March 20, 2009

Sony World Photography Awards.

Professional finalists.

I love this one of an Olympic diver.


traditionalguy said...

That picture is amazing and looks like a sculpture of the perfect male form. The Creator is an artist, and His man lives and breathes. It is sad that this work of art could once have been classified as a worthless foetus deserving of no protection.

commenter said...


Imagine if his mother had not had sex that month and waited for a year or two and had a different egg? Maybe ended up only a second class university diver and then i would be watching him live all summer from my spot in the pool instead of a photograph at an elite venue.

john said...

commenter - and there is always that pesky butterfly in Brazil, changing the weather, and history, as we speak. Imagine his mother's parents never meeting or marrying because the weather that day (caused by the butterfly) made her change her mind about going to the picnic.

We only get the life wer'e living.

I initially thought one of the photos was of dead bodies and furniture in the ocean from the 2006 Indian Ocean tsunami.

commenter said...

Really if i hear that

if his mom had an abortion thing once more

gads. it's old it doesn't add anything. She didn't have one. He got photographed.

Imagine that she had four kids already and decided to have another and it took away from his funds to send him to diving school. OR the mother had a nervous breakdown from having so many kids and no support and he didn't get the care he should have. Heck imagine I only had my first child and not had sex anymore. I could have sent him to Harvard instead of some state university. He could have been a contender. But i did have sex. lots and lots more of it, and i had another child with the use of a 98% contraceptive method on the ninth day of my cycle. and another without even trying to avoid pregnancy. Heck, I am nearly 50 and still ovulating, considering i had three geniuses, why shouldn't I have another. What if I am holding a golden egg still in my nest at this age. Who am i withoholding from the world?

there are so many ifs with childbirth, adoption, abortion.

Please, I believe there are too many abortions in America for the wrong reason, but don't use that phrase.

Henry Buck said...

Rosie the Robot would approve.

commenter said...

now think,

not having an abortion, better advice would be not having sex if you don't want a child.

then people would not have been born either.

course, I'm not married anymore, I know I am the type of person who is very sensitive and hurt by flippant excessive sex like Titus explains. I practice abstinence for that reason because i need love. But i have been judged for being silly about that at my age (damn, and even a few comments that it's a waste of a good body)

Now if someone would preach to me that I am in hell because i don't know about love and people and abortion, well

take those views and give them to titus to spread on his shit he loves to spread. It make a good orgy for this blog.

Hazy Dave said...

Perfect male form? Nah. Looks more like the Special Olympics or something.

Bissage said...

Put that Olympic diver in a space suit and you’ve got yourself Dr. Francis Poole.

And remember folks . . . in space, no one can hear you splash.

BJM said...

Gees, could the Telegraph's interface be any clunkier?

A very depressing set of photos, not an art photo among them.

Jeremy said...

I liked #13 - the sculpters.

ElcubanitoKC said...

"Holy Mao's" procession is scary and ironic at the same time.

Tim P said...

Is it me, or is that diver Pee Wee Herman's twin?