March 19, 2009

"'Project Runway' finalist Kenley Collins was arrested today after assaulting her fiance with their cat."

Authorities say.


traditionalguy said...

They need a large dog. Regular Cats are too easily thrown. A dog is also able to resist the abuse. Now if this was a Siamese cat, then it will be a felony. Life in the big city.

AllenS said...

The boy friend needs to get a horse named "Bitey." So he can defend himself.

traditionalguy said...

This poor fiancee is in a pussy whipped relationship. He needs to get a dog to guard him from the attack of her pussy, or he needs to find himself another kennel.

Invisible Man said...

Jail time isn't enough punishment for daring to cross Tim Gunn.

John Burgess said...

I think cats should be included in the list of exclusions to Heller.

Hector Owen said...

She abruptly realized that if they went through with the wedding, her name would be "Kenley Penley," and it was too much to bear.

jayne_cobb said...

What surprises me is that it took 3 comments before someone made a joke about being pussy whipped.

Clyde said...

"What the hell's happening? Jesus Christ! Ain't there nothin' sacred no more?"

Oops, my bad, wrong x-rated David Allan Coe song. Let's try this one instead:

Pussy whipped again
A fine mess I found myself in
Tryin' to be her buddy
Trying to make a woman my friend...
Pussy whipped again
blame it on the whiskey and gin
Oh Lord, I'm pussy whipped again.

I took my male ego
And placed it under lock and key
I swore no goddamn woman
Would ever make a fool of me.

Then I met this barmaid
And my whole damn world caved in
Heaven knows when she sucked my toes
I was pussy whipped again


I knew my chauvinistic ways
Would someday make her change her mind
And sure enough she left me
And just in the nick of time

Her girlfriend took me around the world
To places that I've never been
She called my bluff
And sure enough
I was pussy whipped again

Chorus x2

Revenant said...

'Project Runway' finalist Kenley Collins was arrested today after assaulting her fiance with their cat.

Police were slow in responding to the cat's yowling because they initially thought it was Adam Lambert singing Ring of Fire.

Lyle said...

My neighbors were the same. The guy never raised his voice, and the girl yelled and screamed.

Consequence of feminism, natural, or a bit of both?

BJM said...

Obviously Chip and Dale would be in BIG trouble in the, ahem, Big Apple. (pertinent passage at 3:00 min)

Trooper York said...

Hey when I was single and someone threw a little pussy at me I never called the cops. What a douche.