March 5, 2009

As long as we're talking about hair, had you noticed our Prez's hair is going gray?

I had, and the NYT has a whole article about this development.
Mr. Obama’s graying is still of the flecked variety, and appears to wax and wane depending on when he gets his hair cut, which he does about every two weeks.
The waxing and the waning of the flecks!
His barber, who goes by only one name, Zariff, takes umbrage with bloggers who alternately claim Mr. Obama, 47, is dyeing his hair gray (to appear more distinguished) or dyeing it black (to appear younger). “I can tell you that his hair is 100 percent natural,” Zariff said. “He wouldn’t get it colored.”
A barber taking umbrage — umbrage with the bloggers. Zariff the barber takes umbrage with the bloggers for writing something I was just about to write. But I will not. I choose not to provoke the umbrage-taking barber they call Zariff.
And for all of his 16 years giving Mr. Obama his “quo vadis” haircut — black parlance from the 1960s for close-cut locks — Zariff said he is not about to start ribbing Mr. Obama. “We do not tease about the gray at all,” he said.
Quo vadis... parlance... Zariff... ribbing... I love the way this article is flecked with amusing words, these words that wax and wane. And I will not tease about the gray. Nor will I tease about the ears or anything else about the head of President.

There is still nothing I see that is not perfection...


The rule of Lemnity said...

NYT’s cutting edge journalism.

AllenS said...

It's a trait that he probably inherited from his father that is at the root of the graying.

Curtiss said...

"Nor will I tease about the ears or anything else about the head of President."

So only the head is off limits?

Anonymous said...

I'd make a substantial wager that his
nicotine consumption is up.

TitusSingFromTheHighestMountain said...

Did Zarriff relocate to DC just to cut the president's hair?

MadisonMan said...

I'd noticed at the end of the campaign, that grey was noticeable in the closeups of him. Welcome to my world Obama! I have more grey than my older brother. My oldest brother has more grey than my Mom (and no, she doesn't dye). I inherited the wrong hair genes.

Wince said...

You made me erase my Jesus fish, that's why you're going to Hell!

The rule of Lemnity said...

I choose not to provoke the umbrage-taking barber they call Zariff.

Lets not split hairs... Althouse is going to let her hair down.. Not going to play the hair card.

Anonymous said...

Quo vadis, domina AA?

Anonymous said...

I love my grey hair and I am a woman.

If a guy is over forty five and doesn't have some salt sprinkled in his pepper, then shouldn't even be spicing up anyone's life.

TitusSingFromTheHighestMountain said...

If I don't shave I get some gray hairs on my chin. That looks gross.

I am thinking of Spike Lee with his gray beard hairs. It looks wrong.

It's ok if it is all gray or all not gray on the beard but if there are a few gray hairs concentrated in one area it looks weird.

I am kind of horny today.

TitusSingFromTheHighestMountain said...

Who paid for Zarriff's relo to DC and what about his housing? Is he in DC only to cut Obama's hair once every two weeks? This sounds like an abuse of the taxpayer's money.

Let's have a tea party and revolt.

Mike Ballburn said...

I'd like to see BHO with a natural.

Anonymous said...

little boy blue,

if you are horny go blow your horn. I heard sheepy people are in the meadow and the cow is in the corn.

You might consider that.

TosaGuy said...

No big deal.

I started getting gray hair when I was 30, but up until 20 Jan 2009, I had more responsibility in life than Obama.

Wince said...

I have my hair cut by a transexual named VuDu. The moniker apporoximates his Vietnamese name, not a reference to voo-doo (but I think he might enjoy the homophone -- no pun intended).

Unbeknownst to me at first, he began his transformation shortly after I started going to his new shoppe across the street from my office. As it became more obvious each time I went it was, like, what has VuDu done this time?

Now, years later, transformation complete, as far as I can tell.

He's humble and hard-working, and I think the ability to open his own shoppe gave him the confidence to do what he wanted.

I think he appreciates this country more than most.

Skyler said...

It's mighty curious that B. Hussein has a barber named Zariff. I wonder if his barber teaches at a madrassa.

J said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
J said...

He's not just going gray - he's starting to look like somebody else too:

Wince said...

Gray hair befitting, once his economic and tax policies take effect we'll be calling Obama Uncle Ream Us.

bearbee said...

Quo vadis look ok providing no laurel wreaths or sceptres.

How 'bout O with an Afro?

TitusSingFromTheHighestMountain said...

Is Michael Steele going to get his own Reality Show?

Anonymous said...


do yoou find the nursery rhyme metaphorically horny?

and would you recite it to your children?

Little Boy Blue, come blow your horn.
The sheep's in the meadow, the cow's in the corn.
Where is the boy that looks after the sheep?
"He's under the haycock, fast asleep."
Will you wake him? "No, not I;
For if I do, he'll be sure to cry."

TitusSingFromTheHighestMountain said...

Not really commenter but I thought Little Bo Beep was kind of hot. I liked her get up she wore. Also, the sheep running around her was kind of titillating.

JAL said...

Fall 2008 interview:(Zariff) already anticipates cutting Mr Obama's hair for his inauguration, and expects to make regular trips to Washington when Mr Obama is in the White House. "I'm very, very sure I will," he says. "If he's signed up for eight years I'm signed up for eight years. That's my duty...I feel very proud. I'll be the first African-American barber to serve a president."

OR BHO can fly back to Chicago every two weeks.

vnjagvet said...

Could the stimulus package possibly have a Zarriff line item?

Naaaaah. That would be sooooo wrong.

Anonymous said...


do you work in tandem with althouse?

i bet you too look sweet out on the street with a bicycle built for two.

i really don't care aboutd hot. I care about healthy eating , healthy mind, and a little bit of soul.

hotness is so over talked about, just like the gay schtick.

Anonymous said...

you know, titus,

in the summer when i am all bronze and tan (how unhealthy of me) and wearing my push up bra in my backless sundress (49 year old boobs just aren't perky-nipples are when it's cold in the pool but that is about it), I get cat calls and whistles from college guys that i am hot. Then they see my older face, and usually are surprised. Then you get the milf response.

One night i blasted into some idiots who were so stupid as to do the hot thing one time too many. I was out on the street calling them mother f-ers.

Now i have decided to go out and live all alone because I swear i could go off and hit one stupid frat boy response if it comes at an inopportune time. plus, i got one guy who masturbates to pictures of me.

all the joking in the world doesn't make that cool at all. it makes me feel very sick. Think about that with all your joking, once in a while, will ya?

The Dude said...

Obama stopped dyeing his hair. Those who say that he was not dyeing his hair are lying.

Lying dye liars.

Clinton pulled the same trick.

Nichevo said...

commenter, titus does not care how you feel - except in the sense that titus drinks your tears like wine. titus hates you and everyone on this board (no doubt including himself).

that is why titus writes hurtfully like fingernails on a blackboard. he will be delighted to drive you or anyone away from althouse. he will not stop, and althouse will not stop him; she likes it.

i can't think of how to stop him except by force. i think you had better either grit your teeth and ignore anything he says, or leave. i have chosen the former. he will statistically never say anything more interesting or wise than "loaf."

sorry i have no better advice. i hate to see a pretty lady, if i may say so, discomfited by such as he.

Anonymous said...

thak you nichevo,

honestly i do not know why i come here or even read his posts, besides the fact that they often seem to be setting right after mine. As for coming here, the following:

either AA has very good esp, or she catches the same meme that i do, or she goes to my site and mimics what I do.

Thank you for the reminder. The idea that i can stop something that creeps me out is preposterous when i have so little to control over what others do.

Well, now that spring has blown into the midwest for a couple days, I really do have better things to do than sitting around and just reading and typing. Such activity makes the mind dull if not accompanied by physical exertion, and it turns one easily into a flat-bottomed girl. Funny how bad weather, unlimited internet for a week sucked me into the drainage sewer.

Guess the next question for ann and her cronies is if I have the courage to stay or the courage to leave, both being about equal in my book.