February 17, 2009

At The Purple Hollow Tavern.


Talk about anything you want.


chuck b. said...

When you tip the barmaid, don't leave chimp change.

Joe M. said...

So Adrestos, catching him by the knees, supplicated: ‘Take me alive, son of Atreus, and take appropriate ransom. In my rich father’s house the treasures lie piled in abundance; bronze is there, and gold, and difficultly wrought iron, and my father would make you glad with abundant repayment were he to hear that I am alive by the ships of the Achaians.’

So he spoke, and moved the spirit inside Menelaos. And now he was on the point of handing him to a henchman to lead back to the fast Achaian ships; but Agamemnon came on the run to join him and spoke his word of argument: ‘Dear brother, o Menelaos, are you concerned so tenderly with these people? Did you in your house get the best of treatment from the Trojans? No, let not one of them go free of sudden death and our hands; not the young man child that the mother carries still in her body, not even he, but let all of Ilion’s people perish, utterly blotted out and unmourned for.’

The hero spoke like this, and bent the heart of his brother since he urged justice.

Penny said...

So, um? You all trust Althouse with the cam?

OK then!


Freeman Hunt said...

I love Dr. Helen's blog, but I hate that the comments over there often seem infested with authentic misogynists.

traditionalguy said...

Looking for love in the deep purple of an amethyst forest, safe from the chaos of men's arguments. Tell me this is real to you, and I will believe you and share your peace. Life is a gift given inside of people who share themselves. Thank you, and good night.

LonewackoDotCom said...

1. It'd be great if Althouse would avoid the Ben Smith trivialities trap and, instead of discussing things like old photos of Axelrod had discussed things like the fact that he's involved with an astroturfing company, and BHO was partially an astroturfed candidate, whether by Axelrod or just a large number of independents. For instance, before the election there were very few pro-McCain or anti-BHO articles on Digg's front page, but there was an endless stream of inaccurate stories from the HuffPost and so on.

2. If anyone wants to do a public service - and get hundreds of thousands or millions of Youtube views - go ask a national politician who supports the stimulus plan this question and upload video of their response to Youtube. If someone's able to really press a national politician on that issue and get a "good" response I can almost guarantee that Drudge will link to the video. If you can't do that yourself, urge others to get involved in some way.

XWL said...

The world economy may be reeling, but doesn't mean we can't all still Woot Off!

(I'm hoping to get in for my 3 bandolier of carrots whenever those turn up)

chickelit said...

"Purple sky at night, sailor's delight,
Purple sky in morning, sailor take warning."

There is some wicked weather heading east from out here; people watch out!

I'm looking at you, Freeman Hunt.

Penny said...

Alrighty, then!

Just a few of us smack talkin' at the purple hallowed bar this time of night.

I want everyone here to know that I hold no grudges against those who go to bed early.

blake said...


That's true. Dr. Helen's comments are the male equivalent of a Women's Studies class.

XWL said...

@Blake "That's true. Dr. Helen's comments are the male equivalent of a Women's Studies class."

Isn't that one of Newton's Laws?

For every idiocy, there's an equal and opposite idiocy.

(though all idiocies don't get equal recognition as being idiotic, hence blatant misandry can be the focus of an entire department at many schools, while the misogynist have to make do with the comment sections at a few blogs, or a sizable portion of the Muslim world if they're willing to convert their faith)

blake said...

For me, XWL, I sit there reading and thinking, "Well, that's a good point you don't hear made to often." Then, "That seems a bit extreme." Then, "Holy freaking crap, did some chick Lorena Bobbit this guy?"

rhhardin said...

Favorite Colbert line of the moment, to Gloria Steinem: How do you know if a woman is a feminist or is just angry?

Meade said...

Just now remembered parent/child exchange from many many years ago:

Child: But she started it!
Parent: And someone needs to end it.
Let that someone be you.

Curtiss said...

Last night I had a moro orange for desert. It's a variety of blood orange with deep purple flesh.

It was quite nice but a little tart for tastes.

George M. Spencer said...

January 25:

Honeymoon region turned slaughterhouse, screams one headline.

Photo of a man being flogged in Swat graces front page of NY Times. Reign of terror by Taliban radio which announces which unbelievers will be executed next. Flee or die. Taliban controls the area. Tens of thousands have fled.

Tens of thousands.

"Swat, a Delaware-size chunk of territory with 1.3 million residents and a rich cultural history, is part of Pakistan proper, within reach of Peshawar, Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the capital."

Two weeks ago:

A Pakistani general confidently tells NPR his army will rout the Taliban. Major military action underway. Thousands of troops involved. Don't worry. We'll crush them, he says.


Official imposition of Islamic law is announced in Swat...front-page lead story, NY Times.

Obama sending 17,000 more troops to 'Afpak.' That's what insiders now call the warzone. It's all one thing.

The Swat region is about 100 miles from Pakistan's capital.

How long will it be before Pakistan's government falls?

Put better, how long will it be before everyone figures out that Pakistan's military and secret police rule hand-in-glove with the Taliban, just as the Sauds rule hand-in-glove with the Kingdom's religious establishment. One party gets the political power and payoffs; the other gets to oppress the people (and get payoffs).

Musharraf was double-dealing U.S.--headlines Feb. 16 from new book by NYT reporter.

It's believed, I think, that we do not know where Pakistan stores its nuclear weapons or how many it has.

Good thing that Pakistan is our ally in the war on terror.

George M. Spencer said...

There's also a strange, green, backwards-flying, poison gas comet coming next week.


Photographic images from Babak Tafreshi deep in the Alborz Mountains, the dwelling place of Peshyotan, one of the immortals, an assistant to Saoshyant, who resides in Khandez.

This is all I can say for now.

Issob Morocco said...