March 26, 2009

The 3 Stooges movie will have the perfect Larry.

Sean Penn!

(Jim Carrey is Curly and Benicio Del Toro is Moe.)

IN THE COMMENTS: Balfegor said:
Why would someone even think a 3 Stooges remake would be a good idea? It would be like remaking something by Buster Keaton, or Charlie Chaplin -- the pleasure isn't in the concept or the plot or witty dialogue, it's in who's doing it, and their skill at slapstick and physical comedy, no?

Well, now, wait. What about this?

The original:


save_the_rustbelt said...

Way overdue.

(And I'm sure glad they didn't pick Owen Wilson so he could ruin this like he did I Spy and Starsky and Hutch).

Nyuk, nyuk.

Trooper York said...
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TRO said...

I wasn't aware that Moe was Puerto Rican.

Seriously, Sean Penn? Jim Carey? The Stooges are rolling in their graves.

Trooper York said...

What a travesty. A mockery. Obviously it should be Ezra Klein as Larry, Rachael Maddow as Moe and Jesse what's his name as Curly.

I mean if they are going to do an all communist three stooges.

SteveR said...

The chances that this will be better than (or even as good as) any generic Three Stooges (with Curly) seen on any Saturday afternoon (pre PC) is pretty damn small.

Penn will win an Oscar for his role as Larry and in his acceptence speech blame Bush for keeping the film from being made during his reign of oppression.

Balfegor said...

Why would someone even think a 3 stooges remake would be a good idea? It would be like remaking something by Buster Keaton, or Charlie Chaplin -- the pleasure isn't in the concept or the plot or witty dialogue, it's in who's doing it, and their skill at slapstick and physical comedy, no?

Trooper York said...

It is just another example of the leftists in Hollywood thrashing the legacy of a great american. To have that Che blowing douche bag playing an American Icon like Moe Howard is like wiping your ass with the Delcaration of Independence. What's next? Jack Black and Paris Hilton in a remake of the Quiet Man?

Rumpletweezer said...

Hold on folks. I know that Penn sounds like a poor choice, but do you remember him as Jeff Spiccoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High? He is (was?) a brilliant comic actor. He might just pull it off again. I want Sean Penn to SUCCEED!

Ron said...

Trooper, weren't they going to cast Steve-O in the Wayne role? Jack Black is a step up!

Wouldn't Biden be the perfect Curly?
"I'm tryin' to think, but nothin' happens!"

EDH said...

Unfortunately, it looks like the Farrelly brothers left out Shemp Howard, the most underappreciated Stooge.

Shemp was true Howard brother, and he deserves a place at the table.

I think there was only one Stooges scene in Hold that Lion where all three Howard brothers -- Moe, Shemp and Curly -- appeared together. (Sorry about the poor quality.)

Trooper York said...

Why don't these commie fucks make a movie about something they know about? Like the "Hugo Chavez Story" or a remake of "Mission to Moscow."

How can they desecrate the work of genius that is the Three Stooges? What’s next? Jon Stewart and Margaret Cho as Abbot and Costello?

An Edjamikated Redneck said...

First: any actor in these roles will be a poor imitation of the originals.

Second:how can they make a Stooges movie? the violence alone will make it an 'R' at least!

Third: the Stooges bits were timed over YEARS to perfection. I don't care how good of an actor you are, it will take years of practice to appear as natural as the originals.

Fourth: slapstick has been dead in Hollywood for 40 years; acting it will be one thing- but who in the Hell is going to direct?

Fifth: I'd need one before I could even attempt to watch this mess.

Smilin' Jack said...

Sean Penn is not playing Moe. That means we will get to see Sean Penn slapped, head-butted, and eye-gouged, for over an hour. How can that not be entertaining?

Trooper York said...
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Cedarford said...

Jim Carrey as Curly?

Penn is a great actor and does good "funny" - In "Fast Times" Jeff Spicoli was the next best thing to The Appearance = of Phoebe Cate's nubile breasts.

Same with Benecio. Not his tits, his acting. And he has done comedy, and even played a comic thug in a drama ("The Usual Suspects).

Jim Carrey has ruined a series of what should be good movies. "The 3 Stooges" will be an exceptionally difficult challenge, but such is his track record in recent years my bet's on him.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Hearing Moe blame Bush for something/everything will depress ticket sales.

Although casting those three doofuses as the Three Stooges does sound like a tongue-in-cheek make of a Zucker Abrams Zucker movie.

Darcy said...

Geez. Sean Penn is going to ruin this.

Peter V. Bella said...

Hey Trooper,
Do not fret. The commie fucks are already making the movie. It starts with the angel visiting a virgin, a loud mouthed, unwashed, preacher damning America and predicting the coming of the Messiah after the chickens come home to roost, a virgin birth and of course miracles, hanging with tax collectors and whores, and being followed by disciples who hang on to his every word.

It will be called the Fifth Gospel; The Story of O.

ThyCa said...

What's next? Jack Black and Paris Hilton in a remake of the Quiet Man?

Thanks a lot, Trooper. How am I going to get that image out of my brain? Gah!

I know women aren't supposed to like the Stooges, but I grew up with them and enjoyed watching them for the most part, when I wasn't wincing. The last time I seriously thought about them was about 15 years ago when Esquire ran a piece that offhandedly alleged they were all playing alcoholics. To me (as a child) it was obvious they weren't alcoholics, they were idiots -- the article sparked some intense conversations between me and my Esquire-subscribing friend.

ITA that slapstick has been dead as a genre in Hollywood for decades. The only one I can think of that was reliably funny in slapstick was Steve Martin, but his latest attempts (ghastly Pink Panther remakes) show that he's lost it.

The other thing that no one seems to be taking into account is that the Stooges' best material was always shorts -- I don't know how they can sustain a slapstick-fueled story over 90 minutes. If this is anything like any of the "re-imaginings" they've been doing lately, there will be some character-defining backstories grafted onto the three guys to flesh them out, but that goes against the whole point -- the Stooges are everyman shmoes, guys that we could both identify with (who hasn't been broke or out of a job?) while at the same time reviling (nobody is that stupid) even while we're rooting for them. I really don't want to know that they came from a broken home and never had proper shoes to wear, etc etc etc.

I don't care who is writing, directing, or starring in this thing -- I just wish they wouldn't make it because there's no way to do a remake that honors or elevates the original.

TMink said...

I think that this role and the one of the retarded father are two that Sean Penn is quite qualified to portray.


Joan said...

Shoot... forgot to logout. The above "ThyCa" post was mine. Apologies.

William said...

I have sometimes watched in slack jawed wonder the fantasies that Bob Villa played out in This Old House. How can people believe this vile, phony sentimentality? If you want to see the squalor and clumsiness in home improvement watch the Three Stooges. These supreme realists didn't pull any punches. They showed the peril and tragedy that is latent in every paint brush, step ladder, and plank. They portrayed the pathos of the common man as he struggles with the tyranny of inanimate objects....The memory of these brave men in their struggle to bring order to a savage world should be honored. I hope Sean Penn plays Larry as Lear upon the moors and does not demean the role by seeking cheap laughs. Beckett said that The Three Stooges were a source of inspiration for most of his later work.

BJM said...


Not my beloved Stooges!!

Pogo said...

Penn is to Moe as a colonoscopy is to fun.

And he won't get another Oscar going full retard again.

Ann Althouse said...

Penn is a good Larry for 2 reasons:

1. He's ugly.

2. He was funny in Fast Times.

Balfegor said...

Re: the clip from Benny & Joon--

Johnny Depp does a good job. But it's an homage, not a full length movie. And maybe it's just me (and maybe the camera angle and the lighting), but the Chaplin version still has a certain something that Depp's version lacks -- he gets his upper body and his head into the performance in a way that Depp doesn't quite manage. Around the 50 second mark in the Benny & Joon clip, for example, Depp's just waggling his hands around completely independent of his upper body. But if you look at the Chaplin clip around the 35 second mark, he's doing a similar bit of his routine, only he really gets into it, with his head and his shoulders and all. I also like the little twirl he does with the bread-foot around 20 seconds in.

If Depp really wanted to, he could probably duplicate all the little quirks Chaplin has in this performance. The question, though, is whether he can match the sense of physical creativity as Chaplin had (after all, even a modern remake probably wouldn't be limited to slavish imitation of every particular of the original model). And I don't think Depp can -- he has his own physicality, which is entertaining too, but quite different. I had a similar problem with Geoffrey Rush playing Peter Sellers in the Sellers biopic. Rush does a good, workmanlike job duplicating the quirks in Sellers' performances in movies like Dr. Strangelove or the Pink Panther series, but it never really sparkles -- Sellers' talent was too idiosyncratic, I think, for Rush to imitate. Geoffrey Rush may be a better actor than Sellers -- I'm sure he is, actually -- but he's not Sellers, and he can't really recapture the spirit of those performances. And without those performances, what's Dr. Strangelove? What's the Pink Panther? They might still be amusing, but they'd be very, very different, to the point that there's not much point in calling them "Dr. Strangelove" or "Pink Panther" anymore.

Ilona said...

Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon was an homage to Chaplin.. he was a movie buff in that movie, and imitated many a movie clip in the movie, Chaplin was just one of them. Sorry, nothing like a remake, which will suck, 'cause they are not the Stooges. Why bother?

Methadras said...

This better be good. As a Stooge aficionado, I am very depressed with this line-up of actors to portray these immortal slap-stickians.

BJM said...

Once on a flight the captain came on the PA to point out Niagara Falls on the port side of the plane.

There was a slight titter, then a from the rear "Ni...Aga..ra Falls?!" and the entire plane broke into laughter and nyuck-nyucks.

Pogo said...

The 1992 movie "Chaplin" with Robert Downey Jr. as Charlot himself was surprisingly good.

Sorry but I hate Sean Penn to pieces, and will never ever watch him in anything he does. Even his still images cause me nausea, as I recall his idiocy in New Orleans, out in a canoe saving Katrina victims.

Every thing he does now makes me picture him like that. He ain't fit to shine the Stooges' shoes.

TMink said...

Pogo, I agree. But his having to bring back the sinking boat in Nawlins is one of life's little ironies that makes me glad to be alive!

Like the snow that follows Al Gore.


Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

That's Julianne Moore, one of the world's great redheads, as the waitress.

Pogo said...

1. Quite true, Trey

2. RLC: I was wondering who she was!

Ann Althouse said...

Oh, funny! I didn't watch to the end. She looks so unglamorous, so Joan Cusack

Ann Althouse said...

Johnny Depp is so adorable.

But it's very obvious that the movie isn't properly directed. Depp isn't given a chance to show that he can really do the dance with the rolls. If he had a steady shot the included his whole face, as Chaplin gave himself in "The Gold Rush," we could have seen if he was able to get the sense that the head was attached to the "feet," which is most of the fun of it.

cribin said...

The perfect Moe Is Charley Casserly from The NFL Network, check it out,,,,, this guy is MOE.Though he is not an actor he is MOE.