January 1, 2009

"Typical Althouse blog thread."

As conceived by Michael H.

Funny, but I'm sure funnier ones could be written.


Michael_H said...

Thanks, Ann!

First commenter tag of 2009. I'm flattered.

chickenlittle said...

Well, it was typical, wasn't it?

Eli Blake said...

Reminds me of the chatter that goes on after 'lights out' at Webelos camp.

So I guess what you're really saying that we are about as mature as junior boy scouts.

Ralph said...

I was a Webelos, I don't remember camping out.

At the time, I was afraid of taking a dump in the woods.

Fuck off, you liberal wankers!

Three comments in one.

chickenlittle said...

@Eli Blake those predictions you posted were pretty hilarious. There's hope for you yet.

Happy New Year!