February 9, 2009

"9 Sometimes when I am Stvck for a rhyme, I new-mint a Worde because I jvst want to get the Damned script ovt the fvcking doore."

Wm. Shakespeare's Five and Twenty Random Things Abovt Me.
19 I work ovt my calues thrice weekly, usvally three pyramid sets of Calf-Rises whilst holding a flagon of Meade. I knowe I should stretch afterwards, but it Bores me so I do it not.
(Via mcg.)


traditionalguy said...

This is cute, but it's not up to the Great One's wittiness level. I suspect that Christopher Marlowe really did write this one. When can we talk about the science of sex again??

kjbe said...

One of the better lists, I've had the *pleasure* to read. My own list petered out at 21.

MadisonMan said...

Myspace is so 2005.

chickelit said...

That reminds me, need to return I, Clavdivs to Netflix to get the next three episodes.

George M. Spencer said...

Saw a production of Mac, er, the Scottish play recently.

At the end of Act I, Satan ravished Lady Mac as she knelt, undulating and open-thighed, beneath a giant neon pentagram. And one of the Scottish guys was black, and everybody had guns, and there were helicopters.


Meade said...

"...whilst holding a flagon of Meade."

Whut, no tag? Where's the loue? Wench!

Tibore said...

And if casting it in 16th Century idiom doesn't demonstrate the vapidity of much of the internet (and damn near all of MySpace), then I don't know what will.

As an aside: I wonder what a similar list from Samuel Taylor Coleridge would read like... then again, given that I'd have to choose between his opium high and low phases, maybe that's not such a good thing to wonder about... :-S

Michael Haz said...

We need twenty five random things from Sir Archy.

John Burgess said...

Tibore: Your 'aside' is exactly the reason why we don't need a Coleridge page.

I am amused by Geoffrey Chaucer Hath An Extreme Blog. While it's not had anything new since last fall--political commentary, perhaps?--it's smartly done. If you don't like Middle English, though, you might not be as amused as I.

Tibore said...

" John Burgess said...
I am amused by Geoffrey Chaucer Hath An Extreme Blog."

(*Runs over to check it out*)

"Yn how manye dayes doth an Archibshop earne thyn yeerlye wage?

Fynde Ovt.

To try the Prelate paye calculator todaye.

The resultes shal astovnd thee!"

Oh, Holy Jesus, that killed me! ROTFLMAO!

I think the actual blog itself is a bit more than I can handle. I'm okay with a few posts from Sir Archy here - those I love reading - but a continuous torrent of Chaucerian-like "blogging"? That's just a taaaaad to much for me.

rhhardin said...

You can read Coleridge's lists of 25 random things a day in his Notebooks, a massive effort by Kathleen Coburn.

It seems to be mostly out of print.

Unfortunately an effort mostly written before electronic media, with heroic but alas still inadequate indexing.

rhhardin said...

Did English swap u and v? I don't happen to know.

Latin used u for both lower case u and v, and V for upper case u and v; at least the Oxford Latin Dictionary does.

Methadras said...

The only other being I know of that swaps out the U for a V is the lead singer for the death metal band Behemoth. I forget his name. I can look it up, but I'm to lazy right now. Either way, I think it looks stupid.

traditionalguy said...

Stone carvers prefer V to U. They call two U's a double U and make it W. Makes sense.