January 3, 2009

"I'm not gay! I'm morose!"


Lem said...

I used to see this guy on PBS Mcneil Lehrer news hour. He did some essays.

I used to think that was gospel..

How people change..

BTW - I believe he is Mexican of origin - it must have been very difficult for him to say that he is homosexual.

Lem said...

I've recently watched "Y tu Mama Tambien", a film with notable critical acclaim.

The homophobic dialog was very familiar to me.


blake said...

I think the light-hearted people of the world need to take back "gay".

Then the odd people need to take back "queer".

Pastafarian said...

I was curious about the etymology of this use of the word "gay", and do you know where I ended up? Damned Wikipedia.

Apparently, it was used til the 1920s as a synonym for promiscuous; then as a descriptor for someone who tended to flaunt societal norms; and then ended up with its current meaning.

I agree that it has a light, silly sound to it that probably sounds absurd when applied to many homosexual people; and the term "homosexual" is pretty clinical-sounding. And "queer" is pretty obnoxious. Are there any better alternatives?

How about unstraight?

JohnAnnArbor said...

A new dimension for Michigan's coach. Who knew....

Ron said...

JohnADeuce: Is the running game gay or morose? Or is that the passing game?

The Line play could be gay...but in our case, morose.

The QB play is legitimately queer!

Ron said...

Excuse me, I have to Twitter my Flickered Kindle...and tell it, it's morose.

PatCA said...

I loved The Hunger of Memory...I don't care if he's gay, morose, both or neither.

reader_iam said...

homosexual [keep scrolling down from this one]

OSweet said...

I have some Mormon friends who when referring to gays use the code word "homeowner."
As in:
"I think our waiter's probably a homeowner."

And come to think of it homeowners here in California are pretty damn morose right now; so there ya go.

Methadras said...

A homosexual who is uncomfortable with the nomenclature that his cadre of other homosexuals co-opted for the sake of making palatable who and what they is going to be marginalized and possibly vilified for making such outrageous statements by his own kind. I mean what kind of homosexual doesn't want to be called gay? What kind of homosexual tries to equate the word homosexual with a clinical diagnosis? Sheesh, people never cease to amaze me in their vapidness. He isn't morose, he's just confused.

"Don't move or this homo will get it!"

"Won't somebody help this poor man?"

Michael_H said...

I'm not gay! I'm morose!

Oh great. Now we'll have a series of arguments about morose marriage.

Lem said...

I have heard among gay friends of mine the possibility that most of the great thinkers in history were gay..

Of course it's just speculation...

Lem said...

After listening to the whole Richard interview

Richard is a man very much conflicted by the idea of rejection and acceptance and the way America complicates his search for identity by making it political.

Richard feels teased by the specter of the way the American way of God could be.

He wants to join a church that would have him for a member -hello?

But knowing from his own religious Latin roots that his God and his political dreams are incompatible, frustrate him all the more and he blames whoever seems to be the occupier the usurper btwg him, God and his politics.

Rick Warren, the evangelicals, the Christian right, while at the same time praising the works that they do.. as I said conflicted.

Lem said...

Oh God ...

Nobody is buying his essays?

They ended the thing on a down note.

The internet has slayed Richard.

It's sad the way it ended.

Lem said...

Richard might not be asked back.
That would be too bad.

He was not kidding when he said he was morose.

Lem said...

BTW - Richards focusing on Obama as brown is on point, but it's mostly about him. About his education and position compared to most of his countrymen - Mexicans.

It's very difficult for him to be a man of letters in the US and not be well known in his own lands..

He is probably considered a gringo in Mexico.

Lem said...

I want to leave Richard with Brian Ferry's More than this..

I thought of 10,000 maniacs, but since Richard is "morose" we better keep the maniacs away ;)

Meade said...

I enjoy your soliloquies, Lem.

EDH said...

What a coincidence Ann should post this particular blogginheads!

I was started watching this episode the other day as I always do when it's Kerry Howley. Then I realized why: I am transfixed by Kerry Howley's eyes.

I wasn't really listening to the conversation. I didn't even know Richard Rodiguez was talking about being gay until now. After a while, I want to turn the sound down on chatter because his incessant whining now interferes with my focus on her eyes.

Just give me more of Kerry Howley's eyes!

Looking up into space. Three-quarters closed after a slow blink.

Give me more of Kerry Howley's eyes!

Anyway, if you ask me, and nobody has, one additional affirmation to a male that he is not "gay:" his interest in Kerry Howley's eyes!

Methadras said...

Lem said...

He is probably considered a gringo in Mexico.

Worse. A Pocho.