February 7, 2009

The white tree.

The White Tree


Wince said...

There are white folks and then there are ignorant motherfuckers like you.

Fun with the Obama Audio Soundboard.

ricpic said...

That's the best O can do? Definitely not street cred worthy.

Bob said...

Tall ships and tall kings
Three times three,
What brought they from the foundered land
Over the flowing sea?
Seven stars and seven stones
And one white tree.
- - J.R.R. Tolkien

Bob W. said...

That is a sycamore tree, by the way, and a very nice one, too.

traditionalguy said...

It's a good thing that roots support branches and not the other way around in winter freeze times. Our economic engine needs its root back from China, India, Mexico, et al. The branches are not doing so well without the Manufacturing root planted in the USA.

Curtiss said...

The sycamore tree that causes heads to tilt.

Kylos said...

Sometimes I think you may overuse the fisheye. This is not one of those times. That is a stunning and well-composed shot.

ricpic said...

Love the mottled skin of the Sycamore. I'm not sure if the Sycamore and the London Plane Tree are the same tree or closely related. In any case, many many streets in Brooklyn and Queens are lined with London Planes. One of the things that makes me long for the city and which non-New Yorkers I'm sure never associate with the place. Lots of London Planes in Central Park, too.

George M. Spencer said...

It's a Beautiful Day for White Bird and to have another hit ofFresh Air.

Meade said...

Oh, the moonlight's fair tonight along the Wabash,
From the fields there comes the breath of newmown hay.
Through the sycamores the candle lights are gleaming,
On the banks of the Wabash, far away.

Ann Althouse said...

Holy God! What a depressing state song!

Meade said...

Yeah, well, name one time romantic love hasn't ended up being depressing. When has it ever led to happily ever after?

In Indiana? nah nah.

She should have married the poor Hoosier schlub and kept his chickens a milked his goats instead of being so durn picky.

Maybe then she wouldn't have ended up buried, you know... down by the river, stuck on the banks of the Wabash like a big bone-white Sycamore.

In song for evermore.

Ann Althouse said...

"On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Grand old badger state!
We, thy loyal sons and daughters,
Hail thee, good and great.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Champion of the right,
"Forward", our motto
God will give thee might!"

We don't have a woman dying in every verse. What is wrong with you Indiana people?

Here in Wisconsin, we're just great. We are the champions. Of the right. We're strong, loyal and good ... and badgers.

Nobody dies in our song. No graveyards. No reverting thoughts. Good lord!

Ann Althouse said...

"She should have married the poor Hoosier schlub"

This is another one of Meade's marriage proposals!

Meade said...

What if it is? I'm not saying it is but what if?

Admit it -- you would be hard pressed to turn it down.

Meade said...

And furthermore, if you want to have a state song that is essentially nothing more than a football fight song, well then, on, hail, and forward with you. Get thee to the gridiron already.

In Indiana we honor, in song and prayer, our mothers, our fields of new mown hay, our corn crops, and our murdered sweethearts. Hoosiers are whole lot more than just one-dimensional football weasels.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with that... sweetheart.

Bob said...

Florida's state song, Old Folks At Home, aka "Way Down Upon De Swanee Ribber" is in the process of being replaced on PC grounds.

By the way, Ann, have you been following the "Golliwogs" kerfuffle in UK?

Ann Althouse said...

Speaking of PC, the Ohio state song has the word "dwarf" in it.

RLB_IV said...

Even The Socialist Republic of California has death in its song...
"When the snow crowned Golden Sierras
Keep their watch o'er the valleys bloom.
It is there I would be in our land by the sea,
Ev'ry breeze bearing rich perfume,
It is here nature gives of her rarest,
It is Home Sweet Home to me.
And I know when I die I shall breathe my last sigh
For my sunny California."

John Burgess said...

ricpic: Same tree. According to Wiki, the Brits imported the American Sycamore, but call it a Plane Tree.

Althouse: Well, we know where not to come looking for a sympathetic ear! In time of need, I'd like someone based on romance, not teeth!

Unknown said...

That's a sycamore.

Ann Althouse said...

"In Indiana we honor, in song and prayer, our mothers, our fields of new mown hay, our corn crops, and our murdered sweethearts. Hoosiers are whole lot more than just one-dimensional football weasels."

Little did he know that 2 years later, he would be standing in the Wisconsin state capitol rotunda vigorously singing that song.

Ann Althouse said...

"This is another one of Meade's marriage proposals!"

Little did I know that 6 months later, I will have married him.