February 20, 2009

"Meat Loaf was devastated by this defeat."



XWL said...

So how does this fit today's theme? Are you saying that the singer Meat Loaf looks like a big albino Gorilla?

Also, Mac & Cheese winning is clearly racist, cause everyone knows black people don't eat Mac & Cheese.

Trooper York said...

Thanks for the link professor. I think everyone is a little tired of monkeying around.

And Food and Trooper York just go together, like I don't know, an organ grinder and a monkey. Or an organ grinder who spanks the monkey. Or something.

Hey Macaroni and Cheese will be heavily on the menu since Lent is almost here.

Trooper York said...

And that's not funny XWL. I will have you know that Madea has emailed my her Mad Black Woman's Macaroni and Cheese recipe.

Big Mike said...

Must have been rigged!!! Everybody knows fish & chips is the best generic comfort food in the Universe. (Well, after the native fauna of the planet Koozbayme.)

If we're not generic I vote for Popeye's chicken tenders.

Big Mike said...

Sorry, I almost forgot. Make that "sea kittens" and chips.

Big Mike said...
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XWL said...

I'm just extrapolating from the experience with in my own family, cause the plural of anecdote is data.

And my white grandma always had Mac and cheese at the ready, and my black grandma, didn't, so obviously that must apply to all folks within those respective demographics.

Also, how could you not have PB&J in that poll?

Trooper York said...

I was going for hearty meals. I regret not listing chicken soup and tuna casserole but I didn't realize you could put up more than four choices.

That's why we have more choices on the cooking host you would like to stuff with your meat poll.

blake said...

Troop's site is designed to make you hungry and horny.

Curtiss said...

That's why we have more choices on the cooking host you would like to stuff with your meat poll.

Don't you mean with your meat loaf?

Anyway, I voted for Nigella.

Nigella bites, but she won't take your face off.

Ron said...

Unrestrained Orality is his theme and his glory all at once!

Trooper York said...

Hey if you are going to have a theme I like to stay away from monkeys.

Peter V. Bella said...

Since tuna casserole and fish tacos were excluded, Charlie the Tuna has committed suicide by impaling himself on a fishing hook.

He is now on the menu at the local Sushi joint.

Jason (the commenter) said...

My favorite comfort food is chickpeas in curry over spiced rice, with big gobs of yogurt on top.

Your house smells for days if you do it right.

blogging cockroach said...

nobody asked me about my fave comfort food


yes mom here at the house makes killer meatballs
but they re french yes er oui boules de picolat
o m g they re delicious
mom is three things that seem to go together
a great cook
yay sloppy i luv sloppy i ll help clean up
anyway i suppose meatballs are a subcategory
of meatloaf so count me in the losing meatloaf
team except boules de picolat are much better
cause mom can drop them behind the stove

blogging cockroach said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...
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JohnAnnArbor said...

This post has been left in place by the author.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

My favorite comfort food is creamy polenta Golden Pheasant brand with lots of Romano cheese and butter with Italian sausages in a chunky tomato, mushroom, black olives sliced onion, red pepper flake, basil, dash of red wine, sauce on the side.

Did I mention lots of butter and cheese?

Darcy said...

This post has been left in place by the author.

Clever. :)

I'm Full of Soup said...

Hard to believe only 300 people have viewed Blogging Cockoach's blogger profile.

Do you people have no curiosity??

chickelit said...

Darcy said: Clever. :)

yes but how does one get that grayed-out look in html?

Ralph L said...

Black beans and rice, with bacon and cheese on top. Easy on the wallet, too.

Darcy said...

Anything with bacon, Ralph. Sounds delish.

Darcy said...

chickenlittle(y): ;-)

Michael Haz said...

This author has been left in place by the post

Wince said...

Ain't no doubt about it, we were doubly blessed.

Anonymous said...

Macaroni and cheese and some Bumble Bee tuna in the ole microwave.

That's not comfort food that's single guy survival food.

Meatloaf on the other hand is fruit cake made with animal flesh. Grooooooooooosssssssssss.

chickelit said...

Hey, Peter V. Bella is back. Yay!

blogging cockroach said...

yes welcome back peter
luv those chicago reality checks

anyway sorry everyone
you guys are pretty clever
what you did with my goof trax
was a lot better than the goof that got xed
you know sometimes you write something
that seems funny while you re hopping around
the keyboard and then you read it and go
oh noes
that sucks
and because of my size etc i really can't edit
much or cut n paste so all i can do is can it

and thanks a j lynch
it s sad how few people care sniff
pathetic really i mean the good professor
goes out on a limb and frontpages me and
says nice things about me and even mentions
me in a vlog and only 300 people could care less
if i weren t in a pretty sad condition already
i d be devastated but it s hard to get much
lower than i am so that everything else
is looking up if you re under the fridge
i m sure other commenters are going w t f
althouse promotes this lousy insect
and althouse herself must be wondering too
but all i can say is that many artists have
not been appreciated in their own time

chickelit said...

Dust Bunny Queen,

You've been paged.

traditionalguy said...

Why not a leg of lamb roast with rosemary and garlic seasoning served with mint jelly.You would add Carbs of choice such as baked potatos or basmati rice, and add in those fresh brussel sprouts I learned about here last month. You will be comforted and your body will feel better too.

Issob Morocco said...

Trooper York, were there any votes for Kashi Good Friends?

Trooper York said...

Yes but they were beheaded due to some unfortunate marital difficulties.

Darcy said...

I had to look up Kashi Good Friends, Issob. Wouldn't that be breakfast? ;-) I don't think Trooper has done a breakfast poll yet.

blake said...

Kashi has a history here on Althouse.

Issob Morocco said...

Darcy, Kashi Good Friends delights anyone, anytime for any meal. Kind of like Breakfast for Dinner.