February 26, 2009

"As the economy takes a spanking, many women are turning to freelance fetish work to supplement their incomes."

"Many freelance dommes prefer to work a regular shift in a commercial dungeon with equipment and advertising provided by management.... [W]orking a shift at a dungeon can provide a more similar structure to regular work, which adds a level of comfort for those just doing it as a side gig."


Kev said...

(the other kev)

Sullivan not available for comment.

Donna B. said...

The worst thing about that job would be the dress code. 4" heels? I deauxn't think so!

Michael Hasenstab said...

Thank heavens that the Obama administration will make it easier for dommes to organize labor unions via card check.

I prefer my union thugs wearing heels, hose and leather. I will obey them.

chickenlittle said...

Thank heavens that the Obama administration will make it easier for dommes to organize labor unions via card check.

Which he'll then use to quell rebellions and to promote "dommestic" tranquility.

Ignorance is Bliss said...


Women turning to freelance domme - Men hardest hit

dbp said...

Moms who raised their kids in a traditional strict manner, now find that a good living can be made using many of the same skills.

John Burgess said...

And this is considered news?

Somebody's not been paying attention for quite some time... like forever.

Lem said...

Chloe says her mother "would probably cry" and be "very upset" about her fetish gigs, but I suspect some parents would be secretly proud of a daughter resourceful enough to hack the increasingly rigid class system that permeates New York life.

Emily Dickinson

"So bashful when I spied her,
So pretty, so ashmed!
So hidden in her leaflets,
Lest anybody find;

So breathless till I passed her,
So helpless when I turned
And bore her, struggling, blushing,
Her simple haunts beyond!

AJ Lynch said...

Yeah Althouse you have not given any pics of your feet in a long while. Heh.

Joe said...

How is this going to affect Titus?

Meade said...

I'll second AJ

Trooper York said...

Several of domatrix's shop in our store. They are very causal about it. They are buying clothes for their regular life not fetish gear. But generally they are very tall and busty with hour glass figures.

Michael Hasenstab said...

A roar goes up from the crowd.

Feet! Feet! Feet! Feet! Please, mistress, feet!

TitusSuperstition said...

When I was young and poor I let a guy blow me for 100.00.

Also, when I worked at a company, a couple of companies ago, the VP of the International Division was in love with me. He paid my mortgage and gave me a lot of money. He took me to Wimbleton one year. We went to fancy restaurants. He was from England. I met his entire family. But I wouldn't do him. He then told me he had cancer and was dieing and needed the money back. I thought he was lieing and never called him back. A couple of years ago I googled him and he actually died of cancer. I am going to hell.

TitusSuperstition said...

I loved his relatives. They were so fabulous. But I wasn't attracted to him. I wanted to do most of his male relatives but not him. When we stayed at hotels together I required my own room. He was an alcoholic.

His relatives had names like Jules. Isn't that hot?

Am I going to hell?

I need to go to mass and devulge my demons...before it's too late.

I told him I was never going to be with him though. But I took his money. I was 28. He was 48.

Great White Father George said...

A rather strong and somewhat emetic literary diversion, courtesy of Mr. Joyce:


(coaxingly) Come, ducky dear, I want a word with you, darling, just to
administer correction. Just a little heart to heart talk, sweety. (Bloom puts
out her timid head) There's a good girly now. (Bello grabs her hair
violently and drags her forward) I only want to correct you for your own
good on a soft safe spot. How's that tender behind? O, ever so gently, pet.
Begin to get ready.


(fainting) Don't tear my ...


(savagely) The nosering, the pliers, the bastinado, the hanging hook, the
knout I'll make you kiss while the flutes play like the Nubian slave of old.
You're in for it this time! I'll make you remember me for the balance of
your natural life. (his forehead veins swollen, his face congested) I shall sit
on your ottoman saddleback every morning after my thumping good
breakfast of Matterson's fat hamrashers and a bottle of Guinness's porter.
(he belches) And suck my thumping good Stock Exchange cigar while I
read the Licensed Victualler's Gazette. Very possibly I shall have you
slaughtered and skewered in my stables and enjoy a slice of you with crisp
crackling from the baking tin basted and baked like sucking pig with rice
and lemon or currant sauce. It will hurt you.
(He twists her arm. Bloom
squeals, turning turtle.)


Don't be cruel, nurse! Don't!


(twisting) Another!

TitusSuperstition said...

Can I just go to confession here?

Please, Althouse bless me for I have sinned.

I let a man give me money and never paid him back. And then he said he needed the money back because he was dieing. I didn't believe him and kept the money. He then did in fact die.

Wow, I feel so much better. All better. There is a burdeon lifted off my back.

How are you?

TitusSuperstition said...

Now 10 years later what I learned from that story is to never fall in love with a younger man and give him money.

So really it ended up being a very good learning experience for me.

So overall it is a win win in my book. I learned something. I now have confessed. And I won't make the same mistake myself.

Penny said...

"Am I going to hell"?

Why yes you are, Titus.

TitusSuperstition said...

Also, I really don't think he needed the money back...just because he was dieing.

He was loaded and had homes all over the world. I was like if you really need the money so badly sell the home in Casablanca. Am I right?

JohnAnnArbor said...

So, this is an industry that can take a licking and keep on whipping?

Jason (the commenter) said...

Donna B. The worst thing about that job would be the dress code. 4" heels? I deauxn't think so!

Donna, you take the shoes off once you have them blindfolded.

john said...

Titus .... not so fast:

How many weeks since your last confession?

Now -
3 Our Father's,
3 Hail Mary's
3 Glory Be's

TitusSuperstition said...

If I do the Our Fathers, Hail Mary's and Glory Bee's am I safe?

Jason (the commenter) said...

Titus, I'm sorry but that story was boring.

Let's think of a hypothetical situation: How about a boss with a wife and kid out of the country, a mistress at work, and a possible mental disorder, who hits on you? He tries following you after work in his car to find out where you live; sings show tunes to you (with the phrase "I love you" in them); lets his voice get high when you are around then makes it become more masculine when others approach. Also the mistress is in human resources every day crying her eyes out, and eventually becomes jealous and belligerent towards you. And there might have been some awkward, horribly misguided attempt at a three-way by said boss.

john said...

Yes, as long as you promise to stop, ah, shall we say .. arm wrestling your chicken?, launching the Buddha? After all..

Donna B. said...

Jason, blindfolds first would work in so many ways for me :-)

Pogo said...

"...being able to avoid actual intercourse is key to its appeal to “everyday” women who are just looking to pick up a little extra money."

I thought this was the basis for marriage.


ElcubanitoKC said...

I have a Canadian friend who has made a very good living out of it. She is flown around the US by rich men. they provide only the finest accommodations, food and transportation. All this, while working occasionally as a youth counselor, and pursuing a career in...psychology...

Anonymous said...

Tragically, I would imagine that almost all the women who go into this line of "work" are shaved. Instead of thick, rich, luxuriant bushes - there's no finer part of a woman's body - they proudly sport the hideous pedophilic Bald Eagle look :(((((


William said...

I have a woman dentist and she is kind of cute. One time I made the observation to her that our shared dental experience would have more significance and piquancy if she wore a black leather smock and spoke in a faux German accent. She paused for a second before she laughed. You could see the wheels turning around before she rejected the option. There are many reasons why an attractive woman would pursue a career in dentistry, and I think I hit on one of them.....Paying women to hurt and humiliate men is like paying birds to sing.

Brooklyn Redneck said...

Lots of women in NYC are doing some escort work part-time. Very normal girls who need some extra $$.

jeff said...

Well that explains what Michael thinks he is doing on this site. For free. And he sucks at it. Still, knowing he is writing his diatribes while garbed in dominatrix-wear......well, explains a lot.

Beau said...

How is this going to affect Titus?

Have you not been paying attention? They've already cornered the market on the loaf reading fetish market. Older barefoot woman, younger gay man into rare clumbers. The list of potential fetishes is there for the taking.

Also, I really don't think he needed the money back...just because he was dieing.

Yeah, Indian giver. Can I say that?

So overall it is a win win in my book. I learned something. I now have confessed. And I won't make the same mistake myself.

Every silver cloud has a gold lining.