March 30, 2009

Our bloggy President.

Barack Obama.


David said...

This of course distracts us from the his nearly complete lack of experience in jobs of accountable, measurable responsibility. All talk and no walk to date. Soon this will have to change.

BJM said...

As president, he evidently feels much more liberated to invoke other parts of his personal story when they can be used for effect.

“I have Muslim members of my family. I have lived in Muslim countries,” he told the Arab news organization Al-Arabiya in an interview.

That comment would not likely have been heard during 2008, when Obama was laboring to combat an inaccurate but widespread perception that he was himself Muslim.

Wut? Of course we wouldn't hear such a quote, it wouldn't have been reported, in fact any MSM journalist who did so would have been excoriated.

To quote Bernie Goldberg on why the media doesn't seem to grasp why their industry is failing economically; "The key word is "introspective"... They (journalists) simply don't look inward."

They simply do not see themselves as the useful idiots and/or ideological tools of a given political ideology. As Pauline Kael is rumored to have said after Nixon's 1972 landslide victory "that she "couldn't believe Nixon had won", since no one she knew had voted for him."

In spite of the 59,934,814 consumers of news who did not vote for Obama, the MSM simply can't believe everyone isn't as enchanted by the Obamas as they.