March 28, 2009

"All hail Althouse!"

I'm #1... if you count it like this.


Kev said...

(the other kev)

(bows) Truly, we are not worthy.

David said...

Very interesting.

(Quickly--sorry, gotta go.)

Peter V. Bella said...

All bow to Althouse!!! The dominent blogstress. Or is it dominatrix blogger?

Issob Morocco said...

I didn't get it, was I supposed to actually read the link?

Jon said...

Althouse RPV= Number of the beast!

Trooper York said...

Yeah well what is your average with runners in scoring position?

Or bike riders for that matter?

David said...

Her average with runners in scoring position is 1000. Ask Meade.

ricpic said...

...cause if baby I'm the bottom your the top.

Just sayin'.

AJ Lynch said...

Big congrats are in order Althouse. Unless we are just very slow readers or are lingering over your picture. Heh.

In all seriousness, that was a very unique & clever way to analyze blog statistics.

LonewackoDotCom said...

I think another explanation is that visitors to Dr. Helen are stunned by her thinking (such as the idea of stiffing waiters to get back at BHO) and briefly enter a catatonic state before they wake up and click away. In the case of Insty, people only spend a second there because most of them immediately click one of his come-on affiliate links to Amazon. Who knew there were so many sales! Of course, that doesn't explain them all, and the idea of relying on sitemeter's data and algorithms is pretty absurd, but who cares about things like that?

P.S. If Althouse speaks to Insty maybe she can let him know that in addition to the tea party in Stamford, there was one in Buffalo. On to Nome!

srfwotb said...

You really get going when the blogger as well as the commenters are worth reading. I read Althouse and follow some of the interactions of the commenters as which leads to long visits.

I also have a tendency to leave it up in a tab in the background and come back at breaks throughout the day like when I get a new coffee and then, yes, bash away like a trained monkey.

Big Mike said...

Of course you're number one. You don't think I'd leave comments at any old site, do you?

hdhouse said...

numbers never lie. sometimes people tell fibs about numbers.

Ann, you are honest as every. Lawyers should all so aspire.

HelenParr said...

Hail Althouse
full of commenters
the word is with thee
Blessed art thou among women bloggers
And blessed is the suitor of thy womb, Meade

Holy Althouse,
Mother of John
pray for us lurkers
now and at the hour of our loaf.

HelenParr said...

(Please pray for me because I am surely spending time in Purgatory for that.)

And stop calling me Shirley.

TMink said...

I have decided that it is me. 8)

DrHelen and here are my two favorite blogs.

Trooper is number three.

Seriously, well done and congratulations again.


JAL said...

Saint Helen should get a tag.

traditionalguy said...

Shows to go you that competance is attractive. I am impressed, again.