January 2, 2009

"My Day, Yesterday," a Flickr project.

Here's Delphine Gimbert's entry, a long photograph of her day, beautifully shot, but without embellishments:

And here's the "My Day, Yesterday" pool. And here's the Metafilter post that led me there.


Wince said...

Egad, don't give Titus any ideas!

blake said...

I've seen movies shot less interestingly.

Moose said...

Visual twitter? About as interesting?

bearbee said...

She needs to learn how to properly handle a cat.

And then she needs to learn to wash her hands before handling food.

Justin said...

And not a single restroom break!

George M. Spencer said...

As usual, at five o'clock that morning reveille was sounded by the blows of a hammer on a length of rail, stately: I just had to look, having read the book, yes.

rhhardin said...

You can't set up those shots without interfering with the day you're shooting.

It's not like always carrying a camera and taking snapshots of this or that thing that captures the ordinariness of the day, when one comes up.

Friendly lady working at Kroger: Is that a camera?

Me: Yep.

FL: Take a picture of me. (poses)

Me: (takes picture).

FL: Let me see.

FL: Oh! Don't put that on the internet.

Me: Okay.