January 27, 2009

In India, protesting, "Slumdog Millionaire."

Offense is taken at the title:
Several hundred people rampaged through the cinema in Patna, capital of the eastern state of Bihar, on Monday and tore down posters advertising the film. They said the title was humiliating and vowed to continue their protests until it was changed....

"Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights," said [Tateshwar] Vishwakarma, who works for a group promoting the rights of slum dwellers. We will burn Danny Boyle [the film's British director] effigies in 56 slums here."...

Simon Beaufoy, the screenwriter, said last week: "I just made up the word. I liked the idea. I didn't mean to offend anyone."


Doyle said...

I'd say they have a legitimate beef.

Plus, the movie was awful.

Maguro said...

I'd say they have a legitimate beef.

Better not say beef. Don't you know that cows are sacred over there? Someone might get offended, you know.

TMink said...

You made a joke! Or at least your unconscious did, and it was a good'un.

But I digress. "Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights"

I had read similar poppycock linked from InstaP. Does anyone know the difference between an insult and a human rights violation anymore?

Trooper and I traded insults in our first encounter, remember Troop? When we each saw that the other could dish and take a few insults without having a hissy fit we instantly started liking each other.

Well, I think quite kindly of him and I think he returns the sentiments, it is not like we are having a bromance or anything.

But again, I digress.

But an insult is just hot air vibrating vocal chords, and fools would promote the humidity and vibrations produced by racist fools to illegal acts. More the fools they.

Trey - whose post reads strangely like a chaste Titus wrote it

Original George said...

Gross: $56,923,000

1,411 screens, 76 days in release.

And that's just in Nebraska.

blake said...

Trey-- Troop's fine as long as you don't start getting a broner.

TMink said...

Broner! That is great!


BJM said...

So that's a thumbs down in Patna.

EDH said...

I took the "slumdog" to be the ghetto slang, like the judge Randy Jackson uses on American Idol.

I don't watch Idol regularly, but he calls everyone dog, doesn't he?

Dog this, dog that.

azali said...

I agreed with you.

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Michael said...

Got anything a tad more current?

Mumbai slum residents object to 'Slumdog's' name

By ERIKA KINETZ – 5 days ago

MUMBAI, India (AP) — Several dozen Mumbai slum residents protested the award-winning film "Slumdog Millionaire" on Thursday, calling the film's title insulting.

Kev said...

You made a joke! Or at least your unconscious did, and it was a good'un

Speaking of that, I'm always amazed at the ways McDonald's caters to local tastes. In India, they have the Maharaja Mac: Two all-mutton patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. (Also available in chicken.)

I swear I am not making this up.

JohnAnnArbor said...

I'd try the mutton burger.

holdfast said...

But I digress. "Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights"

Comparing these degenerate rioters to my well behaved pooches is a violation of canine rights

Maxine Weiss said...

"Business Casual" usually means no jeans or sneakers, and it's basically business suits and business separates, without the tie for the guys. No 'dress' shorts either.

What are 'dress' shorts ?

The guys must have a shirt with a collar, and the gals must at least wear, if not a suit, then a good blouse and skirt, or quality slacks.

That's business-casual.

No bare-midriffs, parachute pants, "skorts", hip-huggers, or hot pants, either.

"Dressy-casual" is an altogether different category having to do with an evening out.

Michael said...

Doyle said..."Plus, the movie was awful."

Get out much?

Maxine Weiss said...

I saw them turn away some little Oriental gal that showed up in jeans, and her friend in tennis shoes.

The people to my left did not have jeans, but I bet the jeans on the Oriental chick were more interesting than the clothes they were wearing.

The maitre d’ offered to hang their heavy informal clothes, but they refused. They had an urge to save a dollar tip? Who knows? Everyone has a right to whatever they want, but customers should enjoy the surroundings of a nice restaurant so another patron should not insist on becoming a sore spot.

And yes, I am greatly affected by other people's (lousy) choices in apparel.


JohnAnnArbor said...

Maxine's back, and she's still nuts!

Maxine Weiss said...

Another disaster: Some scruffy guys in cargo pants saw me enjoying my risotto souffle, and after examining the menu, the one could not resist asking me what it was.

I told them it was the Rossini on the specials. He asked how it was and I said very good.

It was obvious that I did not want to make conversation and in truth I did not as I did not want to extend myself on quality grains, a Rossini discourse, foie gras and all that. The waiters are there and trained for that job, and sure enough, he bent the ear of the waiter for quite a long time.

Sigh. You can’t tell anyone what they are going to like. The menu says it all, and further explanations are there to clarify. The rest is up to the individual and his preferences.

The evening was pretty much ruined after that.

Ron said...

Don't they know that Hope and Change are about objecting to the word "millionaire?"

Methadras said...

"Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights," said [Tateshwar] Vishwakarma, who works for a group promoting the rights of slum dwellers.

You are a 5th worlder living in a 5th worlder shit hole and you call referring to people who live in a 5th world dung heap as a violation of human rights? Your entire culture is a violation of human rights. You bath in your feces. You have rotting, bloated human bodies going down the Ganges and you do nothing. You have a starving population of 1.2 billion people that has their food sources walking down the streets with them. You live in utter filth, you live in utter destitution and you like it. Your culture is a human violation you fucking illiterate, back-water, 5th worlder morons.

JohnAnnArbor said...

They're just annoyed the film isn't what they're used to in India:

"Dance Scene!"

"Waterfall Scene!"

"Dance Scene!"

I don't understand how Bollywood puts out the massive volume of films they do; they're the same movie, over and over.

Maxine Weiss said...

Who knew dinner out at a 5-star restaurant could be such an ordeal ?

So anyway, my right side neighbors arrived, an older couple also carrying their coats and refusing to have them hanged. Obviously they were penny pinching too. Good grief.

When offered the wine list, the guy asked if they had a certain wine, and was replied they did not. Now, they do have an extensive list of wine, and wine is pleasant with a meal, but the guy replied he had seen the wine he liked on a prior occasion, and didn't seem to take "no" for an answer. Mamma Mia!

When his ladyfriend was handed the menu she asked, without looking at it, if they had Veal Parmigiana. I knew they did not, and I have no idea what the lady ordered because at that time my chocolate soufflé arrived, with a crème anglaise on the side. I proceeded to collapse the center and, after tasting it, to pour the crème inside.

The lady was fascinated by the chocolate, I think, and wondered to her companion what she would have for dessert, so when the waiter came, she asked to see the dessert menu. I have no idea what my neighbors on either side had for dinner, but I was not too sad to leave them, and to ditch that restaurant for good!

I'm really tired of other restaurant-goers and their problems. What ever happened to the days when you went out to a nice restaurant, dressed for the occasion, and then proceeded to eat whatever was put in front of you ???


JohnAnnArbor said...

Maxine, wtf does anything your saying have to do with the topic of the post, or even these comments?

Eli Blake said...

Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights

Tell that to Snoop Dogg.

American rappers consider it a badge of honor.

JohnAnnArbor said...

I know the difference between "your" and "you're"; it's late, is all.

Howard said...

Saw the preview: looked like PC-Hollywood fake blah blah snorefest wrapped up in hip indie multicultural instant karma.

Veda seems to be the new black.

Glad some folks are cashing in during these tough times.

Maxine Weiss said...

Oh, and then as I made my way to the Ladies' Room to go powder my nose, I passed by a group of yutes in the bar area. They did not have exactly the California spoiled rich kids look, but more like the ghetto delinquent guys and gals on drugs.

It was a little frightening and I could not help thinking this restaurant must be giving away free food and drinks that night.

Fortunately, nothing unpleasant took place other than some unsavory noise in the bar and lounge for awhile.

With these recession prices and two-for-one specials and all, I guess these establishments are attracting a much lower caliber of clientele.

Roost on the Moon said...

Maxine, this one anyway, is clearly Titus.

rishigajria said...

These aren't genuine protests but political groups taking advantage with a bit of cheap publicity. This is really common in India and it is very easy to get a few hundred people to protest. Just pay them a few rupees. Plus, there are 500 channels in India so the publicity is free.

Donna B. said...

They are just jealous of the accomodations my dogs have. During the daytime, a 1/2 acre to roam and kill whatever comes their way.

During the night, the choice of the 8x12 doghouse or inside with us humans. One dog hates it inside with us and whines all night long.

The other loves being inside.

Can't we all just agree to each his own and make do with the best we have?

If I had my way, the 1/2 acre the dogs have would be fenced up to my back door so I could just leave it open for them. I'm working on that and will eventually get my way :-)

Donna B. said...

And... is there anywhere mentioned how much we Americans love and pamper our dogs?

Maybe this is not good because what I spent on grooming, training, food, and housing for my dogs might well house a family of four in some foreign country.

Should I feel guilty?

bearbee said...

The protest was organised by Tateshwar Vishwakarma, a social activist who filed a lawsuit over the title..

Share the $$$$.

Hollywood PC minded should not vote it best picture.

In 1996, Fire , a film about lesbianism, enraged Hindu fundamentalists who burnt down several cinemas.

Some serious critiquing.

Should I feel guilty?

All good Americans feel guilty. It is our duty.

Glen said...

May I suggest a compromise? How about:

Untouchable But Heroic Mongoose Millionaire?

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Michael H said...

Maxine reads like she is Titus in drag,sans hog, loaves and clumbers.

Same self-centric comments, though.

onparkstreet said...

"Indians" aren't protesting anything. An activist bussed in a bunch of people, gave them lunch, and had them point signs at Western photographers.

Well, okay, they were Indians protesting, but it was as spontaneous as many other protests around the world - perfectly designed for the media.

onparkstreet said...

Howard - John Podhoretz gave the movie glowing reviews in the Weekly Standard, which always comes to mind when I read someone saying the movie is a PC fest, or just popular because it's multi-culti. I don't know why that makes me laugh, but it does....anyway, the scenes showing the global market at work, producing both wealth and disorder, are intriguing.

MrBuddwing said...

Michael wrote: "Got anything a tad more current?"

How about ... a police investigation???


A couple of quick profound thoughts from moi:

I think it's a good movie, but overrated. I'm actually a bit fascinated by the film's dramatic sleight of hand: If it weren't for the flashback structure, and all the jumping back and forth in time, the movie would seem extremely contrived.

Put another way: If we'd seen Jamal's hardscrabble life before he went on "Millionaire," I think we'd be shouting in disbelief at how all of the questions just magically fall into his realm of experience (remember that episode of "Cheers" in which Cliff Clavin appeared on "Jeopardy!," and the first six categories were Stamps of the World, Bar Trivia, Beer, Mothers and Sons, Civil Servants and Celibacy?).

Second profound thought: How would people react to a movie titled "White Trash Millionaire" or "Ghetto Millionaire"?

Fred4Pres said...

I am tired of people being being offended by something that is obviously not offensive when seen in its full context. This is like surveys that ask provocative questions and give skewed results. You know none of these protesters actually saw the film or know where the title comes from (a fictional character who calls himself that).

Fred4Pres said...

But of course, there are no slums in India. Stop lying!

TMink said...

Michael wrote: "Maxine reads like she is Titus in drag,sans hog, loaves and clumbers."

Just to add to your theory, there are two people who post here that I will not read if I can avoid it: Titus and Maxine.


fcai said...

Lower caliber of clientele indeed - Maxine was there.

But back to the main point - where are the eco-nazis - they should be protesting the burning of 56 effigies - think of the carbon being released. THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!

Hazy Dave said...

I enjoyed the movie, and I'm not the first to make the observation, but there were certainly Forrest Gump parallels, reality-wise. The violence and unorthodox outhouse departure were adequately cartoonish, and they never did quite believably explain how he got chosen for "Millionaire" in the first place, did they?

Who's in "White Trash Millionaire", Will Ferrell? Donald Trump?

Shanti Mangala said...

Hazy Dave, they show Jamaal explaining it to another guy at the call center - that you have to call in after a certain phrase by the host to be able to get on the show.

Howard said...

Park Street:

Good point, the trailer may have been cut to appeal to typical "Art House" patrons. I still think I'll pass.

Trooper York said...

Hey Trey, you are OK in my book for a Psychologist or whatever it is that you do.

Anybody that enjoys a good Muriel cigar can't be all bad.

Just don't get too mushy ya big lug.

muddimo said...

Get those folks some hope and change asap!

Joe said...

How about "Shithole Millionaire"

What baffles me is that every description I've heard and picture I've see of the slums of Mumbay makes the above title a hell of a lot more accurate that "slum", which implies something remotely acceptable.

submandave said...

Burn the director in effigy? Well, at least that's a step up from actually burning a wife that fails to produce a son within an acceptable period.