happy Easter Lem, Althouse, and anybody else who wanders by!

Lem said...

Well thanks.

I'm in the east coast, just so you know ;)

traditionalguy said...


rhhardin said...

I used to fly back from Miami weekends on Monday morning and still make it to work, so Sunday was still a good day with the girlfriend.

Bissage said...

That looks like a challenging course for even the most accomplished of Easter egg hunters.

AllenS said...

Happy Easter to everyone! I'm going to guess that you flew to Cincinnati this time.

Lem said...

Obama has not chosen a church.

It kind of like the way he conducts foreign policy.

He is the undecider.

peter hoh said...

Happy Easter!

joewxman said...

Happy Easter! No politics today for me..just church, good food, family and a fine cigar to break the lenten fast!

rhhardin said...

First chipping sparrow, real audio from the backyard bird mic, not ten minutes old.

Cardinal, Chipping Sparrow, Mourning Dove, House Sparrow, in order of entry, 15 seconds long.

rhhardin said...

Chipping Sparrow Chick 2007.

With curious Doberman.

Doberman following onto lawn.

vet66 said...

A time of renewal and hope. A great day and a Happy Easter in the full religious sense to our friends and co-posters on this site.

rhhardin said...

Easter frisbee chased.

JAL said...

Hope this day of true Hope is blessed for all.

Lovely sunrise.

JAL said...

rh -- thanks for the chipping sparrow!

We just recently identified them at our feeder. Now I know what to listen for.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Terrible pun; next, make bread and post some pictures of that.

AlphaLiberal said...

Saw the same type of sunrise in Madison.

Happy Easter.

rhhardin said...

@JAL I don't do any birds by eye, only ear. What a waste of time to look for them! Then they don't match the bird book anyway.

Peterson Backyard Bird Songs is a good starter. Then either their Birding by Ear (if you want the narrator) or Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs (if not), each 3CDs.

May is coming up and you get the warblers, which is the most frustrating and confusing time of year for singing.

save_the_rustbelt said...

My favorite nurse is working today so I'm left with the blog family.

Resurrection is a timely thought these days, we have so much secular and religious to be resurrecting.

We did a quick drive through Columbus, did I mention my grandsons are adorable?

Peace to everyone.

Defenseman Emeritus said...

Anyone notice that Google, which changes its logo for the day for Kwanzaa, Earth Day, etc. couldn't be bothered to do a special logo for Easter? I guess those nasty Xtians don't rate a special logo.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Happy Easter to all.

Beautiful sunrise in northern Wisconsin this morning. Our lake is still mostly frozen, but with temps in the high 50s today the ice won't be around much longer.

Yesterday we followed the steam plume to a maple syrup shack deep in the wooded countryside and bought a quart of still-hot amber syrup, fresh out of the boiler.

I thought that the syrup would be wonderful poured over this morning's waffles, but couldn't wait. I had some over vanilla ice cream last night.


ricpic said...

The trees are the great chorus that attends and accompanies and prays
To and with and for the resurrection of the ever returning day.

blogging cockroach said...

happy easter
i love easter it s so hopeful
and the food isn t bad
mom and dad here at the house
are having some friends over
for easter dinner yay crumbs
and maybe lots of other goodies if mom
is sloppy as usual i adore hollandaise sauce
one of mom s good friends who s coming
is jewish and her husband is oirish
from the old sod plus there are the
mexican chinese jewish polish couple
and remember mom is french so
welcome to cambridge
which is identity enough for all the kids
who happily say grace over dinner
and love to hunt easter eggs
while i m under the fridge waiting
for hollandaise sauce from heaven
hoping they don t decide to look
too carefully for those eggs

Maxine Weiss said...

If she changes her look, lets her hair grow, and starts wearing skirts and hose.....I might get on board with this relationship. But that's the only way.

Visually, through their fashions....him in top hats, and her in hosiery... this could be something.

It would require her to ditch her tank tops for T-shirts with sleaves (always sleeves), and silk blouses. She'd have to branch out and wear less black (navy or dark purple). She'd have to let her hair grow to her shoulders and beyond, and then curl the ends (slightly).

Althouse doesn't seem like she's willing to take the necessary steps---cultivating a more romantic look fashionwise...that reflects a woman in love. I'm not getting the feeling she's willing to alter her look, even slightly, for this new relationship, but if she did....the public might view this relationship in a more positive light.

ricpic said...

It is no longer de rigeur, Maxine, to wed in a dress topped with a halter.
Watch and learn as Althouse ruches past you on the way to the altar.

ricpic said...

I wish the goyim would get with it and start serving rugelach for Easter.

JAL said...

I can't decide if rh is lazy or smart.

I mean -- how lazy can you get, just listening to birds instead of getting up and looking out the window at them?

I mean, birds are kind of nice to look at.

Although it's true, they rarely look like the ones in the book. Those always look a little anemic to me. And MY birds always have some distinctive feature they seem to ignore. (I remember when the school had these Audobon pictures -- they were all drawings. I must be old.)

But then I think -- hey -- tape the birds, listen to the CDs, voila! with my eyes closed I can identify the call of the wild.