March 8, 2009

"One is not Twittering..."

The Queen.


Wince said...

Twitter is one of those things that I will arrive to late.

Like an HBO original series or a class reunion.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Rush isn't on Twitter either. Right now it's just another trendy example of instant gratification for the lost generation. And if the people at Twitter can't figure out how to make money, it will probably be remembered as another sign of the decadence of our times.

I must admit to having a fun time with it last night, tweeting the stupid things some twenty somethings were saying on my porch.

Maxine Weiss said...

I thought her Christmas message was far too sobering and serious; it totally lacked merriment.

That woman needs to learn how to be more breezy, airy and light.

Peter A. Clay said...

The Queen seems like one that is more suited for Facebook, and all the Commonwealths of the Empire can be her friends.