January 15, 2009

Why R. Crumb drew an album cover for Janis Joplin, but not for Mick Jagger.

"You don't want to support that guy."


save_the_rustbelt said...

I have that album, and it still rocks very seriously.

Tank said...

Gotta admit, it's tough to reconcile Althouse with Crumb. That was a seriously disturbed dude. Some great comics though, in a seriously disturbed way.


Whew. He was robbed. One of the best covers ever.

David53 said...

Obviously he was jealous and resentful of Mick's ability to get all the babes.

William said...

R. Crumb lives in the south of France and publishes his cartoons in The New Yorker. The cartoons are gentle and musing and relate the complexities of a happy marriage... The river that flows to the sea sometimes strands you on a sunny beach. If R. Crumb can find peace and balance, there is hope for us all.

Paul said...

"That was a seriously disturbed dude."

Haha...he was the SANE one in his family!

If you get the chance to see the documentary "Crumb" do so by all means. One of his nutcase brothers talks about seeing a hottie in shorts standing at the checkout in a store and being overwhelmed with the desire to run up behind her and yank her shorts down to her ankles.

So he does it.

I'd give a month's pay to have seen THAT!!

The Crack Emcee said...


What do you find disturbed about him? I kinda see him as I see myself: looking at everyone else (with their weird beliefs) and wondering "what's wrong with them?"

Crumb, to say the least, has "vision."

traditionalguy said...

If this laid back fellow Can't get no Satifaction from the Rolling Stones music, then he should stick to Newell Oler classical piano. He probably doesn't like exposed Breasts either.

TMink said...

To me, the interesting thing about R. the person is how comfortable he is with his shadow. He freely admits to turning down the Stones due to jealousy, and appreciating that the Janis cover got him laid.

It is all out there with him, and it is interesting to me that he will say and own things that the rest of us tend to clam up about and deny.


Anonymous said...

I have always believed that thwe advent of the Rolling Stones was a sign from god, a good indication of Creative Design. How can anyone profane the immortals?

Kirby Olson said...

R. Crumb beat the obesity issue, for sure. Wonder what his diet includes or whether he just forgets to eat.

He still has a waistline and he must be like 70.

He should publish a diet book.

Ann Althouse said...

He also has a huge penis.

(It's established by hearsay in the movie.)

Tank said...


I'm thinkin about Despair, and his Sewer Snoids, living in people's assholes, and his big butted women ...

Actually, reading the recent book by him (can't think of the name) I think he himself says he was seriously disturbed for months after a bad dose of LSD - of course, that's when he did some of his best work.

"Wanna see what's on TV?

why bother?"

chickelit said...

I had a dream several weeks ago with Althouse in it. She had boughten something (ebay, garage sale?) from me years ago and had written me a check, which I had never cashed. In the dream I was planning to visit Madison to see relatives and I made a point to look up Althouse to ask whether the check was still good. She agreed to meet me. When I met her, she was sitting alone at a bar. When I explained to her about the check, she listened. When I finished, she just turned and looked at me and said: "but aren't you glad you didn't cash it?" I slunk away, shriveled.

George M. Spencer said...

His illustrated "Book of Genesis" is due in late 2009.

Some of his early underground covers recently went for around $100,000 at auction.

Mr. Natural #1: $101,575.

Don't invest in stocks. Buy Crumb.

Rich B said...

You're a saucy dame, Ann.

Sewer Snoids - those fuckers make me paranoid.

Tank said...

Dis is why Ann don't

Take no Guff while she struts her stuff.

Go BoBo

Anonymous said...

R. Crumb here reminds me of the Hell's Angels biker in the Altamont concert up on stage looking over at Jagger when Mick says to the crowd something like "come on babies chill out". Hand on his hip all prissy and English.

The Hell's Angel had a look on his face like "What the fuck is with this guy."

It's not up on youtube now. At one time the whole Altamont concert was up on YT.

Wolfman Jack hated "the British Invasion" and Jack Kerouac hated the hippies. Charles Manson said he wasn't a Beatles fan he was a Sinatra fan.

Mickey Rourke doesn't hate GWB.

Anonymous said...

NPR interview - The Crumbs' Underground Comics

ricpic said...

He [Crumb] still has a waistline and he must be like 70.

He should publish a diet book.

Diet has nothing to do with it. It's called genes.

If R. Crumb can find peace and balance, there is hope for us all.

Peace and balance is going a bit far. More like acceptance that there's no way out.

PooBahSpiel said...

I wonder if he would have done the cover if they offered him more than $600.