February 28, 2009

Something wicked....

(At the museum.)




JohnAnnArbor said...

Ghosts wear jeans?

Great White Father George said...

Macbeth Trivia:

1) What is Lady Macbeth's first name?

2) What is the name of Macbeth's dog?

Trooper York said...

Wow altering photos so we don't know who it is?

Very mysterious.

Trooper York said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trooper York said...

But I am very happy that something wicked is going on.

Trooper York said...

Oh wait a minute. I just saw the other tag. You are hanging out with Satan?

Crimso said...

"1) What is Lady Macbeth's first name?"


"2) What is the name of Macbeth's dog?"

Tarquin? And did he have ravishing strides?

I'm kidding of course. Some of you can probably figure out what part of Macbeth I once had to memorize. Nearly 30 yrs ago at that.

Greg said...

>>Oh wait a minute. I just saw the other tag. You are hanging out with Satan?<<

Possibly Miroslav Satan (sah-TAN), a professional hockey player with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Big demand for his game-worn jerseys.


Ann Althouse said...

If you click over to the largest version of photo #1, you can read the text on the wall. Satan is referred to.

David said...



I don't think so.

Ron said...

Look, my lord it comes!

So did your company bring airs from heaven or blasts from hell?

Meade said...

An alternate Althouse
altering photo posts?
Double life, alter ego
blue jeaned Satan or a friendly ghost?

Trooper York said...

I used to hate it when Tim McCarver would talk "inside baseball."

Great White Father George said...


1) Lady Macbeth's first name is Charles.

Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck,
Till thou applaud the deed.

(III, 2)

2) Spot is the name of Macbeth's dog.

Out, damned spot! out, I say!

(V, 1)

Jason (the commenter) said...

I never really liked contemporary art and I don't think it would be very good at dealing with things like good and evil.

I'm reading the museum page on the exhibit and I think the curator of the exhibit agrees with me. He had to let in "satirical" and "whimsical" works. I'm guessing "satirical" means pictures of Bush.

Penny said...

"In the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

OK then! We at least know where Shakespeare might stand on this frightful Twitter business.

Lem said...

Some Tampered Photog this way come...

Lem said...

I used to hate it when Tim McCarver would talk "inside baseball...

There is no substitute for speed ;)

Trooper York said...

Wait a minute. He's pricking your thumbs? Wow, it has been a long time.

Jason (the commenter) said...

OK then! We at least know where Shakespeare might stand on this frightful Twitter business.

But tweets are restricted to 140 characters. There's something poetic about that. I bet he wouldn't have a problem coming up with words to fit.

Of course he could just invent words and we'd have to say they were real, because Shakespeare used them.

Jason (the commenter) said...

I almost missed it. Another hand themed post! What body part will she use next? The elbow? The uvula?

hdhouse said...

What potions have I drunk of Siren tears,
Distilled from limbecks foul as hell within,
Applying fears to hopes, and hopes to fears,
Still losing when I saw myself to win!
What wretched errors hath my heart committed,
Whilst it hath thought itself so blessed never!
How have mine eyes out of their spheres been fitted,
In the distraction of this madding fever!
O benefit of ill! now I find true
That better is by evil still made better;
And ruined love, when it is built anew,
Grows fairer than at first, more strong, far greater.
So I return rebuked to my content,
And gain by ill thrice more than I have spent.

Lem said...

Something wicked ... Meade?..
This way comes... Ok then..

big deal this Meade ..
sceary me mead
this way he tweats..

How do we know
no one shall sleep
tweet nor meet
unless Lem shall
play utill when?

nobody knows...

Ron said...

I used to hate it when Tim McCarver would talk "inside baseball."

[Groucho voice+eyebrows] Oh, is that what you call it? In my day, it was known as snooker. Today, the kids call it snooker-doodling, but back then they'd Photoshop your head out of the picture for just saying it, much less doing it! But we live in a lax age, speaking of which are they doing this frequently, with the museum and the head removal, even when no one has yet blown a gasket? Oh, if only our relationships came with, instead of contingent upon, tenure! Then we'd know where we'd stand. Or swoon. Or dance the tarantella. But not after that big breakfast, I've still got gas! And if I didn't have gas, oh, no, does that mean the terrorists won? Drat, I couldn't get my bet down with Ish Kabibel the only bookie a fellow can trust!

But I digress.

Lem said...

The avatar is from time afar..

Lo and clue to behold
no one but in close
will wash that Klein nor
will hear the cries

times tweet blogg afar..

that only Althouse be known.

Curtiss said...

O well done! I commend your pains;
And every one shall share i' the gains;
And now about the blogroll sing,
Live elves and fairies in a ring
Enchanting all that you put in.

*** Music and a song and photos****


Second Commenter:
By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.


Open, locks,
Whoever knocks!

[Enter TITUS.]

How now, you secret, black, and midnight hags!
What is't you do?

A loaf without a name.

Ron said...

A loaf without a name.

I'll take "Still smells like feet" for $100 Alex!

Lem said...

A blogg for a meade.. a jeans meade for a president..

presiding judge over me
and you shall he and we
be justified
never surrenderded our
measle mead.

Insted we stear as we must

wherever Althouse shall
point us just...

Daring to ask waht we have done
to make her so endearing
to us undone.

Ron said...

Wasn't Meade in that Tyler Perry movie? Oh, Medea....close!

Great White Father George said...

What hast thou been?


A serving-man, proud in heart and mind; that curled
my hair; wore gloves in my cap; served the lust of my
mistress' heart, and did the act of darkness with her; swore
as many oaths as I spake words, and broke them in the
sweet face of heaven: one that slept in the contriving of
lust, and waked to do it: wine loved I deeply, dice dearly:
and in woman out-paramoured the Turk: false of heart,
light of ear, bloody of hand; hog in sloth, fox in stealth,
wolf in greediness, dog in madness, lion in prey. Let not
the creaking of shoes nor the rustling of silks betray thy
poor heart to woman: keep thy foot out of brothels, thy
hand out of plackets, thy pen from lenders' books, and
defy the foul fiend.

Lem said...

I don't know about You but I mean to collect some poetic credits for the professor ;)

Yes.. i will get negative credits for spelling.. bust thats about waht the banks are offering.. so where is a man to go?

You tell me..

Trooper York said...

Dude I hope there are no windmills in Wisconsin. Just sayn'

Lem said...

Dude I hope there are no windmills in Wisconsin.

Trooper marshall
w/o you,
we and our fair causin
in DR shall starve.
waiting for day
when thou shall not

trully begings
to rings as to this day
hollow as on a green beer's
holyday.. presidents day marred..

(not that there is anything wrong with taht)

Lem said...

I hang out with the Irish in one of the many Pear Rivers pubs..

and this is waht they done to me.

Gosh can these people have fun..

Lem said...

Pear River NY has as many pubs per square miles as Ireland has singers..

or so i've been told.

Let's make up our minds and not be ashame to say so!

Jason (the commenter) said...

blogger flickr tweet
blogger flickr tweet

pricked a finger
saw a singer
watch me eat

blogger flickr tweet
blogger flickr tweet

saw a picture
picked a winner
warmed my feet

blogger flickr tweet
blogger flickr tweet

ate some brains
made some claims
aint life sweet

JAL said...

Oh my.

Appears Lem might be pinting again this weekend night.

Penny said...

OK, generally NICE person here. (points at self.)

Maybe not THAT nice that I care for a gang-bang of Shakespearians.

A little Pope would goes a long way about now.

Lem said...

Gabriel Conroy: [voice over]

One by one, we're all becoming shades. Better to pass boldly into that other world, in the full glory of some passion, than fade and wither dismally with age. How long you locked away in your heart the image of your lover's eyes when he told you he did not wish to live. I've never felt that way myself towards any woman but I know that such a feeling must be love. Think of all those who ever were, back to the start of time. And. me transient as they, flickering out as well into their grey world. Like everything around me, this solid world itself which they reared and lived in, is dwindling and dissolving. Snow is falling. Falling in that lonely churchyard where Michael Furey lies buried. Falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living, and the dead.

The dead

fcai said...

Lem - try running your many comments through a spell check program - they are barely readable as is.

Jason (the commenter) said...

A little Pope would goes a long way about now.

Anybody up for writing "The Rape of the Slanket"?

Lem said...

Appears Lem might be pinting again this weekend.

A pint might not as well look of paint when dollards turn to gas
and gas back to pain when desolate
you think of the old country and the brushes that still wait.

Lem said...

Lem - try running your many comments through a spell check program - they are barely readable as is.

You dont want to read my comment.. dont do it man.. their not good for you.. test a mans testicles ;)

Penny said...

Hell no, Jason. I am still too busy holding back the Shakespearians.

Forgive me?

Lem said...

The likelihood of us ever meeting is as distant as we comunicating with a non earth entity...

In case, just in case should we be so fucking lucky should we ask for standard english or king james?

just asking..

Lem said...

The day Althouse asks for correct spelling is the day I shall gladly comply... I understand .. Althouse is a professor she probably wants her blog to have cementers as good as spellers as she..

But until she spells it out in her own constitution .. go and waht was that? pound sand? pawn sand?

something like that..

Lem said...

But I am very happy that something wicked is going on.

Yes Trooper you are correct sir.

I know ther is something going on!

Lem said...

I can see that it won't be long
You grow cold when you keep holding on
You know you've changed
And your words they lie
That's something you can't deny

I call, you're not at home
You're home, but you're not alone
If you wanna leave
Then why don't you say
Your love has gone anyway

I know there's something going on
I know there's something going on
I know it won't be long
Won't be long before you're gone
There's something going on
There's something going on

I know a good thing
Must come to an end
But it's hard to take
Loosing a friend
I know what you think
And what's in your mind
So darling, why pretend

I know there's something going on
I know there's something going on
I know it won't be long
Won't be long before you're gone
There's something going on
There's something going on

[Instrumental Interlude]

I know there's something going on
I know there's something going on
I know it won't be long
Won't be long before you're gone
There's something going on

Lem said...

That songs brings back lots of good memories ;)

Back in Mass. Lynn Mass.

Lem said...

I cant go to parties for awhile...

If and when (and i do and i must) get party invitations i have to turn them down.

there will drugs and other things going on at those parties.. i cant be in some fucking program taking my pee every week and pretending there is nothing going on...


either swim or get off the pond... or something like that.

Lem said...

Not to mention my job insurance is picking up this tab..

Drinking is not a problem with the program.. as long as as I dont fuck up. I just need not to fuck up.

Like that Sully tag .. thats all

Like in MASH "That is all" but w/o people getting killed ;)

Wait people did not get killed on MASH ... oh .. never mind.

Lem said...

I'll stop commenting if someone other than me says something ... something intersting ... somthing to pick up the tread... the tread i've been hoging ;)

Lem said...

I'm going to play some music if you dont mind..

I want a perfect soul

Lem said...

I'm the way I want to remember ;)

Doll parts..

Anonymous said...

Something wicked....this way comes.

Yes, the bodiless eyeball! Ole Stink eye. The Evil eye.

Look into my eye.....

Lem said...

Sometimes is hard..

and sometimes is not.. the story of my life ;)

Ron said...

Lem, you are in your cups this eve...not that that's bad!

Lem said...

I was looking for Roam Live with the B52's.. but "its hard" finding them in tune..

As Theo would Like ;)

Lem said...

Lem, you are in your cups this eve...not that that's bad!

In btwng the bad there are some wonderfull things happening to me Ron.

I'm very happy, despite myself.

hey Ron I saw that pic of you and Darcy ... nice going man. (btw if you want me to delete this comment - too personal I'll do it)

I respect you Rony.

Lem said...

The B52's are the band I would hire for an Althouse extravaganza..

just thinking aloud ;)

Ron said...

Lem, you at the moment are clearly living on Channel Z!

Lose the 'Rony' and we're good!

Ron said...

Sorry, busy tweeting!

Lem said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JAL said...

Lem, post the directions for Althouse's map again, will you?

You might end up meeting some of us. (Won't have to pay everyone's tab, I'm sure.)

Lem said...

Sorry i got my post wong myself..

Lem said...

Lem, post the directions for Althouse's map again, will you?


Lem said...

I wanted to post a bit of music that may not be too merry but it does touch me .. it's special to me.

sorry if its kind of sad.

Lem said...

Lose the 'Rony' and we're good!

Got it.

JAL said...

There are almost 80 pins on the map -- give or take a few - But it's pretty clear where the Prof would raise a glass or fork with the most people ...

Though I can see her heading slightly southwest, hitting NOLA, then moving across the south and heading up the interior southeast / northeast.

You didn't think we would forget the Grand Tour, did you Prof Althouse?

Penny said...

There is plenty "wicked" to go around.

It isn't me.

I just disagree with you, politely or not.

Lem said...

Another song hard to find in key live... a song for our friends TiTus Palla and Jac (i think they might be one and the same) but i dont really know that

I never thought it was so hard to sing in key... a man can tell a thousand lies and so can Maddona..

I still like song even if I cant find a decent rendition from beguening to end ;)

Live to Tell

I have a tale to tell
Sometimes it gets so hard to hide it well
I was not ready for the fall
Too blind to see the writing on the wall


A man can tell a thousand lies
Ive learned my lesson well
Hope I live to tell
The secret I have learned, till then
It will burn inside of me

I know where beauty lives
Ive seen it once, I know the warm she gives
The light that you could never see
It shines inside, you cant take that from me


2nd chorus:

The truth is never far behind
You kept it hidden well
If I live to tell
The secret I knew then
Will I ever have the chance again

If I ran away, Id never have the strength
To go very far
How would they hear the beating of my heart
Will it grow cold
The secret that I hide, will I grow old
How will they hear
When will they learn
How will they know

Lem said...

Ok there is a woman all willing and capable of singing in key.. (it's about time too)

My Man

Penny said...

I much admire gentlemen, and gentle men.

No love loss for those who are neither.

Lem said...

Vikki Carr (on of my mothers favorite) can sing in key live.. and in Spanish...

Somos Novios

Lem said...

btw.. we had an Spanish version of Abba... and they sold about as many records... in the days when the courts did not compete with artists for the limelight as fierscely as it seems to do today ;)

Eres tu

A Little Judy logic?

Lem said...

Se me frizaron las cervezas..

thats how a spaniard would say it..

A mi? se descojonaron las cervezas..

it's funny.. never mind.

Lem said...

My grandmother loved Mercedes Sosa

Gracias a la vida..

Its sad that this song has been hijacked by liberals as some kind of call to arms or wahtever.. to me it reminds me of my grandmother when i was crying missing my parents because they had to leave us behind (as i told you b4) she would sing to me Gracias a la vida until i fell asleep.

la abuelita se nos murio..

Lem said...

This is another Sosa special that if the ACLU were to undertand it it would consider it a religius song, not a protest song by any streach..
La Maza

Go figure..

Lem said...

La Maza is a plea a call to have faith in something beyon La Maza..

My father tells me that whenever someone or some popular trend was in effect the political powers would try and apropriate it, make it about them.. Sosa was so popular it was invitable that her songs would be usurped (usurpado) by the left.

I'm not sure usurpation is an english word - but if it's not it ought to be.

Lem said...


to the unitiated ;) (i say that knowing that i was once unitiated AS YOU MUST HAVE SURMIZED SINSE I HAVE NOT LIVED FOR EVER, but as you can tell i'm taking the time to tell you, that you are a good person and it not your fault that you are.. new you are new.. so there).. as I was saying ..to the unitiated i could be considered an usurper... Eastwood is right ..too much work for too little reward...

Thank God there is more to this thing than waht it appears on the surface.

Lem said...

Call me Lem the blog usurper..

Nobody else is going to know waht your talking about but I will know you for the lib bleeding comy pinco... no i was just testing you see?


Lem said...

How about a song?

Lem said...

I'm looking.. I'm looking.. you tube is as barrant as the users..not to mention the bums like Prince that think its a threat.

Lem said...

I found someone.. i'm cheking that's in key ;)

she's special i dont care if she's off key ... she might be infinatestimally off key ... still off key..

but i like her anyway..

yes its one of mothers favs.. but i'm with her i'm with her on all her musical taste.

my mother has influenced my musical taste.. there no big deal!
where was I .. right Isabel Pantoja

Lem said...

This woman was married to a famous bull fighter in Spain and she tragically saw her husband killed by the bull live in front of her and hundreds of other people.

My mother cried for her for days. A lot of people did.

Lem said...

this is Googles traslation of that song.. its not the greatest but i dont have time to fix it

Sorry if you do mourn
Sorry if you do suffer
But that is not in my hands

thats it.. google traslation sucks.. it has no flare for poetry..

Lem said...

I'm looking for Isabel Live (in key)

Lem said...

I found her live "Make me yours one more time"

I want to fight to live..
I'm tired of being sad because i'm lonely, I have no one.. I'm unhappy.

thats when i cant sing along no more because i cant hold it any more and i break down.

I've seen most of the woman in my family cry to the verse of this song. and so me compunje

Lem said...

Speaking of singing in key this woman is one (we have lots) of the mothers of all classical spanish singers..

Lola Beltran

Lem said...

I'll see you guys later. I have something to do in .. later today ;)

let me catch some zzzz.

Clyde said...

@ Greg --

It just doesn't seem right that a hockey player named Satan doesn't play for the New Jersey Devils. Now that would be a best-selling jersey!

Ron said...

Clearly the designated blogger for Lem has fallen down on the job.

Didn't we all see those horrible black and white films about drinking and blogging back in Bloggers Ed?

AllenS said...

I thought why would "Something wicked..." draw 92 comments, then at about the 7:54 mark, I figured it out.

bearbee said...

Something Wicked This Way Comes Book Ripping Scene

traditionalguy said...

The Atlanta Museum likes the King Tut artifacts exhibition so much that it come around again every 3 years. Now the Chinese emperor's Terra Cotta Army is in town. So 2300 to 3300 years ago's wicked items do this way come.

madawaskan said...


I'm racking my brain...

I don't know how to help.

Can you guys let him talk it out please?

I'm reading it and trying to follow it-and if it's ok with Ann let him have a place to try to work it out.

It's better than him driving somewhere capische?